A/N-Written for seebamskate, who requested Tamaki x Haruhi but also with Haruhi x Mori.


It was utterly bewildering.

How could she possibly even think that Tamaki-senpai, king of all that was ridiculous and weird in Ouran, was making her heart go pitter-pat?

And then at the same time, why did her heart beat a little a faster, her blood quickened and flushed to her cheeks whenever Mori-senpai hurled her over his broad shoulders and ran throughout the hallways with her in tow?

It was very strange.

But who could she talk to?

Her father? Hardly.

The twins? No way.

Hunny? Maybe.

Kyoya? Not a chance in hell.

So Haruhi sighed, and decided to wait.