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Summary: Who knew that a paopu fruit could actually be a substitute for the flower called "Love in idleness"? What will happen when four teenagers are thrown into a bizarre Midsummer Night's Dream?

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Act I Part I – The Seniors

People grinned, smirked and giggled, as Cloud and Tifa walked together across the school grounds, the former keeping his head as low as possible. Tifa could only smile at him. Cloud wasn't the sociable type, and the news that they were now an official couple had spread through the grapevine and out to the student body of Kingdom High like wildfire. The two of them were what everyone would call as the greatest social leaders in the school, a perfect 10. Both of them were at the top of their classes, both in brawns and brains, and the idea that they were now going out seemed the perfect cherry on top of the ice cream. They both headed for the gym and Cloud snapped his attention to the group of people there.

"Can't believe we have to set up all of this within four days." he muttered, gesturing to the different boxes huddled in a corner. "Wish it was today, that way everything will be over." Tifa nodded her head silently. She had been getting less sleep the past few days (and no, it wasn't because she was lovesick) and she hoped the eyebugs didn't show much. The Valentine's Day dance will be held within four days and both of them have been pretty busy with the preparations. She was glad that she was in her senior year. At least this will be her last year.

"Four days will pass soon enough so let's hang in there, okay?" she said comfortingly, walking up the steps that led to the gymnasium. Right on cue, a hyper, brown haired girl with hair curled just above her shoulders came up.

"So how are the preparations coming along?" Tifa asked immediately. "Just peachy. We're still thinking of what to do with the band. Last school dance, WE had to be the band. Rinoa said the music was horrible." Selphie said, handing Tifa the list of activities and wiping her face with a yellow handkerchief.

Cloud's mouth twitched slightly at the thought of last year's music. It felt like the same, monotonous music kept playing throughout the night, torturing the students into a very horrible LSS (but then again, he was outside with Tifa so he was saved from that dilemma).

"How about inviting some students who could actually play? There are some good ones around the campus you know." he suggested.

"Yeah, let's do that. I don't wanna hear an 'Eyes on Me' instrumental playing like someone put it on a broken CD player and it keeps jumping." she grinned wickedly at Selphie, and the latter crossed her arms.

"It's Irvine's fault you know! I wasn't the one who lost the sheet music!" she complained, but swiftly changed the subject at the sight of Tifa eyeing her friend weirdly at the sound of the "cowboy"'s name. "So, like, is the news from the grapevine true? Maybe we should turn this into a sort of Tifa-and-Cloud-are-finally-together party."

Tifa glared at her, face flushed while Cloud gave a loud cough, turning from the conversation. "I didn't come here to be interviewed for a talk show you know. Okay people, less dawdling, let's move!" she called, and several people groaned, denied from the gossip they wanted to hear. Selphie sighed in frustration and followed Tifa around.

"Let's mosey." Cloud called, and soon the gym was filled with a loud rhythm of items being moved and orders being shouted, the commands coming from Tifa, Cloud or Selphie. Three more seniors then walked in, two of them holding a large box in between them, the third one carrying a sheaf of papers.

"Here ya go guys. Balloons and streamers for the dance. Cid will be bringing in the pump tomorrow." said Zack as he and Riku put down the box. Tifa walked over and inspected it as Selphie clasped her hands together.

"Please, no more pink..." she pleaded.

"What's wrong with pink?" Aerith asked, inspecting her pink dress and frowning. Zack gave a laugh as Cloud pried open the box.

"Last year, Marluxia was in charge of the color of the decorations. The gymnasium looked like it came out of Cotton Candy land." cringed Tifa, taking the papers from Aerith as she giggled, and Selphie gave a cry of triumph at the contents of the box. "Blue, white, purple and pink! Okay, I can live with that."

"Marluxia's not just effeminate. He's gay. PINKISH-BROWN, LONG HAIR Aerith! That's not normal!" Zack told Aerith seriously.

Everyone laughed and even Cloud gave a small smile, except Riku, who, from arrival, didn't look like he was in the mood. Zack cocked an eyebrow.

"What's with you?"

He gave a huff, and looked sullenly at another direction.

"Girl problem?" queried Aerith but Selphie spoke up.

"Not with his girlfriends, no." she said, stressing the plural form and causing another burst of laughter. "Sister Problem."

Cloud and Tifa exchanged looks. They were friends with Riku for a long time now, and when it comes to his sister...well, he can be overprotective and manipulative. To the point of doing something drastic. Selphie, the natural gossiper that she was, opened her mouth to ask what's up but was slammed down by Tifa.

"Okkkkkkkaaaaaay! Aerith. Take these papers back to Principal Ansem. Selphie, start working on recruiting people who will play for the dance. Zack! Um..." she snapped her fingers repeatedly, looking for a job he can do. Anything to leave her, Cloud and Riku alone.

"Do us a favor and bring us some snacks from the cafeteria." Cloud supplied wildly. "On the way, be sure to be the loud human-billboard you are and do some advertising." he added.

"Sure thing." Zack grinned. The moment he turned around, he hollered out:

"Kingdom High, come on let's party! Turn those frowns upside down! In a few days we'll be having our Cloud-and-Tifa-are-finally-together-party-- I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" he ducked from Tifa's swats as she chased him out, Aerith at her heels, giggling and Selphie cracking up behind them.

"So are you gonna tell us what's troubling you?" Cloud asked. Him, Tifa and Riku were sitting in the courtyard feasting on some Sea Salt Ice Cream that Zack had brought back a few minutes ago. (The moment that he gave them the food he left with Aerith, afraid that Tifa might give him more than what he bargained for. Selphie was busy deciding on whether a moogle or a chocobo should go on the poster, head cocked criticizingly on one side as she designed a sign-up sheet for those interested in playing for the dance.) Riku raised an eyebrow and threw his popsicle stick on a nearby trash bin.

"Hmm...should I say it? I haven't even congratulated you two yet." He grinned mischievously. This cheeky comment earned him a slap on the arm from Tifa, and that was no joke, since the girl can take out boys larger than her during fist to fist fights. It was proven that Cloud was the only boy that can beat her.

"Just spill already." Cloud said sullenly, trying to hide the red that crept in his face. Riku sighed, massaging the spot that Tifa hit, then pointed across the courtyard to a couple sitting in a bench. An auburn haired girl was laughing with a spiky-haired brunette who had a huge goofy smile on his face.

"Exhibit A. Of course both of you know my sister Kairi of course." he stated, and Cloud nodded. Tifa cocked her head. So, what's wrong? Riku pointed to a nearby picnic table where two blondes were sitting, a boy and a girl. The girl had pale blonde hair drawn over one shoulder and was sketching on a light cream colored sketchpad, once or twice looking up at the boy, who had dark blonde hair that stuck up as if gravity didn't act on it, and was busy examining a skateboard. Tifa knew that the girl was named Naminé, since she saw the girl's name in the school's newspaper whenever she won an art competition. The boy, she wasn't so sure, but he did look familiar. It suddenly hit Tifa. That guy was a Keyblade scholar, like Riku.

"Exhibit B. Roxas. Next door neighbor. Don't you guys agree that he's nice enough for my sister?" he asked. Cloud raised an eyebrow and slowly nodded, but Tifa frowned. She didn't like this. "He has affections for my sister, and that's fine with me." Riku continued. As if to prove his point, Roxas looked up from examining his skateboard and turned to glance at the Kairi, who was laughing as the boy next to her as he made another funny face. This time, Riku jabbed a finger at the said boy's direction.

"Exhibit C. Sora. Major idiot and bad influence. Captured my sister's heart. Because of him, she's turning into a rebel! He and Kairi sneak out at night to goodness knows where and since mom and dad are in heaven, I'm helpless here! Every time I tell her to stop having a relationship with him, she continues to disobey me! He serenades her at night and if I try to attack him with my Keyblade, Kairi stops me! He's annoying! His voice is annoying! Do you know that Roxas can sing better than that twerp!"

"Okay Riku, stop, we get the point!" Tifa cried, seeing Riku had stood up and was halfway in reaching for his Way to the Dawn that was strapped to his back. All Keyblade scholars are allowed to carry their weapons around the campus. So far, the only Keyblade scholars were Riku, Sora and Roxas. There were rumors though that Kairi was also in line for training. Riku relaxed slightly, but still threw dirty glares at the spiky-haired brunette boy. Tifa was amazed that he didn't caught on fire right there on the spot.

"So like, what are you planning to do?" Cloud asked, brow furrowed. Riku gave a smirk.

"Simple. If she doesn't stay away from happy-kid there...I'll be sending her to Radiant Garden." he said lightly, as if he was just commenting on the weather. Tifa's mouth opened wide.

"Did you tell her about this!" Tifa gaped.

"Nope. Not yet, anyway. Come on buddy, me and you are gonna confront the little princess." Cloud's eyes widened as Riku grabbed him and shoved him violently. Tifa stood up in protest. "What are you doing!"

"Leaving for history class. Me and Cloud will confront my little sis later. See ya Tifa!" Riku called, and Cloud said his own goodbye inaudibly, glaring at Riku as they left. Right on cue, the bell rang, and Tifa eyed as Sora and Kairi left for class together, followed a few seconds later by Roxas and Naminé.

"Why do I get the feeling that things will get worse?" Tifa asked nobody in particular.


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So, here's what we know so far. Branching out from Shakespeare's story…

Theseus - Cloud

Hippolyta - Tifa

Egeus - Riku

Lysander - Sora

Demetrius - Roxas

Hermia – Kairi

Helena – Naminé

Zack acted out Philostrate back there. Hey, Theseus ordered Philostrate to "Tell the Athenian Youth to be happy…" so…