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" I've got to find some help" Zack says to himself barely able to stand up stumbling over himself. The cold breeze blows through the holes in his shirt and shorts. A passing car drives by him splashing water over him.

"Thanks a lot!" Zack says just then he slips and lands hard on the pavement. He looks at a car in the distance as it gets closer he notices its some kind of black SUV he stands up slowly and starts to wave his arms in the air.

"Oh god please let this be help." he says as the exhaustion is starting to take its toll on him. The black SUV seems to be slowing down.

"Oh please help me!" he says as it starts to slow down more and pull off the road. With the last little energy he runs to the now recognized ford and as he got closer a man steps out wearing a black suit and tie with a white dress shirt.

Zack collapses to his knees a few feet away looking around him. Nothing but trees both sides of the road they seem to go on forever. Looking up at the sky feels the warm on his dirty and scratched and bruised face. The guy from the ford runs up to him.

"Are you ok? What happened to you?" said the man

Zack didn't know what to say the memories of the past days have been the most terrifying days of his and Cody's Life. He says whatever comes to his mouth.

"Bear, Cody, Monsters in human form…" Zack manages to gasp out.

"What's you name? can you tell me your name?"


Don't worry Zack I work for the FBI your mom and us have been looking for you for a long the past five days. Come with me I'll take you to your mother" The man says looking at Zack's blood and dirt stained shirt.

"I don't think I have enough energy to walk any further." Zack says losing more energy with each word he says.

"That's fine" the agent says picking him up and carrying him back to the ford. Letting Zack stand for a moment opens the door and helps him into the backseat . Zack gets in as the agent shuts the door. Zack watches as he gets into the driver seat and starts the SUV.

"where going to get you back to your mom soon okay?" the agent says turning around and travels back to where he came from.

"where is your brother why wasn't he with you?" the agent asks. As Zack is looking out the window.

"The bear…the monsters in human form….hurt…bad I had to leave him I didn't want to but I had get help…" I DIDN'T WANNA LEAVE HIM THERE! I WANTED TO STAY WITH HIM!" as his voice gets softer again" didn't.. want…to leave.." Zack says as he bursting into a crying rage.

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