((A/N: Okay, here we go. The epilogue. It's pretty obvious that this was a... rush job. Well, more like a slack job. It was written around the same time my writersblock kicked in. ... Yeah. Well, I hope you'll still enjoy it none the less. Thanks for reading this fic!))

Epilogue, Botta's P.O.V.

I remember seeing it. The rebirth of the Great Kharlan tree. Accompanied by shimmers of light, the Great Seed fell to the earth, where it sprouted. Nobody knew for sure what had ensured that the seed accepted Derris-Kharlan's mana all of a sudden. It didn't matter.

At the time, the tree was just a small sapling. It needed protection to ensure that it would grow into majestic form that it once had.

I remember seeing her. Lady Martel. She resembled the girl I had seen in one of lord Yuan's old paintings, yet there were distinct differences. She introduced herself as the guardian of the tree and a reincarnation of all the souls that were sacrificed to the seed. She was mana itself. That was why she lacked a body. In her current form, she could merely watch over the tree, yet was unable to physically protect it.

Lloyd, lord Kratos' son, was to watch over the tree and ensure that it would grow. Instead of just any old promise, he made a pact. It was quite a sight to behold.

When I joined the Renegades, I never thought that I'd ever see something like this with my own eyes. Yet there it was. I had witnessed things normally only seen by heroes.

Speaking of heroes…

I doubt I'll ever find out what occurred between lord Kratos and Lloyd. When the entire ordeal was over, we returned to the base. Lord Kratos had a private conversation with Lloyd. Everyone was standing in the hallway, an ear pressed against the door as they tried to eavesdrop. There was a lot of shouting, though it seemed only Zelos could make out the exact words. Finally, lord Yuan caught us and told us to leave. A short while later, the two left the room and I noticed Lloyd didn't seem quite so upset anymore.

Sheena returned to the village of Mizuho, her mission completed. One day, that girl will become the new chief. She has what it takes. I'm sure of it.

Those two half-elves, Raine and Genis Sage… I remember hearing that they were going to travel around the world in hopes of making things easier for half-elves. We'd told them that they could join the Renegades to do that, yet they refused. A pity, really.

Lloyd and Zelos decided to travel the world together, vowing to destroy all the exspheres they could get their hands on. A tragedy such as this one must never be repeated. Now that Cruxis was no longer, Zelos could easily go wherever he wanted, without the title of Chosen One looming over his head. He seemed really relieved.

The Eternal Sword was split into two separate swords, left in the care of Heimdall's elves. However, before that happened, there was one thing that Lloyd still needed to do. One thing that still baffles me to this day.

I remember lord Yuan telling me about his plans. I remember being shocked, not understanding. I asked him what was to become of the Renegades. I doubt I'll ever forget his words.

"The will of the Renegades is a legacy that needs to be carried on. Even though our primary missions, the destruction of Cruxis and the salvation of the worlds, is now complete, there is still much work to be done. However, I won't be there to aid you anymore. I have full confidence that you will become an excellent leader, perhaps even surpassing myself. As long as you pour your heart and soul into it, the Renegades will always be there to watch over the world and the people who live in it."

With that, he turned and left.

I remember standing outside, watching Derris-Kharlan leave the planet's orbit. I silently said my farewells to lord Yuan and lord Kratos as well. Kharlan heroes, seraphim and the true leaders of the Renegades.