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Cody wakes up first and immediately looks around to find Zack.

It's daylight! Cody notices squinting his eyes with blurred vision.

"ZACK!" Cody yells waiting for his brothers response.

"Over here Cody." Zack says.

Cody squints around and see a figure standing in knee high water

"What are you doing? Cody says getting up and brushing himself off.

"Catching breakfast…or lunch whatever time it is. Zack says with a laugh.

"Have you caught anything yet? And how long have you been at this task? Cody says walking to the blurry figure. Starting to wipe his eyes.

" I haven't caught anything yet, But I have only been doing it for about five minutes." Zack says.

"Ok well I'll go see if I can find some sticks so we can cook it….if you catch anything I'm not in the mood for sushi." Cody says.

Well that's my brother…always pretty cranky when he wakes up. And being stuck out here probably doesn't help much." Zack thinks to himself putting his hands back in the water after seeing a fish.

"Stupid fish" Zack says as it narrowly escapes his hands.

Cody starts to gather some sticks together putting them in a pile next to where he slept.

After a while and gathering a good amount of sticks Cody starts to try to make a fire. After clearing out a spot and making a little spot for a small fire so it will be easy to put out.

"Have u caught anything yet?" Cody says turning to look at his brothers direction. Seeing him walking back up with a medium sized fish still flopping around in his grasp.

"Nice catch bro!" Cody says surprised at his bros fishing skills.

"Thanks!" Zack says proud of his catch.

Thirty minutes later…….

After making sure the fire was completely out they start to continue the path they were walking on. After a long walk of silence they both hear a noise coming from some bushes. There fear overwhelms them as they stand in shock and unable to move there legs.

"What do u think it is this time Cody? Zack says starting to walk a little trying to make as little noise moving as possible.

"I don't know." Cody says feeling his brothers arm start to pull him along.

The bushes start to shake even more. As a white rabbit jumps through them and makes Zack and Cody jump. They both laugh and shrug it off. As the rabbit looks at them and runs in the same way it was going. They continue to walk and Cody looks up in the air.

"Oh my god." Cody says.

"What is it." Zack says turning around.

Looking at his brother who is looking up in the sky. As Zack looks up he sees at least a hundred hawks moving in weird formations.

What are they doing? Zack asks As the birds seem to be descending.

"Coming right at us." Cody says.

Not knowing what to do he grabs his bro's sleeve and heads into deeper trees. As the birds continue to descend on them.

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