Ch. 8

After dragging the traitor, Kagome, back to camp, Kouga tended to the wounds of Inuyasha, who lay in his lap as he becoming angrier by the second wanting to rip the cunt's head off.

Miroku and Sango sat nearby watching with confused looks on their faces. Sesshomaru paced back and forth with his back to Kagome almost daring her to run off.

"So, tell me. Did you enjoy watching Naraku do this to Inuyasha? You refused to acknowledge the fact that Naraku was a liar. He is a deciever. Did you possibly believe for even a second that he would help you?" Sesshomaru scoffed.

Kagome pounded her fists on the floor.

"I made a mistake, alright! I'm sorry!" she whinned. "Sorry?" Kouga jumped to his feet in rage. "Sorry? Is that all you can say? After all of this? You pitiful little bitch!"

Sesshomaru put an arm out in front of the angry wolf before he could tear the girl to little pieces.

"Now, now Kouga. Don't spoil the fun. Leave her to me." He cocked his head, motioning to Inuyasha. "He needs tending to." Kouga gave him an understanding glance before throwing Kagome an angry glare. She shivered.

"As my 'companion' has just stated, yes, you are a pitiful little bitch. However, you know the whereabouts of Naraku's lair. Am I right?"

She shrugged, tears forming in her eyes.

"Then, if you would kindly lead the way, we will let you live." Kagome looked relieved for a moment.

"However, you must never return to this era again once Naraku is dead. If I so much as get a hint of your useless human scent, consider yourself dead." Sesshomaru whispered in a deadly voice.

Sango and Miroku stared at the full demon, knowing that this is pretty much the most he has ever spoken at one time.

"He must really care about his brother, huh?" Miroku wispered. Sango nodded her head, watching the scene before her.

Kagome sobbed in protest but she knew that this was the only way to keep her life. If she returned to her world, she would never see Inuyasha again.

"Master Sesshomaru! I found Kaede!" They all looked up to see Rin and Jaken on the back on Kilala. The old woman was with them. "Aye, I see what ye mean by in bad shape." Kaede said aloud.

Kilala landed next to Sesshomaru so Rin could climb on his shoulder.

Jaken was again at his side and Kaede attended to Inuyasha. Sesshomaru watched as Kouga quietly cooed to Inuyasha, who smiled faintly as the wolf kissed his cheeks and stroked his hair.

Sesshomaru closed his eyes and turned his back to him. "Where are we going Master Sesshomaru?" Rin asked.

"Rin...stay here with them. I'll be back later." She nodded and hopped off his shoulder. He walked off into the forest. Kagome wiped her wet eyes. "Damn demons." she muttered. Kouga watched him leave and he sighed.

"Is he giving up?" he asked himself. Sesshomaru pondered as he walked through the forest.

"Maybe I should let go of it. It's no use." He stopped in the forest, debating which way to go. "I could turn back or I could go back to my castle." He muttered.

The demon sat with his back against a tree and sighed once more. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

When Sesshomaru's eyes opened once more, it was dark. The moon was full and the night was cool. He rubbed his eyes and looked around. He was still in the same place as before.

"I guess I go and collect Rin and Jaken. That wolf had better be good to Inuyasha." he said to himself sadly. As he entered the clearing, all heads turned to him. Even Inuyasha's.

Sesshomaru saw worry and relief in his beautiful golden eyes as he came closer.

"I have something to say..." Sesshomaru began. "M-may I go f-f-first?" Inuyasha stuttered. Everyone looked down at him expectantly. Inuyasha took a ragged breath and then, "I...can't choose be-between y-you," he said finally.

Kouga and Sesshomaru felt both their hearts break. Kagome felt a small hope in her balck heart. When they were about to speak, Inuyasha interrupted.

"Let me f-finish," he continued. "I can't choose be-because...because...I l-love you b-both." he said a little embarrassed. Everyone was shocked. Kouga spoke first. "Inuyasha, what do you mean both of us?" he asked.

A tear fell from Inuyasha's eye. "I know it d-doesn't make s-sence. I-I'm sor-ry." Sesshomaru gazed at him. '

He loves me and Kouga.' he thought. 'Hmm, perhaps we both may get our wish after all.' He galnced at Kouga. "Well, wolf. Would you be willing to share?" he asked with a tiny smile.

Kouga looked a him and then Inuyasha who glanced at Sesshomaru in surprise. 'Well, we would both be able to have Inuyasha and neither of us would end up with a broken heart.' he thought. He smiled then.

"Sure. That is, if Inuyasha doesn't mind." he replied.

Everyone waited for Inuyasha's answer. Kaede smiled kindly. "Well Inuyasha? What do ye think of having, not one, but two mates?" she asked.

Inuyasha yawned and smiled. "Yeah. Sounds good to me." With that he fell into a deep, peaceful sleep and momentarily forgot Naraku and Kagome.

Sesshomaru and Kouga settled down next to their love and wrapped him in their protective and loving embrace.

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