5 years later

The ceremony itself was nothing special. Sure, there was your average amount of tears, applause, and all-around madness. The stunning bride was teary-eyed, the handsome groom was grinning ear-to-ear, the bridesmaids were radiant, and the best man was as happy as ever. The vows were particularly romantic and the final kiss was so drawn-out that one may have noticed as the priest gave a bothered cough, causing the two to finally untangle their mouths. But there was something that set this young couple apart from others on the Islands.

Perhaps it was that the bride, normal as she may seem, was actually created only five years earlier using naught but matter from beings of nothingness. Or...that once she was created she had been sent to destroy the world that she now so lovingly called home. Even further, hadn't she lost all of her memories once...so that she came very near to murdering the man that she now called husband? No one knew the whole story, except for those who were directly involved. But everyone did know that Leira and Riku were in love.

The majority of the guests from the wedding ceremony headed over to the reception, which was being held in a large event room at the Waterfall Cafe. The room was divine, with one complete wall of glass that allowed a view of the waterfall that this restaurant was so famous for, booked of course by the two bridesmaids who had taken charge of nearly all the arrangements for the day: Kairi and Selphie. The first time they had planned a wedding, they found it to be quite difficult...the second time they pretty much knew how to go about everything, and by the time Riku and Leira's wedding rolled around they were professionals. Nothing went wrong that day.

There were several round tables set up in the hall, all around a wooden dance floor. The table with the bride and groom, however, was reserved for those who knew and understood them. That is, Sora, Kairi, and Axel as well as Selphie and Tidus (the two could not be separated), sat at the table with Leira and Riku.

Polite conversation ensued during the scrumptious meal, which was followed by the first dance. The concentration on Riku's face as he tried to remember the steps that they had so carefully practiced beforehand was absolutely adorable. Eventually others began to dance as well, and the songs became more upbeat. It was not long before Leira and Riku decided to take a break and made their way back to the table.

"I'm glad the day has gone so well," Leira remarked, sitting down carefully as to not wreck her expensive dress as Riku pulled her chair out for her.

"It's perfect...everything is, Kairi and Selphie did a phenomenal job," Riku responded as he sat down in his own chair at her immediate left.

Soon, the two were joined once again by Axel, who looked quite handsome, though slightly different. He sat two chairs from Leira's right.

"You know, Axel, you really do look nice out of your Organization cloak," Leira said. Of course, that's what it was: he was wearing a tuxedo.

"It feels so weird though, but I might get used to it. I mean, it's not like there is an Organization anymore...so it's a bit silly to wear it," he replied, smiling at the happy bride. He then grabbed his champagne glass and drained it in one long gulp.

"You sure there are no hard feelings about making Sora my best man?" Riku questioned seriously.

"I've already told you, it's not a big deal. Got it memorized? Sure I was the one who told you of Leira's wherabouts, helped you to get there, rescued you from the dungeons, and proceeded to help you back home...but no, I don't expect that would be enough to convince you to honor me with the title of 'best man'." His voice was completely serious, leaving both Leira and Riku dumbstruck, eyes wide.

"I'm kidding! Honest. Plus, it's not like I've been around to have helped with all the pre-wedding planning that would have been expected of me," he finished and they relaxed.

"Now that you mention it, are you going to be hanging around for a little while, now that you're back?" Riku asked.

"I've been considering it. Visiting different worlds has become a little lonely, I might buy a house here, settle down a bit." He paused for a moment, and shrugged. "Oh, and I quite liked your vows. Especially your's Leira, the part about how Riku helped you to find your light after being in darkness, very sweet."

"Thanks," Leira replied.

"Then again, if you had married Demyx you could have mentioned how he released your darkness," Axel joked.

"Aw, Demyx," Leira sighed, frowning and looking downwards, "By the end there I really started to adore him." Riku gave her a sort of look and she hastily added, "I mean as a friend, I'd much rather be marrying you, darling." And he looked satisfied.

"He was a good man...good Nobody," Riku added.

"You speak of him in the past tense?" Axel inquired. "Surely you've seen him around, too. Now and again over the past couple of years I've noticed him there, a sort of shadow. Actually got me out of a tight spot in Agrabah but-"

"His last attack gave him the power to live on in spirit," Leira interjected knowingly. "At least, it's what I believe."

But Axel was no longer paying attention to the current conversation, as something, or someone rather had just caught his eye. A pretty woman with white-blonde hair was smiling in his direction, clearly eager to catch his eye. As soon as he gave her a small smirk back she immediately turned her attention back to her family, with which she began chatting animatedly.

"Who is that gorgeous lady?" he interrogated of Riku, who snorted into his champagne glass from which he had been sipping.

"That would be my cousin, Sana," he replied, shaking his head. "My family is big on committment. Willing to be involved in a serious relationship, Axel?"


"And your little problem?" Leira added, using the way to which they always referred to Axel's lack of heart. (Much to his dismay the expression was often misunderstood by passerby. It could have many meanings.)

"I've been feeling more lately." He stood from his seat. "And why shouldn't I get a happy ending?" With a wave he left the table and went to ask the woman to dance, who apparently accepted.

It was not soon after that Riku and Leira were joined by Sora and Kairi, whose left hands both flashed gold in the bright light as they sat down for a drink. They had been dancing for quite awhile.

"It's fantastic, isn't it? Being able to live such normal lives, even after all we've been through," Kairi said. "Who would have thought it possible?"

"I wouldn't mind a little adventure," Sora chuckled. "But I guess Kairi and I will be getting enough excitement in about eight months or so," he added, placing his hand on her's.

"So it's definite?" Leira asked.

"It is," Kairi replied.

"You know, I think it's about time for that speech I'm expected to make." Sora stood and walked to the front, where a microphone rested, which he took. He silenced everyone simply, and began.

"As Riku's lifetime best friend, I can truly tell you that he's been through alot...more than most people will go through in their entire lives. And everything he has faced has made him a stronger person and a most incredible friend, all contributing to the man you see before you today. I can only believe that his life has not been at all easy, in the ordinary sense of the word, but destiny would have it that this beautiful woman you see with him today was brought to him not despite but because of those struggles that he overcame. The day we found Leira on the beach Riku became whole. Leira is his light at the end of a very dark tunnel. I think they both deserve a round of applause." He paused as the entire wedding party clapped loudly, only continuing once they settled down.

"Riku, Leira, may you live happily ever after."



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