"Remember, Kyoya, while some men may not have a price, all men posses a weakness. Remember that, and you will never be defeated."

And indeed, Kyoya Ohtori kept that to heart, and, time and time again, exploiting weaknesses proved to be extremely profitable. Whether it was the particular weakness of a certain orange loving young man or the general weakness of women to beautiful men, his father's words had never steered him wrong.

Tamaki's weaknesses were blatantly obvious, so much so that Kyoya found himself more often than not protecting and cleaning up for the fool's own weakness.

The Hikaru and Kaoru's weakness, on the other hand, lay in their solidarity with each other, which created their inability to connect with someone outside of themselves. Not exactly easy to exploit, but good to know nonetheless.

Hunny's was in the realm of candies, of sweets of any kind and nature. No secret there.

Mori's weakness was Hunny. Also not that hard to figure out, but it is rather difficult to manipulate and exploit a weakness that has a black belt.

Haruhi Fujioka, on the other hand, was an enigma. He observed, he watched. Her family's poor social status, the fact that she was a common wildflower sticking out in a garden of roses, none of that affected her.

It made exploiting her a bit more difficult. He could exploit things around her, such as selling off her materials or using her as a catalyst for Tamaki and the twins, but Haruhi herself lacked a true weakness.

She stood up to those common thugs at the beach well, not backing down. Foolish, of course, but nonetheless, it proved that Haruhi Fujioka did not fear the same way many others did, so that sort of weakness was not viable.

When the twins taunted Tamaki into a game to discover Haruhi's fear, Kyoya offered the pictures as a way of finding that weakness.

However, even before the thunder came down and Kyoya easily deduced Haruhi's phobia for it, it came to him.

During dinner, no less.

"Sempai, crab." Haruhi had said, handing Tamaki that hollow piece of a crab's leg as a subtle slight, and suddenly everything became clear.

When he realized... Kyoya Ohtori actually almost laughed at the simplicity of it all.


Haruhi Fujioka was obsessed with food. To the point where even the tiniest lure of it would entrance her, where she believed that handing someone a useless scrap of food like a hollow crab leg was an excellent slight.

It was a commoner's sense of resources, taken to a more extreme level.

As a test, he left a small suggestion to Hunny, and they had the cake which allowed access to Haruhi's home.

Kyoya smirked as Haruhi's eyes went wide at the mere sight of the cake.

Too easy.