The Phone Call

Chapter 1

The doctor was sitting alone in the TARDIS thinking of his meeting with his beloved Rose, thinking of how he never got to say those three small words that would

mean the world to her. She had told him how she felt but there just wasn't enough time to tell her… tell her that he loved her too. His eyes were still sore from the

countless tears he had shed. He kept calling out to her, forgetting she was not with him, forgetting he was alone, alone once again. He was thinking about all the

adventures that they had had together, all the times they had almost got killed but they never did they always seemed to get out of any situation maybe it was just

sheer luck but they liked to think it was because they worked well together as a team, defending the earth side by side, hand in hand. He thought about all the times

they and almost lost each other. Many times he thought he would never see Rose again, but each time they were reunited, together again. But not this time, this time

they would not be reunited and they would not be defending the earth together again, and that broke his hearts, the fact that he would never be seeing Rose again

just made him want to curl up in the corner and not speak to anyone ever again. The wire had taken her face - but she got it back, they had been stranded on a

planet that should not have even existed – but they escaped together, she had been taken over by Cassandra, they had defeated a werewolf, Krillitanes, clockwork

monsters, killer shop dummies, Victorian zombies, Slitheen and Gas mask creatures together. Even though they had already conquered the Daleks twice and the

Cybermen already, they still returned. The Daleks had done it again, it wasn't enough they had killed the Time Lords, which had made him alone, but to make matters

worse, to put the icing on the cake (don't forget the edible ball bearings) now they had taken away the best friend he had ever had, the only human he had loved in

a long while. Rose bought out the best in him and he the best in her. They had made many new friends, but none of their new friends compared to the friendship

they had together. He had promised Jackie he wouldn't let Rose get hurt but it never occurred to him that what would hurt her the most, and him for that matter,

would not be any alien or creature from a far away planet, but not being with each other, not being together.