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"Sasuke, pay attention." Uchiha Itachi snapped, causing the younger boy's head to snap forward, and out of the book he had just had his nose in. "I've been talking for the last twenty minutes, pointing out things on this chalk board. Have you been reading that the whole time?"

"Yes, aniki." Sasuke sighed, before closing his book, mentally remembering the page number.

"Can you explain any of this to me then?" Itachi raised an eyebrow and motioned to the chalkboard that had been set up in the garden by their mother.


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Looking at the mass of letters and numbers, which Sasuke decided should have never met each other, his brother had stationed across the large, black plain, Sasuke mentally sighed. His novel had been much more immersing than his arithmetic, that was obvious. Not to mention that the main character of his book had been much more captivating than his older brother, who was much too boring to hold his interest. Why, just in chapter fourteen, when faced with the decision between-


"Sasuke." Itachi said, frowning in frustration, "Can you honestly not pay attention for more than two seconds?"

"Hm… Oh what?" Sasuke looked up, meeting his brother's eyes. The glare he was sending at Sasuke was just downright cold. "I was kidding that time. Of course I can pay attention for more than two minutes. I can multitask, you know. Read and listen at the same time."

"Give me the book. You can have it back when you're done. I asked if you could pay attention for more than two seconds, and you answered with two minutes. And I know you weren't just kidding that time."

The worn paperback was heavy in his hands as Sasuke grudgingly lifted the book to his brother's. Stupid Itachi, always having to take away his books. Just because he'd rather read than listen to him drone… was it that bad or something?

As Itachi once more turned his back to Sasuke to begin explaining the equations once more, Sasuke laid his head on his desk. Resisting the urge to yawn, since it would more than likely be heard by Itachi and he'd get yelled at again for staying up late, he softly closed his eyes.

"And this here is how you-" Itachi droned on.


"You're doing that all wrong." A voice snarled, causing Sasuke to snap his head back up.

"Doing what, aniki?" Sasuke said a bit muffled, since he really did yawn this time.

"I'm not your aniki." The voice said again, malice lacing the words.

Sasuke finally looked forward, expecting to see his brother standing in front on the black abyss of the chalkboard. What he defiantly had not expected to see was the person who was standing in front of him.

Wild blonde hair atop a golden tan body and eyes so blue it almost hurt to look at them. There were whisker resembling scars, three, upon each cheek. His outfit was simple, a tight orange tee-shirt with slightly looser black pants. There was a belt around his hips, instead of his waist, since it was rather large and being weighed down with two clipped on pockets, one on each side.

The stranger was looming over Sasuke, and he at once realized that he was on the ground. Laying on the ground. On his stomach. Hadn't he just been sitting at his desk… What was going on?

That was when, quite suddenly, he realized his hands were bound.

"Wha-what the hell are doing?" Sasuke suddenly said, his voice rising in tone. "This is kidnapping! Why are you even kidnapping someone? You don't even look any older than me!"

"Shut up." The blonde muttered, turning to look at someone who was probably standing either beside or behind Sasuke. He couldn't tell, since all he could see was towards the boy in front of him. "Kiba, I said you were doing that wrong."

"I am not." Someone, obviously this Kiba, said. Sasuke suddenly felt the rope tighten. So, the person was to his side.

"Hmph, if you had been doing it right, you wouldn't have fixed it just now." The one Sasuke had still yet to learn the name crossed his arms. "Just hurry up. I'll carry him back to the lot."

"Will you tell me what the fuck is going on?" Sasuke practically screamed. He was not going to just sit here while they carried him off to god knows where.

"You're the one who was trespassing, fool." The blond rolled his eyes. "It's up to the others to decide what to do with you."

Opening his mouth to protest, he was suddenly lifted into the air, as the other boy picked him up, carrying Sasuke in front of him. Fuck. And he had just told himself he would do something about his situation, and look where his determination got him. Into the arms of the current enemy. Oh lovely.


It was incredibly humiliating, to say the least. Not only had he been kidnapped, his kidnapper had been a male. He was also a male. That was only the first thing. Now, not only had a male been kidnapped by another male, said kidnap-ee had been carried to where ever the hell he was. Not driven, not stuffed in a bag. Carried. Sasuke's dignity had shattered into a million pieces. And that wasn't even the worst of it.

No, the worst fact had to be that his captor was undeniably hot. Not just, oh, he's cute. Hot. And here Sasuke was, being tied up and carried by an incredibly hot, male captor.

It wasn't as if Sasuke didn't like bondage kinks, but really, they hadn't even been properly introduced yet, let alone found out if they had any common interests-…. 'I really should stop letting my mind wonder.' Sasuke decided, sighing, which didn't go unnoticed from said thought about captor.

"Why are you here anyways? You don't even look like you belong on this side of the forest. In fact, I know you don't belong here."

"I'm not going go talk to you if I don't have anything to call you by." Sasuke replied stubbornly.

"So you're saying you'd reply if I had a name? Huh, that's a first. A lot of people call me Kyuu, not many call me my by my real name."

"Kyuu?" Sasuke asked, staring up at the blondes face, a confused look on his face.

"Short for Kyuubi, not the letter. Don't you know anything?" The blonde-Kyuu asked, frustration showing.

"Obviously, he doesn't." Kiba said, and Sasuke noticed that he was on the other side of Kyuu. They seemed to be going pretty fast, and not only that, one of them was carrying him. Sasuke was impressed.

"I still don't know what you're talking about. I was sitting in lessons with Itachi, and the next thing I knew, I ended up here. You guys were the ones tying me up."

Kiba ran a little faster so he could be slightly in front of Kyuu, to get a good look at Sasuke's face. "Pup, you're the one in our territory. Even if you are slow, you should know that much."

"Pup? Huh?" Sasuke finally got his first decent look at Kiba as well, and it was then that Sasuke noticed the ears on Kiba's head. Oh no, those definitely were not human ears. Sasuke groaned. What the hell had he gotten into? And seriously, what the hell was going on?


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