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It was absolutely positively sweltering out in the tennis courts.

Even though it wasn't quite summertime yet, the lack of shade on the courts magnified the intensity of the heat. Everyone on the team was doing their required duties, but it seemed as if everyone was slowly melting with every step they took.

The normally enthusiastic regulars were standing in a semi-circle pretending to talk strategy, but it was obviously an attempt to move as little as possible. Of course, our favorite first-year was not part of the group; he was trying to give himself a heat stroke by playing the way he usually did—hard.

"maa, how can Echizen move like that in this weather?" whined Momo as he fanned his shirt trying to get a breeze going.

"There is a 95 chance that the weather will get warmer today," said Inui amid the groans of desperation from the regulars.

"geez! I don't even want to move today. It's too hot," Kikumaru swung his racquet in a half hearted swing in the general direction of where Oishi was standing. "Ne ne, oishi, even my tennis racquet's sweating." Even Kikumaru's normally perky hair was looking a little limp.

"Eiji…I know it's very warm today, but we have to practice to keep in top condition," said Oishi as he fanned himself with the club roster. "But it is a little hot today." He glanced at Echizen on the court as he faced the group. "Hmm…we don't want people over doing themselve in this kind of weather. I guess we'll end things early and advise people to take care of their bodies."

Thus, practice was adjourned and the team quickly made their way back to the club room to change. And the conversation that would forever change Echizen took place.

"You know, the best thing for cooling down in this weather is the shaved ice dish at the vendor by the train station."

"You're right, Momo! I'd love mine with some condensed milk and red beans and jelly. Ne, let's all go together later!" Kikumaru was practically dancing with joy in the locker room.

"Sure. And of course, sempai is paying."

"Dammit Momo, you guys are always-"

"Ah! I'd like mine with some lychee actually," yelled Oishi as he tried to change the subject. "How about you Taka-san?"

"Shaved ice sounds good, especially with grass jelly." Kawamura smiled. "ne, Echizen, how about you?"

Ryoma was pulling on his clothes and his answer was a little muffled as it came from somewhere inside his shirt. "If you guys don't mind, I'll have to back out of this. I hate the crunch and the rough texture of the ice in my mouth." His head came out slightly tousled. "Plus, ice is kinda boring, isn't it?"

Momo snorted, "I bet if it was covered in fanta you'd probably eat it. Hey, what about you Mamushi? Or is ice too cold for your reptilian body?"

"You bast—"

All the regulars jumped in and tried to stop yet another fight between Kaidoh and Momo as they made their way out the door. Echizen was watching the antics of his sempais with amusement. They never seem to stop do they? He tilted his cap in an attempt to hide his smile when he noticed that Fuji had come up behind him and matched his stride. "Fuji-sempai is going along too?"

The tensai smiled mysteriously, "No, I've already told them that the vendor doesn't have the things that I like with my shaved ice."

Images of chili peppers and wasabi flavored jelly danced through Echizen's brain as he snorted, "no doubt."

"Now what's that suppose to mean Echizen?" laughed Fuji. The two were walking side by side away from their friends. Their arms brushed each other casually, almost seemingly by accident. Sometimes their pinkies would come together and touch as if they would link, but playing hard to get was a game that both players liked to play. The mutual attraction was electrifying between them, and while the whole team watched their progress with frustration, the natural competitiveness between Echizen and Fuji compelled them to play a game of who would fall to temptation first.

"ne, Echizen, I heard from Horio-kun that you've been having trouble remembering math equations for class. Do you want me to help you?"

"What? Dammit Horio—ah, thank you sempai, but I think I can manage on my own."

Fuji leaned in close to Echizen's ear, his warm breath sent shivers down the younger boy's spine. "But I think I could teach you. So. Much. More." He hammered in his implied message by gently running his lips along Echizen's ear.

Goosebumps broke out all over Echizen's body in response. Well, if Fuji was gonna play hardball, then he was going to too. Let's just see who can drive who crazy first… "Okay Sempai, I'd love to come over and…learn."

The two waved good bye to their friends and turned to the direction of Fuji's house. Their teammates looked at their receding backs with frustration and irritation. "How far do you think they'll get today?" asked Momo rolling his eyes upwards.

"I hope they get somewhere fast. I'm getting sexually frustrated just looking at them," Kikimaru looked at Oishi. "ne, Oishi, do you know someone who can help me about my frustra—"

"Gyah! Look! Shaved ice!" yelled Oishi turning bright pink as his friends laughed and patted him on his back.

Fuji's home was wonderfully spacious and had an airy atmosphere. It looked like it was cleaned and maintained by the loving hands of a happy and eccentric family. What drew Echizen's eyes first in the living room were the painted skulls that adorned the fireplace mantle. Instead of looking creepy though, they looked kind of…cheerful. Their grins began to remind him of Fuji's, a little empty, but also a little mysterious as if they knew something that you didn't. Next Echizen's eyes moved to the African war masks, then to the Alaskan ivory carvings, then the Navajo rugs, then, rather confusedly, to Fuji's increasingly amused face.

"My parents travel a lot and they bring back souvenirs to enlighten their kids at home." Fuji walked towards door adjacent to the kitchen, "Do you want something to drink before we get started on our studies? Or do you want to shower off the sweat of practice first?" Fuji looked up and down Echizen's body and licked his lips slowly. "Although I find that it adds more flavor…"

Echizen grinned under his cap at the image of his predatory sempai. "I think I'll help myself to your shower then. I can get pretty darn…dirty," he said as slipped his hands under his shirt and ran it across his stomach flashing pale smooth skin. He ran his hands down along the edge of his pants, dipping his fingers under the waistband like a promise of more to come. He brought his hand up to his face and brushed his fingers against his lips while never taking his eyes off of Fuji's. "Yup, pretty dirty," he whispered.

Fuji's face looked as if he'd just been smacked in the back of the head by a wooden paddle. Echizen's laughter could be heard as he walked towards the bathroom. Fuji's red face smiled as he thought oh this is going to be fun and he made his way toward the kitchen as he listened to Echizen start the shower.

By the time Echizen finished his shower he had come to the realization that he had no extra underwear in his bag and began to wonder how he could work that to his advantage in this game they were playing. He wrapped a towel around his waist, leaving the top half nude, and stepped out of the bathroom after making sure that his reflection was properly sexy. He started to ask Fuji if there was an extra pair of underwear that he could borrow when he was suddenly grabbed and pushed face first against the opposite wall.

"What are you doing Fuji-sempai?" yelped Echizen as he tried to push away from the wall. Fuji grabbed his arms and held them against the wall above Echizen's head. The older boy pushed his lower body into Echizen's and the younger boy could feel Fuji's erection pressed between his buttocks. Fuji shifted his legs so one was on each side of Echizen's body, creating an effective little trap.

With his arms stretched out over him and his body restrained by Fuji's tight grip and firm touch, Echizen could only wait for Fuji to make his next move. Helpless with only a flimsy towel between him and a good fucking, Echizen felt his penis start to harden. He wiggled his ass against Fuji's hard-on and was delighted when he heard Fuji gasp and tighten his grip on Echizen's wrists.

Echizen's body jerked when he felt the older boy's tongue run along the nape of his neck leaving a hot moist line of saliva. He started to tremble as Fuji made his way to Echizen's ear, biting and nipping at Echizen's sensitive skin. Fuji paused for a moment, then started to lick and suck at the sweet places behind Echizen's ear. Moans and whimpers poured out of the younger boy's mouth as his head fell back, exposing a slender pale neck. With one hand, Fuji gently brushed his thumb against Echizen's nipples and was rewarded with something that sounded like a gasp and a squeak from his sexy kouhai. Fuji smiled as his released Echizen's hands. He won't fight back now.

Echizen leaned against the wall and tried desperately to remember how to breathe. The world seemed to be a little out of focus and he was a little lightheaded.

"I think I heard to you say back there that ice is boring," whispered Fuji as he continued his assault on Echizen's neck and ears. "You're wrong Ryoma, ice is a lot of fun. You've just been using it wrong."

Echizen felt Fuji bend down to pick something up out of a bowl on the floor. He thought nothing of it and in the haze in his head the only question was where'd that bowl come from? And then—

"WHOA, Fuji-sempai! Wait a sec—wait! Syuusuke! Ngh! OH MY GOD! Ah!"

Echizen continued to protest as Fuji slid a dripping ice cube across his warm skin, sending goosebumps all over his body. The older boy ran the ice up Echizen's taut, straining chest, leaving trembling trails of ice cold water. His nipples tightened painfully in anticipation and the only sound in the room was the harsh pants of both the boys. The rush of Fuji's hot breath on the side of his neck was intensified as his body was tormented simultaneously by the hot and cold sensations. A whimper broke out of his throat as Fuji's tongue licked the sensitive spot behind his ear. As his body began to get over the surprise of the ice cube, the shock slowly turned into a burning desire to feel more of Fuji's mouth all over his body.

Echizen's body jerked and he screamed when Fuji brushed the ice cube over the younger boy's nipples. The freezing cold sensation made Echizen's nipples' grow tighter and harder until the thin line between pleasure and pain was blurred. Panting hard and fighting to maintain control of himself, Fuji dropped the ice cube and tweaked Echizen's rock hard nipples with his cold fingers. Slowly flicking the younger boy's nubs back and forth, Fuji began to grind his hard penis into Echizen's ass. Echizen groaned into the wall and pushed his ass into Fuji's hips, meeting thrust for thrust. His knees were weak with lust and his hips were threatening to give out at any moment. His whimpers became gasps as the desire to feel Fuji's cock inside of him drove him nearly insane.

"Syuusuke. Ahn! Shit, fuck me please! Ah."

Those words nearly caused Fuji to rip off what was left of the towel and fuck the boy senseless right there. But he managed to hang on to his control. Barely. In a strained voice, Fuji said, "But Ryoma, I think I want to play with you a little more. You make such interesting noises…"

Something snapped inside of Echizen and he shoved away from the wall, causing the unsuspecting Fuji to tumble backwards and land on his rear on the floor. My Turn thought Echizen as he turned to face Fuji…