I have to get there!

She blazed through the hallway, knocking aside all the other combatants who were too slow to keep up. Ruthless, yes. Necessary, also yes.

She was in a hurry, and this was an emergency, after all.

Damn! The hall was blocked off, too many people struggling to get through there.

Taking a chance, she darted out the window, her mind set on the goal and nothing else, landing on top of the metal roof of the shed. With agility that would have made Inuyasha envious, she leapt off the shed and took off running, knowing that this shortcut had bought some precious time but not knowing if it was enough.

Her footsteps were quick, agile, and she spotted her target. There were some opponents blocking her way, but nothing she couldn't handle.

Nimbly, she darted in and out through the crowd, and where squeezing and nudging wouldn't work, she outright shoulder checked some of the more boisterous obstacles.

Finally, she was there, smiling victoriously. And now, she would declare her prize.



Kagome smiled widely, munching on the curry bread with unrestrained glee. Eri, Yuka, and Ayumi glanced at the large crowd, then back at Kagome.

"How do you always get to the vendor so fast, Kagome?" Eri asked, amazed.

"Yeah, it's always so crazy to get there before they run out of the good stuff." Yuka nodded, eyeing Kagome's food.

Kagome giggled, grinning. "I'm very determined."