One Promise, One Chance

In response to a Luke/Vader challenge

Vader MIA Challenge

Vader is missing in action. It's up to Luke to find him. Your story can be set in any time period, and Luke's motives for going after Vader can be anything from revenge to concern. The goal with this challenge is to come up with a creative, yet believable, explanation for Vader's disappearance.


Rated: K

Author: The Bullet

Summery: Luke Skywalker has a vision that his father is alive. He sets out to find him. All he knows is that his father has changed his identity, and the only person who can tell him who he is, is Vader. So now Luke is looking for Vader. But Vader is missing………….

Part One: Missing

Chapter One: The Mission

Vader walked down to the Executers' docking bay. He wanted to fly in the battle. His ties were doing a disgraceful job. They'd be lucky if they were killed in the battle. At least then, they would have a quick and easy death. If they survived, Vader would see to it otherwise.

He climbed into his Tie Advanced, and flew out of the docking bay, into the battle. This is where he belonged. Flying among the stars, laser beams blasting enemy ships. Yeah, this was the life. He remembered his first time experiencing something like this. Only back then, he didn't need to where this armor and he was only nine. But even back then, he hadn't been scared.

This is tense!

Why was he contemplating these memories? Now of all times? That question could be answered with two words; Luke Skywalker. His son.

His son.

When he had first found out, he had been shocked to say the least. He had never in his wildest dreams thought that his son had survived. But he had! And that blasted Obi-Wan had kept him from finding out! Had hidden his son from him. And now look at what happened, his son was a rebel, and probably hated him!

A rebel of all people! Of all the things his son had to be, it had to be that! Darn Obi-Wan!

Suddenly, he was thrown out of his thoughts, and back into reality. He'd been hit!

His controls weren't working! He was completely powerless to do anything but watch himself crash on the planet below! Suddenly there was a big bang, and he blacked out.

The battle was over. Admiral Piett walked to the command bridge. It had been a long day. He'd be happy to get some sleep.

"Admiral Piett."

"Yes, what is it?"

"Lord Vader didn't return from the battle."

"What do you mean, he didn't return from the battle?"

"Just that, sir. He insisted on participating in the battle. Witnesses claim that they saw his ship destroyed."

"Lord Vader is dead!"

"That's what they say, sir."

Well this was something new. What was he going to do?

Chapter Two: A Vision

Luke Skywalker tossed and turned, asleep on his bed. Still, he couldn't wake up.

A beautiful lady, with long brown hair, warring a rainbow dress walked toward him.

She looked a lot like Leia.

The lady smiled at him. It was such a nice smile that immediately put Luke at ease.

"Who are you?" he asked the lady.

"I'm your mother, Luke."

"My mother? I thought you were dead!"

"I am dead, Luke. This is a dream."

"Oh, so you aren't real," Luke said, disappointed.

"No, Luke. I'm real. I'm a vision. I've come to tell you something of great importance."

"What is it?" Luke asked, suddenly interested.

"It's your father."

"My father? Isn't he dead?"

"No, Luke. He's very much alive."

"My father's alive and no one ever told me!"

"Settle down, Luke. He's not what he used to be. By a long shot."

"But my father's alive! He's alive! Where is he? Why didn't come for me when I was on Tatooine?"

"I cannot answer those questions, Luke. I can only tell you that he has changed his name, and he hasn't come for you because he didn't know that you existed."

"I've been alive for nineteen years, living with his brother, and he never even knew that I exist? Talk about not staying in touch with your family! Where is he? How can I find him?"

"Luke, I have come to you because, despite what others say, I believe that there is still hope for him. You need to find him, Luke. He has been denying who he really is for years. Only you can help him see the truth."

"What's wrong? Is he in trouble? How can I find him?"

"If you find Darth Vader, you'll find him."

"Darth Vader! That son of a Hutt! No wonder father is in trouble!" Then it hit him. "Darth Vader! Are you crazy! I just destroyed the Death Star! I can't just waltz up to Vader and ask for my father! He'll kill me before I get a chance to say anything!"

"Vader is the only one who knows where your father is. You must, Luke. Promise me you'll find him."

"I promise, mother."

"Here, take this."

His mother placed something in his hand.

"What's this?"

"A chapor snippet. It'll bring you good fortune. Put it on, and never take it off. It's more valuable than you'd think."

Before Luke could say anything, his mother began fading away into the mist.

"Mother! Wait!"

"I love you, Luke. Remember that. Keep on loving, and you will be invincible."

"Mother, no. Will I ever see you again?"

"I will always be watching you, Luke," she said, this time barely visible.



Luke sat up in his bed. Was it all a dream? It had to be. He stood up, intent on taking a shower before he went to the cafeteria for breakfast. As he stood up, something fell to the floor. He bent down to pick it up. The chapor snippet! It wasn't just a dream! His father was alive!"

Luke put the chapor snippet around his neck with the black string that was attached to it. He would find his father. He would keep his promise that he made to his mother. How would be find his father? Oh! Right! He would need to find Darth Vader.

Darth Vader!

Chapter Three: M. I. A.

The Emperor sat alone in the throne room, contemplating the disappearance of his trusted servant, Darth Vader.

Where was he? He wasn't dead. That was for sure. If he had died, he would have certainly felt his death. No, he was alive. But what had happened to him? Was he injured?

No, maybe he was fine. He probably had just forgotten to tell the Emperor what he was up to. He would give him a few more days to show himself. If he didn't show up in a few more days, he would have a search party go look for him. Yes, that was probably best.

It was peaceful that night at the rebel base. Of course peaceful was just another way to say boring. There was nothing to do! And that was why Rouge Squadron, Han, Luke and Leia were sitting in a room set apart for people who were off duty, watching the news on the hologram. It was boring news. ICN, (Imperial Center Network), were just talking about the weather, social events coming up, and so forth. Nothing fun. But there was nothing left to do.

Leia sat with her head on Luke's lap, and her legs over Hans'. It was nice to have Leia with them, Luke thought. She was busy most of the time. It was a good change to have her spend what was left of this boring night with them.

And we have something new to report tonight, the reporter on the hologram was saying.

We have heard that Lord Vader himself has been listed as missing in action.

"What!" Luke said, jumping to his feet, causing Leia's head to bump uncomfortably on the sofa.

"Ow!" Luke didn't hear her.

"Missing! He can't be missing!"

"Hold on, Luke!" Han said, trying to calm his young friend down. "It's a good thing that he's missing. Maybe he's dead."

"No! He can't be dead! He's the only person who can tell me where my father is!"

"Your father?" Leia asked. She was sitting up now, with one hand on her forehead. "Hold on, you lost me. I thought you told me he was dead."

"I was wrong, he's alive! And Vader is the only person who can tell me where he is! If Vader's dead, I'll never find my father!"

"Luke, calm down," Wedge said. "Take a seat. You're going crazy."

Luke sat down, holding his head in his hands.

"No, no, no, no, no. I hate my life, I hate my life, I hate my life."

"Luke, stop saying that," Han said, getting worried. "Let's watch and see what else the reporter says."

"Lord Vader was putting up with a rebel resistance in the Geonosisian system. He wanted to participate in the battle, and they say that he didn't come back. Some rumors say that his ship blew up and he was killed,"

Luke groaned at this.

"Other rumors say that he crashed down on Geonosis. Whatever they say, one thing is clear, that Lord Vader is M.I.A. I'm Marlo Starkiing. Join us next time……..

At this point, Luke tuned off the hologram. He'd heard enough.

"See, Luke?" Han said. "He may not be dead. You can find your father when Vader shows up again."


"What do you mean, Luke? What are you gonna do?"

"I'm going to Geonosis."

Chapter Four: Contemplations

"Luke, I still don't understand why you won't let Han go with you. Trying to find Vader is bad enough. But if you think I'll let you go by yourself, think again!"

"Leia, this is personal. I don't need any help with this. Besides, you said yourself that Vader is most likely dead, so you have nothing to worry about."

"Luke, I'm just so afraid for you."

"Don't worry, I have Artoo with me." He said reassuringly.

Luke gave Leia a quick hug, and walked over to where his X-Wing and Artoo were waiting for him. Luke climbed into his ship, and took off, leaving a very worried Leia behind.

"Don't worry, your worship," Han said, as he put his arm around her. "The kid may be crazy, but there's no risk. Vader's dead. Geonosis is practically deserted."

"But, Han, I can't help but get the feeling that something's out there."

"Okay, look. If the kid isn't back in a few days, I'll go and get him, okay?"

"Thanks, Han."

"No problem, your highnessness."

"Artoo, plot a course for Geonosis."

The little droid beeped an affirmative.

"How long will it take for us to get there?" Artoo gave him an answer.

"A few hours? Okay, wake me up when we get there."

Luke certainly tried to get to sleep, but all he could do was think about what his mother had told him.

He's been denying who he really is for many years.

What did that mean? Why would he deny who he is? Did his father do something terrible? Why had he changed his identity?

Then a crazy thought entered his mind.

Had he ever met his father before? No! That was ridiculous! Wait, who was his father? Was his father a pilot? A criminal? A smuggler? An Imperial? Ah! Not an imperial! Anything but an imperial. A criminal, he could handle. But an imperial, that was going to far!

Wait! Why was he so worried about his father being an imperial? He had no proof. It's not like anyone had ever come up to him and said, 'hello, your father is an imperial.'

Naw, that was impossible! He'd just have to wait and see what Vader said.

Part of him wanted Vader to be alive. But then, part of him didn't want to find Vader at all. If he didn't find Vader, he'd find another way to find his father. But what if he did find Vader? What if he killed him? No, his mother wouldn't have told him to find Vader unless she knew if was safe.

Luke looked at the chapor snippet that was hanging around his neck. It looked quite simple, but Luke couldn't help but wonder what its history was. What was the story behind it? He made a note to ask his mother about that next time he saw her.

Suddenly, there was a long string of warning beeps and whistles coming from Artoo!

Authors Note: Cliffhanger! If you want me to write more, give me some feed back and let me know.