A/N: This is my first Kingdom Hearts fanfiction, so go easy on me with your reviews. It will mostly revolve around Riku and an original character of mine. I will be getting some Demyx in, however, because he is lurvly.

Full Summary: (Takes place after KHII.) Unbeknownst to Sora and the gang, darkness is once again brewing beyond Destiny Islands. Heartless and Nobodies have joined forces and Organization XIII is being reformed, which can only mean one thing: pure destruction. One day a strange girl appears on Destiny Islands, is she in any way connected to the darkness?

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A light, warm, breeze danced along the Destiny Islands, ruffling the palms trees and slightly throwing the sand. The sun shined brightly as it always did at this time in the morning, as people began to awaken from their slumbers, ready for a hard day's work. Of course, the children and teenangers had the oppurtunity to sleep in, for it was their summer vacation from school..

It was an ordinary day. The townspeople walking the streets would see nothing abnormal, that is, if they kept their eyes away from the nearby island. However, even if they did gaze into the distant they would see naught but a speck far away on the sand, and perhaps believe that a branch had fallen from a tree the previous night. No, no one would expect the speck for what it truly was.

For who would guess that a girl had fallen asleep in the sand without being called back to the main island by her parents? It was unheard of to let a child stay out too late, ever since the darkness had come to the islands a couple years ago and three children had been lost no parent took any chances. However, this girl was different, as people would soon come to find out. So she remained in a deep sleep on the soft sand, uninterrupted by anyone.

Back on the main island, a teenage boy of about sixteen finally awoke, stretching and yawning in the usual manner. He ran a hand through his spiky, light brown hair and stood to his feet. A year had passed since he defeated Xehanort's Nobody and things had been peaceful since then. He was enjoying his life as a normal boy. He deserved it after all he had to endure in his trials. Of course, the letter that King Mickey had sent awhile ago told him, Kairi, and Riku to always be on the watch for strange happenings, but after so much calm they had almost forgotten it.

He changed out of his pajamas and into his favorite outfit, which had changed again due to his constant growing. It was similar to his last one except where red once was, blue now stood, but the black was still prominent. Also, these clothes had no special, hidden powers. After all, he did not need them now. He did not bother to look in the mirror before running through the house and to the door, before he could open it, however, he was bombarded with questions from his worrysome mother.

"Are you going out again today, Sora?" she asked him. She was always on top of his location now, after having thought him lost forever previously. Who knew that him not turning up for dinner one night would begin his absence for more than two years?

"Yes, Mom." he responded.

"Where are you going?"

"To the island, as usual."

"Who are you going with?"

"Riku and Kairi."

"When will you be back?"

"I'm not sure."

"Give me an estimate or you can't go."

"Fine..around lunch time or so." Sora said. He was used to this constant pestering by his now overly-protective mother. Some days she even refused to let him out of the house.

"You may go, but be careful. And don't lose sight of your friends." she finished. She made it sound like he was still a young child who was completely helpless. And wasn't it he who took on the Heartless and Nobodies, and won?

Finally, Sora found his oppurtunity to escape. He opened his door to find Kairi sitting on his porch, not all that surprising, she always was more prompt than he was. She turned her head to see him and stood to her feet. She was looking as beautiful as ever, with her shoulder-length auburn hair perfectly framing her soft face. She wore a short, ruffly lilac skirt and black tank-top, along with many random bracelets.

"Your mother finally let you out?" Kairi asked, smirking.

"Finally. Did your's give you any trouble?" he replied.

"My mother is not as protective as my father, but they both do." she said.

"So Riku isn't here yet?" Sora asked while looking around, but Riku was nowhere in sight. Kairi gave a little laugh.

"You know that he takes even longer than you to get up and ready." she responded. "He always has to make sure his hair is perfect." she added with an additional giggle.

"So true. Well, I guess we should just meet him at the dock." he said and Kairi nodded. They began to walked together down the street, during which time Sora laced his fingers with Kairi's. Yes, they were very happily dating ever since they had returned. They strolled down a deserted lane towards the ocean.

Soon they reached the small dock where their three wooden boats were tied up. Riku was still nowhere to be seen. Sora and Kairi sat down at the edge of the dock, their feet barely touching the water. Kairi rested her head on Sora's shoulder and he put an arm around her. They stared off into the abyss for a few minutes. Kairi glanced up at him and then stole a kiss. Even after dating for about a year Sora was a bit shy to be very romantic and she often had to make the first move.

During the kiss, however, they heard a sort of coughing sound coming from behind them. At first they ignored it, but then it came louder and a bit more exagerrated. Realizing what the sound must be, they pulled away and turned around to see their suspicions true. They both blushed with embarassment. Riku stood at the front of the dock, smirking at them.

"Sorry for interrupting you." Riku said sarcastically. Having his two best friends in love got rather awkward, and sometimes even exasperating. He had expected them to admit their love for one another even a few years prior but some things could not be rushed. Perhaps things would not be as awkward if Riku had a girlfriend himself, but ever since they had returned he did not feel himself capable of loving another or romance. He still felt affected and scarred by the darkness, no matter how much laughter he had with his friends.

"We should head out now." Kairi said quickly, not responding to the previous statement. She stepped into her boat and then untied the rope attaching it to the dock. The two boys did the same, and soon they were off, paddling together towards the islands. When they were younger they would race each other to the island, but that did not happen anymore, much.

"So what took you so long, Riku?" Kairi questioned, making conversation to make the short trip pass even more quickly.

"I woke up late." he replied simply.

"He was busy doing his hair." Sora said with a chuckle.

"Was not!" Riku snapped. Of course, he could not hide the evidence of his perfectly smooth, straight, silvery hair.

"Well you do have such nice hair.." Kairi said, in a jokingly longing voice.

"He really does, I just want to touch it." Sora said with a laugh and reached over towards Riku, aiming to touch his hair. Riku swatted his hand away, but in the process caused Sora's little boat to flip. As he fell, Sora grabbed onto Riku's arm and caused his boat to flip as well. They ended up in the water together, splashing each other in a desperate attempt to return their boats.

Meanwhile, Kairi was laughing her head off at the sight of the two boys soaking wet in the water. She stopped paddling and waited, watching, as they managed to climb back in, drenched. They began to paddle again and quickly reached the dock of the island, where they lept out of their boats and tied them up in the usual place. Suddenly, a look of confusion overcame Riku's face.

"What is wrong?" Sora asked him.

"Have you seen that girl before?" Riku questioned, pointing at the slumbering girl in the distance. The tide coming in was just about touching her feet now, but she seemed unphased.

Neither Sora nor Kairi had even seen her when approaching the island. Now seeing her, she was quite unfamiliar which was strange on such a small island. Even stranger was the feeling that she was not from around here. No one had arrived in such a way since Kairi did as a child.

"Strange..she doesn't look familiar. Well, let's go talk to her." Kairi said, and they walked over. As they approached her they got a better look. She was not a young child, but instead an older teen, perhaps 17 or 18 years old. Long, straight black hair partially covered a pretty, slender face. She wore a flowing black skirt with a soft pink tank top, but no shoes. Her position was odd for sleeping, with her legs bent somewhat and arms to opposite sides. One of her hands were clenched, while the other faced palm-up.

"Should we wake her?" Sora whispered. They all bended down next to her.

"Well, the tide is coming in, so we probably should so that she doesn't get wet." Kairi responded.

"Hello?" Riku said loudly in an attempt to wake the girl. Nothing happened. He said it again, even louder, but she still didn't wake.

Kairi touched the girl's arm and shook her a bit, but the girl did not stir. By this time the three friends were getting quite worried, as it was clear this girl was in no ordinary slumber.

"We should get help." Sora said.

"Wait, look." Kairi said, and pointed towards the girl's clenched hand. Within it a small piece of paper could be seen. Kairi gently opened her hand and pulled out the paper. They all gathered around to read it, but it had only one small message.

My name is Leira. Call on me, love.

"Leira." Kairi said, trying to wake the girl up, she failed.

"Leira." Sora tried, also failing.

"Leira." Riku pressed, but doubted anything would come of it. The girl's eyes fluttered open.