Chapter 1

I could feel his weight on my arm as pain seared again through my wrist, I let out a whimper as I thrashed wildly again behind his back.
I heard a low chuckle as his grip tightened around my arm pulling the rest of my body closer against his back, I wanted so badly to get away from him but I couldn't.
Another jolt of pain ran up my arm and I screamed burying my face in his back my fist slamming into his right shoulder.

He flipped back hard forcing the air out of me, I whimpered again as he growled, "You don't want to be doing that" he paused moving his left leg from beneath him over me, he hovered above me still pinning my left arm to the floor.
He began to lean down, I instinctively pressed my right hand to his chest stopping his movements, he looked to my hand then back to my eyes glaring.
"You want me to start on that arm too" he said, a haunting calm tone to his voice.
My eyes widened in fear and a sneer was fixed on his face. He lifted his free arm shifting his weight to his right, over my wrist, I gasped in pain.
His hand locked around my right wrist where my hand was still frozen against his chest. He slammed it against the hard floor I writhed beneath him whimpering, my eyes squeezed tightly shut.
He began to lean in again, my eyes snapped open as I felt his movement and I struggled to get free, he tightened his grip on my arms as he continued his movement, he leaned in to kiss me and I turned my head avoiding his lips. I heard him growl against my ear, he shifted his hand around my left wrist pressing his fingers down hard against the cuts "Ah..." I gritted my teeth stopping the sound, arching my back beneath him I attempted to wriggle free. "Now, now, Jude, all I want is a kiss... after all we are dating." he said a harsh smile creeping across his face as I tuned my head back towards him, my eyes still shut tight. He kissed me, a single tear trickled down my cheek I silently willed him to let me go. He stood up, pulling me up with him.
"I love you Jude." he said looking coldly into my eyes, I said nothing. He stroked his thumb over my wrist and the stinging sensation returned "Ah.. you too" he smiled, his cold smile. "Why do you do this to yourself Jude"... then picking up his jacket he left dropping the blade pointedly into his inside pocket.
I sank down against the wall behind me cradling my left wrist, crying silently. Wincing, I pulled my sleeve back down hooking my thumb through the hole in its hem. His last words echoing through my mind.