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Act III Scene II Part VI – Waking Up From The Dream

Part 1

Miracles seldom happen. For a certain silver-haired boy, everything in his life recently seemed to be nothing but bad fortune. And yet, here was one. Happening in that (noisy, crowded and chaotic, but he didn't care about that right now) faculty room. He gaped open-mouthed at the beaming couple before finally finding his voice and his thoughts.

"Y-you mean…we can stay with you? Be a part of your family?" he whispered breathlessly, heart pounding hard in his ribcage that it almost seemed to suffocate him. Did they really deserve this act of random kindness like that? The two mice though, just exchanged another meaningful look at each other, before smiling at Riku.

Riku could've collapsed on the floor right then and there in joy. Instead, he became so overcame with emotion and had to grasp Mr. Mickey's hand and bow his head to hide the tears that have suddenly sprung up. Both he and his sister had been trying hard to make ends meet in the past, their lives being painful since the day their parents died. They had barely hold on, going from one foster home to another until Riku had decided that they were better off living in their old home.

"We'd love that. T-thank you!" he choked out, and he felt Mrs. Mouse's hand on his back, comforting him.

He had to fix himself up for several minutes before Mr. Mickey joined his wife and they both smiled proudly up at him.

Needless to day, he came out of the office later with a giant smile on his face as he went to the Seniors' lounge.

"Hey! Someone's happy!" Tifa exclaimed and put an arm around Riku the moment he arrived, causing him to shove forward from the force. Damn, Tifa had a strong arm. Instead of reprimanding her that he might have a bleeding nose if she did that again, he grinned.

Nothing could possibly ruin his good mood now. It was like waking up from a nightmare.

"Well, his mood seems better than the others here." Rinoa said massaging her shoulder and gesturing around the room, where SeeDs who had finished training were either groaning or collapsing, and the Dance Committee members were running around in chaos.

"Need help?" Riku asked, feeling in an angelic mood. A groan sounded from another room and Zack and Cloud entered, carrying a giant box.

"Hell yes! I think I'm gonna collapse!" Zack whined while Cloud snorted, smirking slightly. As the silver-haired boy rushed to help, Cid, entered the room, carrying a very large box by himself as he chewed on a toothpick.

"Damn kids. Getting whiny over just a simple machine! Why in my time—" he started, but his nostalgic rant was cut off when Reno, Max and Elena entered the room.

"Hey guys, has anyone seen Prof Cid?" Reno called loudly, and the roomful of seniors pointed to the blonde-toothpick-chewing computer teacher.

"The OTHER Cid." Reno deadpanned, only to be met by more blank stares.

"Which one?" Selphie asked from a corner where she and Aerith were constructing paper flowers.

"…okay, that was a wrong question to ask. Balthier, where's your father?" Reno rephrased his question to the blonde who was currently playing cards with Kenai, Eric, PJ and Reks . A dark shadow passed over the young man's expression before he sighed and pointed upwards.

"Thanks, kid." Reno said, before collapsing in a nearby chair before suddenly yelling and jumping up, obvious pain in his face.

"Oh, burn." Max guffawed, pulling out the pin cushion the red-head had sat on as he laughed and Reno glared.

"Stop that. You're sounding like my annoying little brother." Reno said through gritted teeth, grabbing the pin cushion and chucking it across the room. Which hit a napping Irvine. As he resitted himself, Max and Elena did so on either side of him. .

"How many Cids do we have in this school, anyway?" Quistis asked, coming in and starting to hand out refreshments to the drained SeeDs (all of which gave gratified sounds of joy at her arrival and had started to mob her).

"Hm, there's Chemistry Cid, Balthier's dad…History Cid, Garnet's uncle…Electronics Cid, Rikku and Brother's dad…and SeeD Cid—WHAT?" Zell laughed sheepishly, seeing that people have started snickering at the last Cid's rhyming name, before continuing. "Professor Edea's husband and owner of the local orphanage. Hunh, I think that's them all."

"Well, I'll be damned. And what the hell do you guys call me, Computer Cid, husband of Nurse Shera?!" Professor Cid demanded, causing majority of the soon-to-be-graduates to burst out laughing.

"…who doesn't?" Kuzco said loudly, and the laughter grew louder, causing Cid to throw up his arms in exasperation and exit the room.

"What do you need to see my father for, anyway? You know he doesn't pay attention to anything except his work." Balthier said darkly, causing Reks and Kenai to exchange warning looks.

"I just want to ask for some supplies. The smoke bomb I made for SeeD experimentation purposes went AWOL, and Leon is gonna kill me. No one tells him okay? Even you, Rinoa." Reno said warningly, glaring at the black-haired young woman sitting innocently across the room. "I mean you know how he hates irresponsibility, he monitors us like vulture monitoring his prey, he's bossy, he's a bit annoying, he's kinda emo…"

He drifted off when he saw Rinoa giggling, Riku smirking, Zach ducking behind the silver haired boy with shoulders shaking and Elena and Max suddenly bursting to simultaneous laughter while leaving their seats next to him to stand on the opposite side of the room.

"…and he's standing right behind me, isn't he?" Reno finished slowly, a pained expression already showing on his face.

"Um…duh?" Riku chuckled quietly, causing Zack to suddenly seize his shoulders as he suddenly gave a loud laugh.

"I'll try to ignore everything you just said and instead concentrate on the part where you lost your assignment." Leon, SeeD head commander, said stiffly, causing Reno to absolutely pale up with fear as he turned around slowly to face the cold, blue eyes glaring at him.

"Good idea." Reno said hastily, standing up in alarm and speaking fast as Leon's glare became darker. "See, I really made this really good project, but somehow, I dunno, it disappeared, and now I'm remaking it, yo."

"Your bastard of a brother must've taken it." Elena muttered, causing Reno to roll his eyes at the girl.

"Yo, your sister isn't so saintly as well." Reno snapped. He usually didn't defend Axel, but sometimes, a brother had to do what a brother has to do. Besides, ruffling Elena's feathers always make him feel good. "I heard she's been in love with someone that has a Tonberry for a head."

"Just how good is this project?" Leon suddenly halted the impending verbal battle, and Reno spun around to face him (not before sticking his tongue out at Elena for a brief moment, the blonde throwing him her filthiest look in retaliation).

"Well, by combining some Blazing Crystals, Energy Crystals and a LOT of Bright Crystals and a single Orichalcum, I manage to balance the synthetic value of all materials to develop a secure, yet effectual explosive—"

"In English! You're sounding like your Uncle Vexen!" Max yelled suddenly, causing Reno to splutter and throw the boy a glare before continuing.

"Oh well. It explodes, no one gets hurt, but it's good for distraction." Reno deadpanned to a finish, earning a sarcastic slow clap from Irvine. Leon raised an eyebrow, sighed, and smacked his forehead with his palm.

"It would've been useful for our developmental research. But you just had to lose it, didn't you?" Leon muttered, crossing his arms and staring at Reno knowingly.

"Hey, Reno. If that thing is lighted up in, say, inside a building, does it give of a very bright light?" Irvine said lazily from the window.

"Yeah, exactly like that! How did you know?" Reno asked, turning to the faux cowboy who had his back towards the red-head.

"So…just like what's happening to the gym right now?" Irvine pointed outside. At least half of the room suddenly ran up, including Reno, and he gave a triumphant cry.

"See! Told ya it was amazing!" he yelled as the watched light beams emit from the spaces near the gym's roof.

A few moments of silence passed before everyone suddenly burst into loud strings of cursing.



Riku and Zell's simultaneous yells of alarm over their siblings being in the building immediately alerted everyone that it wasn't a good thing.

"Code 13-14! Everyone get in there!" Leon yelled loudly as SeeDs suddenly got on their feet, rushing out the door with Zell and Riku leading the way.

"Reno, when this is over, I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" Zell hollered as he and Riku led the mob of seniors sprinting along the corridors, everyone trying to get there as fast as possible.

Part 2

Hazy smoke covered his vision, making the scene go blurry. With a grunt, he summoned another fireball, the flame slightly lighting up his way. Damnit, what did Reno put in that thing? Axel felt his eyelids droop slightly, and he held his fire-free hand over his nose. Just as he felt blackness tugging at the back of his mind, ice cold water suddenly doused him from nowhere, immediately awakening his senses. He turned around to see Demyx signaling him to hurry up and do what he's supposed to do, his hand on his sitar, water clones going around and dousing anything that might've accidentally set on fire from the explosion (or anything smoking).

Nodding (and shaking out water from his eyes all the same), he jumped down from the second floor and landed a few feet from a sleeping Sora. As hexagonal blocks of light disappeared from the boy, he knew that the brunette had cast the spell a split second to save all four (or maybe three, Axel doubted Sora would try to save Roxas during that time) of them from the explosion. But that wasn't enough to save them from the sleeping powder.

Demyx landed with ease next to him, and he heard muffled words as the blonde rushed over to the two sleeping girls. He knew Demyx could hold his breath for a LONG period of time, being able to control water (which made him wonder just how long). He pulled out the vial of green antidote from his pocket and raised Sora's head, before tipping the entire contents into his lips. From the corner of his eye, he could see Demyx carrying Naminé bridal style and laying her down at least a foot away from Roxas, before rushing back for Kairi.

Well, Sora. This is it. Don't become a dumbass now, Axel thought as he laid Sora on the ground again, Demyx returning and laying Kairi next to him. Without warning, one of Demyx's water clones suddenly crashed its sitar over Demyx's head. The blonde musician spluttered, now doused with water and he hissed at Axel.

"Let's go! People are coming!" he whispered, and Axel nodded, rushing out. The dust of the sleeping powder had long settled, and the smoke had considerably cleared away. They high jumped onto the second floor again, and Axel picked up his chakrams and rushed at the broken door, completely wrecking it into splinters as they rushed out.

The moment they were out of the building, Demyx whipped out his hand, pulling the water from his body and making him dry again.

"What the hell? I ordered that water clone to warn me when someone was coming, not do that!" Demyx said irritably, pointing the water to a nearby clump of Farplane lilies to water them (and causing pyreflies to come out as the plants were disturbed).

"How else can a being made entirely of water possibly warn you in any way apart from crashing its sitar over your head?" Axel said, strapping his chakrams on his back again. Demyx opened his mouth to retaliate but stopped, seeing the sense of Axel's words. As the sophomore mumbled to himself about the lack of controls he had over his water clones, Axel looked back at the gym.

Somehow, he knew that that was all he could do. The rest was up to the four of them.

Part 3


Riku's heart hammered in his chest as he and Zell reached the gym, smoke seeping in from the space beneath the door. With a loud crash, Zell punched one of the doors right off the hinges, causing Riku to cringe. Zell can get scary when he gets carried away. But then again, Riku didn't blame him.

His aquamarine eyes flashed dangerously when he saw his younger sister's unconscious figure next to Sora's.

"Holy crap! Naminé!" Zell yelled, rushing to his own sister. "Naminé, are you alright?!"

Riku ran towards Kairi, and with little effort, lifted her up and started to carry her out. Just then the other SeeDs entered and he saw Reno gaze at the ruins of the gym in awe before bellowing.

"AXEL! WHEREVER YOU ARE, I WILL KILL YOU!" It seemed death threats were common today.

"Get anyone who is in danger to the Infirmary!" Leon yelled, bending over Sora and starting to carry him out while Cloud rushed over to check up on Roxas. Riku squeezed his way through the crowd, holding Kairi to his chest. His attention was caught by Mr. Mickey waving to him from his car. He immediately rushed over to the mouse.

"C'mon, Riku! Let's get her home!" Mr. Mickey said comfortingly, and Riku nodded. As Mickey opened the back door, he heard what was unmistakably Tifa's bloodcurdling scream.


He laid Kairi down on the backseat and opened the passenger front door, Zell passing the car with Naminé in his arms and muttering inaudibly on how he was going to murder a certain blonde skater-boy as he ran to the main school building.

"Minnie will meet us there." Mickey said as he started the car and as Riku bended behind his seat to check up on his sister. It looked like she was unharmed. A wave of relief passed over him. As long as she was safe…explanations could wait later.

The car pulled out, Cloud and Leon dodging it as they ran with Roxas and Sora's unconscious figures in their arms respectively, while Quistis and Irvine started to rope off the place.

…yup, in Kingdom High, there never will be a dull moment.


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