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The New Girl Next Desk

"Oof!" Kikumaru Eiji did a back flip and landed on two feet. The person he had bumped into, however, was not so lucky. He beheld a brunette on the floor with books scattered around her.

"Gomen... sumimasen." He apologised rapidly, helping her to her feet. Collecting her books for her, he asked, "Are you alright?"

"Hai." Warm brown eyes looked up at him.

Hmmm... I don't remember seeing her before. Impossible! I thought I knew everyone, nya? He glanced at his watch. I'm going to be late if I don't hurry! He handed her the books, flashed a blinding Colgate smile at her and ran to catch up with Fuji.


"We have a new student who has just transferred here." The teacher announced. Everybody stopped their work and looked up. Most students did not transfer so late in the schooling year.

"She moved from Hokkaido to Tokyo." Ah, that explained it. The scratching of pen on paper resumed at all the desks. Except one.

Eiji stared transfixed at the girl. The same hazel eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. Uh-huh, it was the same girl he bumped into just now. He smiled – so he did know everyone in the school after all. She wasn't counted 'cause she was new.

"Perhaps you would like to tell us a bit about yourself."

The girl looked up at that. She saw Eiji and did a double take.


She saw the familiar-looking red curls and a faint gleam of recognition entered her eyes. He just grinned at her. Then she looked around. Why was the whole class staring expectantly at her? The teacher was no better.

Oh, yes! I'm supposed to introduce myself.

"Ohayo. I'm Shishida Kyuuri from Hokkaido. Hajimemashite." She bowed.

"Thank you, Shishida-kun. Your place is..." He consulted the seating plan. "Next to Kikumaru Eiji."


By the time school had ended, she felt like she'd known Eiji all her life. The redheaded boy was at his bouncy best today, talking non-stop in between classes and generally explaining the school in a very roundabout sort of way. In fact, Fuji had once interrupted their conversation to inquire suspiciously if Eiji had eaten anything particularly sweet at breakfast today.

"Only a plate of pancakes," had been the instantaneous reply.

He invited her to watch their tennis club's practice session if she wanted to before waving goodbye and heading to the locker rooms. She was smiling when her phone beeped, signalling an incoming message. When she read it, her face fell.

Uncle's coming late today. He's got a business meeting. And it just had to be on my first day of school. She heaved a sigh. Oh well, she could always go watch the tennis club.


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