Before Fuji realized what in the world was happening, Echizen had already pushed him to the floor and was straddling the older boy's hips while holding his wrists together over his head. With Fuji flat on his back in such a vulnerable position, Echizen found it hard not to just start grinding his cock against Fuji's. Echizen glanced at Fuji's face, hoping to see the tensai's expression of slack-jawed lust, but all he saw was the usual smile coupled with…expectant eagerness?

Shit, the bastard's expecting me to start fucking him like an uncontrollable fuck-monkey. Which I will…but not until I see him totally lose control.

"What's wrong Ryoma?" purred Fuji as his body began to shift suggestively. "I thought you wanted to fuck. Fuck me, Ryoma."

Echizen smiled. I know what you're doing. "Hmmm…Fuji-sempai. Mada Mada Dane"

Echizen's free hand pushed Fuji's shirt up, bunching it around his upper chest, and slowly started to caress the older boy's firm, warm skin. Echizen's breath became harsher as he looked at his sempai's smooth, flushed body and perky nipples that begged Echizen to suck them. Still smiling, Fuji arched his back, pretending to stretch, offering his nipples to Echizen and pulling his body into a long sexy line of perfection.

The younger boy stared for a moment longer, then he looked into Fuji's eyes and arched his eyebrows mischievously. Echizen leaned down and started to kiss Fuji's skin; his light kiss and warm breath sent shivers down the older boy's spine and the world slowly slid out of focus. Echizen's lips slowly made their way to Fuji's hard nubs, gently avoiding the places that screamed to be licked and sucked hard. The older boy's nipples were flushed a deep dark color and they had tightened so much that the gentlest touch would have made Fuji scream. The anticipation of Echizen's hot, moist lips biting at his nipples made him gasp for breath as he slowly lost control.

The tension in Fuji's body was building to a point that was almost unbearable; restlessly, Fuji arched his back, straining to feel more of Echizen's hot skin against his own, but Echizen only pushed Fuji back down; now the younger boy was braced on all fours over Fuji's flushed body. The towel had long fallen away and Fuji had a clear view of Echizen's nude body. Fuji whimpered.

"Now sempai, we don't want to rush things, do we?" whispered Echizen. "We want to take-" Echizen flicked Fuji's nipple with his tongue. "Our," flicked it again. "Time."

Each time the younger boy flicked Fuji's nipple, the older boy twitched and little strangled cries of pleasure poured out of his mouth. Again, Echizen started to kiss the soft area around Fuji's nipples, causing the struggling tensai to whimper in lust and frustration. Through the haze in his mind, Fuji desperately tried to think of a way to regain his control. And then Echizen's lips started to nip and bite at Fuji's hard nipples, sending Fuji's cries and moans echoing through the hallway. The younger boy's hot tongue traced the ridges of Fuji's nipple and flicked it back and forth in his warm, moist mouth. With his free hand, Echizen worked at Fuji's other nipple, alternating between his slick mouth and slippery fingers, soon bringing the older boy closer and closer to a screaming orgasm.

"Ah! Ahn! Please, Ryoma! Stop—I'm so close—ahn, shit! Please!"

The older boy lay on the floor panting as Echizen stopped attacking Fuji's nipples. Fuji could feel Echizen's hair trailing down his chest as the younger boy kissed his way to Fuji's trembling penis. The head was flushed a dark crimson color and a glistening line of precum dripped from the slit to his abdomen. Echizen traced the throbbing veins that traveled around Fuji's rock hard cock with his fingertips and slowly pumped the shaft, occasionally running the palm of his hand over the sensitive tip. Desperately, the older boy started thrusting into Echizen's slippery hands, the horny, horny lust was driving Fuji crazy and he wanted so much just to cum on Echizen's face.

Laughing, Echizen held Fuji's hips down, keeping the older boy from reaching his climax. "Ne—Syuusuke, I think things have gotten too hot for us, I'm gonna cool you down."

The lustful, flushed look on Fuji's face made Echizen's cock throb painfully; the younger boy reached down and started to pump his own penis, providing Fuji with a perfect view of his own masturbation show as he stroked himself above the tensai. Precum was dripping from the tip of Echizen's penis and little moans and gasps were pouring out of the younger boy's mouth as he slowly jacked off. Momentarily distracted, Fuji barely noticed that Echizen had put something in his mouth with his free hand. Then Echizen's head bent down, closer and closer to Fuji's throbbing penis, and the tensai closed his eyes, whimpering in anticipation.

"HOLY FUCKIN' SHIT—," yelled Fuji as he simultaneously tried to pull Echizen off his cock and thrust into the younger boy's soft, moist, COLD, COLD mouth. The younger boy had placed a small ice cube into his mouth during the solo show and was now swishing the melted ice water around Fuji's penis. The cold water dripped from Echizen's lips and traveled down the older boy's shaft and over his balls, sending chills and shivers up Fuji's spine as his body tried to figure out what the hell was happening. The younger boy used his mouth to stroke Fuji's penis, bringing his lips up to the very tip before plunging back down, burying his nose into the older boy's pubic hair.

Echizen licked and sucked Fuji's penis, searching for the spots and places that made Fuji scream and moan. Soon the shock of the ice water was forgotten and both boys were sweating and flushed with lust and desire. Puddle of water and precum were pooling under Fuji's ass, but he didn't care. Little slap, slap, slap sounds of Fuji trying to fuck Echizen's face resounded throughout the hall, along with his gasps and whimpers. Releasing Fuji's cock with a pop, Echizen started to lick and suck his way down and over his balls. He nipped and bit at the loose skin around Fuji's sacs before plunging his tongue relentlessly into Fuji's ass. Fuji screamed incoherently as he clutched Echizen's hair, squirming, trying to get the younger boy's hot tongue to go in deeper.

Fuji twitched as Echizen gave his ass one last lick before standing up. He jerked Fuji roughly to his knees and pushed his red, hard penis against the older boy's lips. "Suck it."

In one stroke, Fuji took all of Echizen's cock into his mouth, causing Echizen to bury his hands in Fuji's sweaty hair and moan. The older boy licked and slurped Echizen's penis, his tongue flicking the tight skin underneath the head and tonguing the slit at the very tip. Echizen's moans and gasps were coming out faster and faster as he began to fuck Fuji's face. The older boy's chin was shiny with saliva as he pulled his mouth away and started to stroke Echizen's hard, slippery cock. "Doesn't it just make you want to come all over my face?"

The only response from Echizen was a loud moan and a whispered "Syuusuke…" Fuji licked and sucked the younger boy's penis as he slowly reached around and pushed a slippery finger into Echizen's entrance. Echizen screamed, "No, wait! Not yet! If you do that I'll cum!" His breathing got faster and faster as Fuji started to scissor his fingers inside of his ass. The sensations running through Echizen's lower body as he rushed towards climax made his knees weak and he collapsed onto the floor in a quiver mass of sweat and pre-cum.

Fuji smiled at the lovely sight before him. Echizen was on his back with his legs spread open like an invitation. His skin was moist and flushed a deep pink color. But what was most beautiful was that pair of eyes; those dark eyes that stared back and dared Fuji to Fuck Him Silly. Making sure that his sempai was watching, Echizen slowly slid his hands down his body towards his cock and started to stroke himself. Gasping lightly, "are you sure you can handle thi—"

Echizen never finished his sentence because Fuji had shoved his cock into the younger boy and was thrusting away at his ass. Echizen held on for dear life as Fuji pounded away, hitting the spot that caused him to scream over and over again. The older boy shifted his body, changing the angle of his thrusts, making the younger boy claw at Fuji's broad shoulders. Echizen reached down between their slamming bodies and began to stroke himself in time with Fuji's movement. "Syuusuke, I'm going to cum."

"Not yet you're not," moaned Fuji and he pulled Echizen onto his lap into an upright sitting position. The two boys exchanged sloppy, wet kisses as Fuji continued to slam himself into his kouhai's ass. The sound of their bodies hitting each other was accompanied by the frantic pants and gasps of both the boys.

"Shit, you're so hot, and wet, and warm," said Fuji as he dug his fingers into Echizen's hips.

"My ass! Harder! Yes!" gasped Echizen as he was grinding his ass onto Fuji's cock driving it deeper and deeper with each thrust. Both boys screamed as they came; Fuji shoved his hard cock deep into Echizen's hot ass and held it there as he rode the waves of their mutual orgasm. Echizen could feel his own cum coating both their bellies and every time the sensitive head of his cock brushed Fuji's wet skin, Echizen twitched and moaned as his body felt like it was trying to turn itself inside out.

Both boys just sat there in the hallway for a couple of minutes trying to catch their breath. Echizen ran his hands over his sweaty, slippery body. "Jeez Fuji-Sempai, I'm going to have to wash myself over again."

Fuji smiled a very satisfied smile. He leaned in close to Echizen and slowly licked his neck sending goosebumps crawling all over his arms. "But now, you know what I like with my shaved ice."

--I'm sorry that took forever and I hope you all can forgive me. I had trouble completing it because I'd work myself into a frenzy and have to take a break. I want to write more in the future—also with lotsa sex and fuji's usage of unusual things and probably places. Check back and hopefully school will be merciful. Thank you for reading!