Chapter 13

Later on after everyone had left the party, The Doctor led Rose towards the TARDIS, hand in hand her eyes tight shut him grinning madly. Once they came to the door The Doctor got his key from his pocket, Rose peeked open her eyes and saw that there was a small picture of her and the doctor attached to his TARDIS key. She quickly shut her eyes before the Doctor realised she had seen and waited.

The door creaked open and Rose immediately smelt the familiar scent of the TARDIS, the familiar scent of home, coz that's what it is Home. She was finally home. The Doctor guided her in and led her over to the back of the room. He sat her down and told her to open her eyes, when she opened them the first thing she noticed was the dim lighting and the fairy lights spread around the room, she was sitting at a candle lit table, rose petals on the table and a fresh pink rose in a vase, the doctor picked this up and handed it to Rose. I must be dreaming Rose thought to herself. Suddenly music started to play, The Doctor offered his hand to Rose and asked her to dance, which she quickly accepted. They danced around the consol, close to one another, Rose's head on the Doctors shoulder, his hand gently resting on her hip. Rose lifted her head up to look up at the Doctor

" This is so wonderful, thank-you, this truly is the best birthday ever"

" As long as you're happy, coz when you're happy, I'm happy"

Rose leaned in to the doctor and they shared a passionate kiss,

"Mmmm I could get used to this" rose sighed softly"

"Me too" the doctor replied not taking his eyes of Rose

The doctor twirled rose round and then guided her over to the table once again. They both sat down and started to eat and drink, reminiscing about the good old day, all the adventures they had shared and some the doctor had had.

Rose leant back in her chair stifling a yawn.

" Hey are you tired sleepy head?"

" Well it is my birthday so I got up pretty early and I have and quite an eventful day, don't you think?"

" Hmmmm"

Rose stood up and walked over to the sofa and switched on the TV, the Doctor came and sat next to her and she leant against him and soon she was fast asleep, when the Doctor noticed this he pressed a light kiss to her head then carefully lifted her into his arms and carried her into his room.

Once in his room he laid her carefully on his bed and sat down next to her, just watching her peacefully sleeping.

"My beautiful Rose" he muttered under his breath, and then he stood up and walked over to the door

"Where do you think your going Mr?" Rose asked, when he heard her voice he stopped and turned around and got into bed next to Rose, wrapping his arms around her.

"I love you Doctor"

"I love you Rose"

His hand rose up her back towards her shoulder and he gently slipped down her bra strap, at the same time rose was undoing the Doctor's shirt and belt, he then pulled off his trousers whilst Rose pulled off her top and skirt. They kissed passionately. Then slid under the duvet.

Happy to be with one another once again.