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Chapter 5

"Kyuuri! Partner me!"

"Okay," She assented.

The teacher droned on, prompting a huge yawn from Eiji.

"You may now begin your experiment."

"What were we supposed to do again?"


"Then, pour the tube of sodium nitrate into the flask." Kyuuri read out.

"This one?" Eiji reached for a neon green tube.

"No! The one next to it."

He picked up the test tube and started to tip the contents into the boiling flask.

"...I think."

And the end of the world arrived with a big bang.


"Oww..." Kyuuri sat up and surveyed the damage. She looked at Eiji, still shouting "Itai! Itai!" at the top of his lungs, and at the teacher, striding towards them with a determined look on his face.

"Uh-oh. We're in trouble."


"Sensei, I can explain. It was an accident. What happened was – "

Thousand-and-one, thousand-and-two, Fuji counted mentally. Thousandandthree,thousandandfour – oh, heck. He gave up at that: Eiji was just too fast.

" – therefore, we didn't do anything wrong." Eiji finished his explanation with a flourish.

Please, God. Please... Kyuuri had never thought that the day would come when she actually prayed for Eiji to manage talking his way out of something.

"... ah." The teacher blinked. "Kikumaru, Shishida. Detention after school today." And he swept away, leaving two very visibly distressed students and an utterly messy laboratory in his wake.


"Tennis practice!" Eiji moaned. "Buchou will kill me for missing practice!"

"Well, what about me? Staying at school for a whole hour just because of a stupid science experiment gone wrong," Kyuuri grumbled.

"But still, that was quite a big explosion," Eiji said ruefully, looking at the disaster area which they were busy cleaning.

"If by that you mean we have to do a lot of cleaning, then yes, I definitely agree," She said, swishing her cloth half-heartedly over the mess on the table. "Well, we'd better get the job done, or he'll keep us in here longer."

"He's cruel..." Eiji groaned from where he was supposedly mopping the floor, but in reality creating an even bigger mess, thanks to his sloppy work.

"...who's cruel?" An authoritative voice asked.

" – s-sensei!"

"Who's cruel?" The teacher repeated his question.

"Uh...buchou!" He blurted out the first person that came to mind.

The teacher raised an eyebrow. "Oh?" But before he could interrogate them further, he was called away by another teacher.

"Just in time." Kyuuri commented.

Eiji, however, was not looking at things so optimistically. "What did I just say!"

"Why? What's wrong?"

"Buchou is definitely going to kill me now."

"Why? ...oh."


"Well, that's done."


"Finished? Alright, you can go home now."

"Hai! Arigatou, sensei." And they both rushed out of the laboratory, neither willing to spend a single minute longer in that prison.

"Bye!" They bowed in unison, and parted ways – one heading home, or rather hurrying home, and the other dragging his feet all the way to the tennis courts, where his doom was awaiting him in the form of a single person – Tezuka.

But Eiji was wrong. Tezuka simply handed him over to the devil himself – Inui.


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