I couldn't sleep last night and i just thought of this little one shot. It's pretty short and a bit random but i like it. Please review and let me know what you think! I wasn't sure abuut the rating and whether this really counts as suggestive adult themes so can you tell me if you think i should change the rating.

The girl in the shower

Harry woke early one Saturday morning. Although the dormitory was flooded by early morning sun streaming through the window next to his bed, it was still winter, and he shivered under his quilt. Too cold to get back to sleep, he got up and pulled on his dressing gown. Grabbing his wash bag and clothes he tiptoed across the room so as not to wake his fellow Gryffindors, and slipped out of the door. He walked bare foot through the chilly, deserted castle, enjoying the solitude. On his way to the bathroom he saw hundreds of owls swooping past the windows and into the owlery after a long nights hunting, hooting happily.

He reached the bathroom, muttered the password, and entered the huge marble room. There were about twenty showers around the edge of the room and a deep pool in the middle big enough for twenty students to swim in. A huge crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling casting a dim glow across the snow white walls. This bathroom was for the use of all the Gryffindor boys and was normally crowded and steamy. Harry hardly ever got to have long relaxing showers so he was determined to have one now. He grabbed a towel from the rack where hundreds of fluffy white robes were stored and hung it on the hook next to a shower. Then he switched the water on to let it heat up while he got undressed. He de-robed himself quickly and stepped under the boiling torrent of water.

Sighing, he simply stood under the jet, losing himself in the peacefulness for a while. The whole room was filled with hot steam by the time he came to wash his hair and soap his body, the light from the sunrise causing the misty vapour to swirl in different colours.

Losing himself in the fragrant fumes, he shut his eyes and smiled as he felt hot breath on his neck, the touch of a woman on his waist, the tickle of her hair on his cheek. He leant back into her, letting her support his weight as her candyfloss kisses peppered his mouth. His eyes still closed, he breathed in her heady scent and caressed her pillowy lips with his own.

Slowly, he opened his eyes and looked in the mirror across the room. Beauty radiated from her as if she was an angel, her unearthly glow made him dizzy to look at her. She had sleek blonde hair that tumbled in loose curls around her creamy white shoulders, her eyes were deep whirlpools of sapphire glinting in the reflection, her cherry red lips looked good enough to eat.

His mind still spinning, Harry gave himself over to her, her soft skin was like fleece to the touch as he ran his hands over her womanly curves, her tongue was as cold as ice as she kissed his sensitive neck.

Soft moans escaped from her lips at Harry gentle caress as the hot water cascaded down their naked bodies, coursing though their sodden hair, running over their glistening mouths.

Suddenly, the water juddered to a halt. A fault in the plumbing always caused the water at Hogwarts to be unreliable. As quickly as the steam filled the room, it vanished, leaving the bathroom as cool as it was before. Dazed from the heat, Harry rubbed his towel through his hair and then wrapped it around his waist. He grabbed the bottle of shower gel he had used and read the bottle.

'Jiggy gel's, for an intensifying shower that will leave you completely satisfied,' read the label.

'Boy, is that right,' thought Harry, before going to breakfast.