WARNING: This story contains graphic rape and is not suitable for underage people!

If you don't like lemon

or smut

or Dumbledore raping Hermione..


and dont then flame me because you have been warned!


You may think im sick

but you're the one reading this!

It's gross, be warned!


Albus Dumbledore crept up the rickety stairs of Number 12 Grimmauld Place. It the Christmas Holidays, and the Wesley's, Harry and Hermione were staying there because the Burrow was destroyed. Albus crept into the room which Hermione shared with Ginny, locking the door after him. Both girls were asleep, but he knew which one was Hermione by the bushy brown hair resting on her pillow. He sat down on her bed and stroked her check. She was still so damn hot, even when she was asleep. She started to wake, and recoiled when she discovered who was touching her.

"Professor! What are you doing here?" she asked, backing away.

"Giving you a present. I promise I won't hurt you" he said "That is, unless you're a virgin"

Hermione was about to scream, when Dumbledore smashed his lips hard against her and positioned himself on top of her, pinning her down. She moaned. They began to kiss more passionately. At this point, Ginny woke.

"What's going on?" she asked, puzzled at seeing the headmaster on top of her best friend.

"I'm giving her a present" Dumbledore said, still on top of Hermione, pinning her to the bed. Ginny looked scared. Dumbledore moved off Hermione, and magically bound her, and turned to Ginny.

"You're next" he said to her, before performing the full body bind, and positioning her so she could watch her best friend be raped by an old man.

Dumbledore went back on top of Hermione, and resumed kissing her. She was shaking, and starting to cry. He started kissing her neck, moving lower, before tying her hands and feet down. Then, gracefully, he shoved, his old, wrinkly hands up her nightgown, before pulling it off in one swift movement. He was delighted to see she was completely naked. He began to kiss and explore every inch of skin, working down. He had never seen her like this, or realised how perfect she was. Her bronze, toned chest, with perfectly round, firmed breasts, and dark brown nipples, was kissed and loved. He spent a while playing with her nipples, enjoying the way they became hard and pointy and the touch of his fingers, before softening in his warm mouth. To him she was perfect. He moved down, exploring with his tongue, and found her entrance. Even that was perfect. He rubbed his fingers against it, not having to do much, as it was already wet and sticky. He shoved a finger in. She strained against her bonds and whimpered. He pulled his finger in and out, before adding another one to stretch her, as she was very tight and this was her first time.

Finally, he was ready. He hastily spread her legs wider and entered her with the first thrust. She screamed in pain as the barrier broke and blood tricked down her legs. Dumbledore quickly pulled out, before re-entering. After a few hours he got bored of raping her, and he turned to Ginny.

"You're next!"