Chapter 12

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Christmas morning finally arrived, when Harry peaked out behind the curtain he was pleasantly surprised to find that the snow had stayed. The garden was a glittering mass of white snow.

A soft knock was heard and Harry sighed.

"Come in." He called and James popped his head inside looking a little unsure.

"Can I come in?" Harry nodded making James brighten up. Since the incident with the prophesy Harry had stayed up in his room berating himself for his slip up. Thankfully the Potters had all given him some space. Mrs Potter had however insisted that he come down for his meals every day.

Harry did feel a little better now, but the more time spent without anyone asking any questions made him feel as if he was waiting for his doom.

"What present did you get for me?" James asked bouncing on Harry's bed. Harry had to snort at the question. James had asked it a couple of times already.

"Not telling." He said making James shrug.

"I'll find out later anyhow. You want to go out and have a snowball fight?" James asked hopefully.

"What about breakfast?" Harry asked whilst pulling on a warmer jumper. James face split in a wide grin seeing that Harry was in on the fun.

"Oh, we always have Frank and his parents over for Christmas breakfast. They're not here yet though." Harry nodded and followed James downstairs.

"And where are the two of you going?" Mrs Potter asked from the living room doorway. James froze, every since his mother had realised that James had been in a fight she'd been a touch hard on him.

"Just out in the garden." He answered, giving her a pleading look, she bit her lip unsure.

"I'll ask your father." She said walking upstairs.

"Why does she have to ask dad? It wasn't that bad of a fight." James muttered, hanging his shoulders defeated. Harry just shrugged and sat down on the floor yawning.

"Just stay in front of the house James, if you go further it'll be no pudding!" James looked horrified at the prospect of not getting any pudding. Harry agreed, Mrs Potter had been cooking all day yesterday and the sweet smell had made his mouth water.

"We'll stay right outside all the time, we promise!" James said pulling Harry up from the floor. Mrs Potter eyed him seriously and he gave her a nervous smile.

"Promise!" He exclaimed before dragging Harry outside.

"She's really cross isn't she?" James asked confused.

Harry bent down and scoped up some snow.

"She's probably just worried about us, Malfoy heard the…the thing. He probably told his dad…" Harry said, throwing the snowball at a tree. James had an aha moment.

"So she's not cross with me? She's just worried that the Dark Lordy guy will come…" James smiled in relief, making Harry shake his head at him.

"You're relieved that Voldemort might come and kill us…" Harry snorted, making James blush.

"No! Of course not! But its Christmas day and she might take my presents away." James said, eyeing the house in worry.

"I really shouldn't have jumped Malfoy, mums still angry about me jumping Snape at the beginning of the term, but we saw him spying on you and then he walked up to you and we knew he was going to do something." James explained quietly, sneaking a look up at the house again, afraid that his mum might hear him.

"Sorry about that." Harry offered, making James smile at him.

"Don't be. It was great!" He threw a snowball up in the air and caught it in his hand where it splattered them both.

Harry threw a ball at James and soon they were at war.

They were finally settling down both of them cold and snivelling.

"Let's go inside." James said pulling of his soggy scarf.

SMACK James was hit by a snowball in the back. Harry turned and just had time to duck as a snowball zoomed above his head. "Frank! You're here, we can have breakfast and then it's almost time for presents!" James called and rubbed his hands together looking extremely happy.

"Frank! Lets go inside, we don't want your clothes to get wet." Frank nodded at his mother's stern voice and they all walked inside.

"Is that you James?" Mrs Potter called from the living room. James nodded even though she couldn't see them.

"Frank should be here any min…oh hello! Come in." the adults greeted each other and moved to the living room where a huge breakfast had been set up.

James, Harry and Frank loitered around in the hallway a little longer, chatting about presents.

"Boys we're waiting!" Mrs Potter said, hurrying them into the living room.

"Mm, I love your breakfast." Frank said as he loaded up his plate. Mrs Potter smiled fondly at him. Harry just hummed in agreement mouth full with food. Mrs Potter reached over and ruffled his hair affectionately.

"Did you go to the fair? I looked around but I didn't see you. Guess who was there though! Malfoy! He had a fat lip and didn't look too happy." Frank suddenly realised that the table had gone quiet. He turned to James who sat with his head bended down as if very interested in his food. Harry on his other side was pushing his food around on the plate and the Potters had gone quiet.

"Er, was it something I said?" Frank asked nervously.

"Of course not Frank." Mr Potter said eyeing his wife.

"Is there something special you're looking forward too from under the tree this year?" Mr Potter asked trying to break the silence. Frank who was more than eager to help nodded.

"Yeah there's this Auror badge, which tells the bad guys that they're messing with the wrong wizard. It's so cool!" Frank looked as if he would give anything for the badge.

"I want a broom." James piped in, avoiding his mothers face.

"A broom eh, have you been good enough for it?" Mrs Longbottom asked, making James gulp.

"I hit Malfoy and I'm sorry!" James exclaimed unhappily, looking as if he was about to burst into tears.

"Please don't take my presents away!" He pleaded to Mrs Potter.

"What?" Frank asked surprised.

"You hit Malfoy? At the fair?" He turned to Harry who nodded weakly.

"Oh, sit down James! Your presents aren't going anywhere, but if I hear about any other stunts like this there will be no birthday presents. Is that clear?" James nodded vigorously thanking her to no ends. Mr Potter started to laugh at James antics and the other adults soon joined in, making James sigh in relief.

"You hit Malfoy?" Frank asked again making James shrug uncomfortably.

"Enough of that Frank!" Mr Longbottom said giving Frank a warning look.

"Frank told me you got onto the Quidditch team, Harry. How is that working out?" Harry swallowed his food and turned to Mr Longbottom.

"Oh it's great." Harry answered.

"He's great!" Frank exclaimed, making Harry blush.

"Yes Harry could play for the England team when he's bigger." James stated proudly, patting Harry on the back.

"Maybe you could give us a show of that dive of yours that Frank keeps on mentioning." Mr Longbottom asked. Mr Potter nodded as well.

"Oh that boy can dive alright! Scared me half to death the first time he flew here." Mrs Potter eyed her husband with narrowed eyes.

"I thought you said that you flew really carefully, what with Harry's head?" She asked in a calm voice. Mr Potter looked a little worried.

"Eh, that is…er…" He stammered reaching for his hot tea. He took a large gulp and shrugged.

"I flew Harry's broom too, it's great! But I think Harry can do the diving part, it's a little to fast for me." James said smiling at Harry.

"Don't know where you get it from though. Your father was absolute rubbish on a broom, it took him ages just to get it hovering." Mr Potter said in wonder eyeing Harry. James eyed Harry too, afraid that he'd be insulted at the mentioning of his father.

"I seem to remember Poppy calling in to say that Harry had a broken rib and a concussion just a while ago." Mrs Potter muttered.

"But that wasn't Harry's fault! It was Malfoy's!" James exclaimed angrily, making his mother eye him in warning.

"He's been banned for the rest of the term." Frank said nodding at James words.

"It was creepy how you just fell down. Dumbledore stopped you or something because you didn't hit the ground too hard." Frank continued shivering.

"Cant remember a thing from when the bludger hit, so it doesn't really matter." Harry said shrugging. Mrs Potter and Mrs Longbottom both snorted at that.

"I thought there was a rule against first years joining the teams?" Mrs Longbottom asked.

"There is but Minerva asked if we thought he should be allowed and well…" Mr Potter suddenly turned towards his wife nervously.

"She did what? I thought you said that they had just made an exemption because he'd impressed the captain?" She asked in a dangerous voice.

"We can't stop the boy from playing now can we Edna dear?" Mr Potter asked nervously giving her a small smile.

"I would have liked to been asked for my opinion Harold dear." She answered in a sugar sweet voice that made James cringe.

"Do you want me to stop, Mrs Potter?" Harry asked, biting his lip and doing his best to look small and endearing.

"Of course not dear!" She answered smiling at Harry to reassure him. Harry felt James give him a kick under the table.

"Can we go up to my room, please?" James asked, halfway out of the chair. Mrs Potter nodded and the three of them were of.

"Clever Harry. Dad was so in for it!" James said laughing, Frank nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, my mum is the same. Never let her get a whiff that you're scared or you're doomed." He said looking as if he'd learnt that the hard way. Harry who'd meet Mrs Longbottom before nodded, he could definitely believe that considering how afraid Neville had been of her.

"What about your mum Harry?" James eyed Frank wearily and gave Harry an apologetic look.

"Sorry mate! Forgot." Frank said quickly remembering that Harry was living with James for a reason.

"It's alright. I don't really remember her, she died when I was a baby." James looked stricken at the thought of his mum dying.

"Must have been hard. What was her name?" Frank asked carefully. Harry thought for a moment but couldn't see how it could hurt to tell them.

"Lily. Her name was Lily." James eyed Harry who refused to meet their eyes.

"Have you had a go at you presents yet Frank?" James suddenly asked making Frank snort.

"Yeah right! They're probably being guarded by trolls or dragons." He said amused.

"What about you, any luck?" He smiled when James shook his head in negative.

"Did you know that we're forbidden from using magic over the summers?" James asked Frank who nodded.

"Yes, you get warnings if you do." James slumped in defeat.

"I was just hoping that it was all a joke." He muttered disappointedly. They had a game of Gobstones which James won easily.

"FRANK!" Frank jumped at his mum's voice and made a face.

"We're going to my aunts' house next. She's scary." He said as they followed him downstairs.

"Come on Frank stop dragging your feet." Frank stood up straight and his mother nodded pleased.

"Bye it was great seeing you." Frank said as he followed his mum out the door. Mr Longbottom was talking in a hushed voice with Mr Potter and handed him a letter.

"Bye boys! You be good now." Mr Longbottom hurried out to his waiting wife and they walked towards their house at the end of the garden.

"Now then boy's, are you ready to go and visit uncle Barnaby?" James groaned loudly whilst Harry felt confused.

"He's not really a Potter but we all call him uncle Barnaby." Mr Potter explained, making Harry shrug still confused.

"Now James I want you to be on your best behaviour. I will not have you causing any mayhem is that clear!" James nodded looking grumpy.

"Only if he behaves! He doesn't like me." James whined, making his mum roll her eyes at him.

"Well I wonder why? Could it be that you smashed his pensive into little bits or maybe it's because you stole his wand and put the curtains on fire!" Harry blinked and tried to keep a straight face. His dad had done what?

"Now, now Edna I'm sure James has learnt his lesson. And he is older now, besides it's been a year already. I'm sure Uncle Barnaby doesn't even remember last year's happenings." He gave James a hopeful look when saying this.

"He hates me!" James said pouting. Harry felt a little apprehensive about going, Mr Potter didn't seem to keen either.

They flooed to a Pub called; The Grump's pocket, where they where greeted by a round smiling woman.

"That time a year already is it?" She called out to Mrs Potter who smiled and gave her a wave.

"He's in right old mood the old man is. Thought you should know." Both James and Mr Potter groaned.

"Maybe I should stay here with the boy's? No need to aggravate the man more eh." Mr Potter said in a hopeful voice giving his wife a pleading look. She just snorted and grabbed him by the hand. Harry definitely didn't feel comforted.

They walked up to a large grey house on the top of a hill. It looked very imposing and dark.

"Eh, who exactly is this uncle Barnaby?" Harry asked, trying to keep the uneasiness away from his voice.

"Oh he was an old friend of my father. A bit of a hermit now but he used to be a really funny man." Mrs Potter said with a smile, obviously remembering back to her youth.

"Oh, Harry I forgot. You're not afraid of snakes are you? Barnaby is a bit of a snake collector." Harry shook his head.

"I am! I don't like snakes why do I have to be here?" James demanded to know, Mrs Potter ignored him however. They had reached the gate leading up to the house and Mrs Potter pulled at a cord hanging on the side. A houseelf suddenly appeared bowing to them, it opened the gate and led them up to the house.

Harry couldn't help but make a face as they entered the hall, it was adorned by snakes at all angles.

"Edna how kind of you to come. Harold, James." Harry eyed the man walking down the stairs in front of them. He was tall and broad, with a thick grey beard and green eyes.

"And who is this?" He asked gruffly, after glaring at the other Potter males.

"This is my…" Mr Potter started to say.

"I'm sure the lad can speak for himself, thank you! Can't you boy?" Harry gulped, he wanted to go home now.

"Harry Potter, sir." He said standing straight and holding out his hand. The man shook it with an unreadable look in his eyes.

"Barnaby! Tell me boy, have you ever meet a snake?" He asked. Harry nodded, he decided then and there that he wouldn't let the man scare him.

"Yes sir, a boa and a Basilisk." He answered, making Barnaby gasp.

"A basilisk you say, eh…" Harry looked down on his hand which still was being held in a hard grip by the other man.

"Come and I'll introduce you to my friends." He dragged Harry towards another room. Harry looked back to see James and Mr Potter eye him in horror. Mrs Potter didn't look too alarmed.

"This here is my little friend's room." Harry eyed the room in horror. There were snakes everywhere, they where climbing on potted plants and slithering on the floor.

"Watch out gringo, thiss iss my territory!" Harry looked down to see a bright green snake slithering past his feet.

"Ssorry." Harry muttered quietly, careful that nobody else heard him. The snake froze and turned to look at him.

"Eh, what did you ssay?" It asked incredulously, slithering back towards Harry. Looking around Harry noticed that Barnaby was talking to Mrs Potter. James and his dad were at the entrance to the room being careful as to not cross the threshold. Harry bent down to get closer to the snake.

"Look they don't know I can sspeak to ssnakess sso let'ss not give it away, pleasse." Harry pleaded. The snake rose up vertically and slithered onto Harrys arm.

"I have never met an sspeaker before, it iss an honour young masster." it said wrapping it self around his arm as to not fall down.

"HARRY!" Harry turned at James's aghast voice thinking that a snake was near him.

"What?" He asked, James looked fine to him.

"You, you have a snake on your arm." James whispered in terror. Harry eyed the little thin snake resting on his arm.

"It's really small James." He said rolling his eyes.

"Found Izzy did you, she's one of the more poisonous snakes." Barnaby said proudly.

"I am a He not a she and I refuse to answer to the name Izzy!" Harry bit his tongue to keep from laughing at the snakes' voice.

"It's a boy." He said instead, making the others eye him in confusion.

"Excuse me?" Barnaby asked, lifting his eye brows up high.

"It's not a girl it's a boy." Harry said eyeing the snake. Barnaby laughed.

"No wonder she won't mate with the big male then eh!" He said wagging his eye brows suggestively. Harry couldn't help but smile with him.

"Tell him I wissh to be called Cessar." The snake demanded.

"I guess I will have to think of another name for him then." Barnaby said still smiling.

"How about Cesar, sir?" Harry suggested quickly.

"Tell you what. Since you just cleared up the whole mess up with the snake I'll let you name him. Cesar it is!" Barnaby exclaimed happily.

"Now you must stay for a cuppa!" he demanded, making Mrs Potter eye him in surprise.

"You two! Stop loitering about and get in here!" Barnaby called to James and Mr Potter. They both eyed him in horror.

"Dad." James begged before being dragged into the room.

"If I have to do it, then you do to." Mr Potter muttered as they carefully made it towards the small table in the centre of the room. James whimpered at the large yellow snake resting in the middle of it.

"Oy, fatsso! Move your bottom thiss iss a sspeaker and his brethren, have you no resspect!" Harry snorted at Cesar's demand. The yellow snake lifted its head and glared at them.

"Where iss thiss oh masster of uss all?" It asked annoyed. It slithered up on Harry's shoulder and stared at Cesar annoyed.

"I wass jusst getting comfortable." It whined. Harry looked up at the sound of a gasp. James and Mr Potter both eyed him in fear. James's eyes were huge and he kept on shaking his head as if not believing what he was seeing.

"You're a good lad, Harry. Strong backbone I say!" Barnaby said handing Harry a cup of tea and a crumpet.

"Thank you sir." Harry said taking a sip of the tea.

"You're a family member then are you?" Harry nodded.

"He's my nephew." Mr Potter got out tearing his eyes away from the Yellow snake on Harrys shoulder.

"Nice and warm thiss one iss!" The snake commented, making Cesar gasp.

"No resspect! Take no heed masster" Cesar said in a stuck up voice. The other snake eyed Harry with its grey eyes.

"You undersstand uss?" It asked. Harry nodded slowly and heard Cesar sigh.

"He can not reveal his power to the otherss!" He said flicking the end of his body in the other snakes face. The other snake sighed and slowly slithered down Harry's back and onto the floor. James feet shoot up from the floor and he soon had them under his bum.

"Do they have to be in here?" He asked, glaring at the snakes. Barnaby turned and glared at him.

"Where else would they be you naughty boy!" James shrugged uncomfortably and busied himself with looking around on the floor for any sneaky snakes trying to ambush him.

"Tell me Harry, which of your parents are encouraging your love for snakes?" Harry moved uncomfortably in his chair. He had no clue weather his supposedly father had liked snakes.

"Harry's parents passed away I'm afraid. He's staying with us and attending Hogwarts." Mrs Potter said quietly. Barnaby hummed and patted Harry's head.

"You'll be fine though boy, strong character! No worry's about you!" He said, sending a non caring James a look, making Harry cough on his tea.

"Well, you have been to generous Uncle Barnaby. We should be on our way, we're invited to the Bones for a quick tea before presents. James's face lit up at the prospect of getting his presents.

"Well that's a shame!" Barnaby said hitting his knee.

"We were just getting to know each other, you will come by again though won't you my boy? We'll talk about snakes and I'll introduce you to the others." Harry could only nod at the pleading look he received from Mrs Potter.

"Sure that would be fun." Harry said, giving the man a small smile. He wasn't too bad really, just a little too much. Barnaby nodded and gave Harry's head another pat, muttering about there being some hope for the Potter family.

"Well I guess I should take Cesar from you, doubt they'd let you bring him to school." Barnaby laughed, carefully detangling the snake from Harry's arm.

"Ssee you gringo, I wass pleassed too meet you!" Harry gave the snake a gentle caress before exiting with the others.

As soon as the door closed Harry was faced with two incredulous looks.

"What in Merlin's name were you thinking? You touched them!" Mr Potter said aghast eyeing Harry in horror. James nodded vigorously from besides him.

"Really, stop it you two. I think it's great that uncle Barnaby has someone who shares his interest.

"Interest! Its snakes!" Mr Potter said shivering in disgust. Once again James nodded.

"Well I guess it did look kind of cool…" James suddenly said, eyeing Harry.

"Was it cold?" He asked and Harry shrugged.

"A little I guess." Mr Potter eyed James in Horror.

"You will never touch a snake, is that understood!" He demanded, James just shrugged. Mrs Potter dragged her husband back down to the pub berating him.

"You were gone for quite a while, was starting to get a little worried I was." The same lady they'd seen coming in was standing by the bar wiping the counter.

"Oh he took a liking to Harry here." Mrs Potter called before pushing Mr Potter towards the fireplace.

"Really?" She looked at Harry in awe, making him twitch.

"Never in a million years would I have thought…" She muttered, and spat on the counter and polished it shiny.

"Come along then Harry. Time to go, we were here longer than usual." Harry made it over to the fireplace and soon they were back at the Potters.

"Right! Boys get changed, we're leaving in twenty minutes. Put on your fancy robes." James dragged Harry up stairs.

"Where are we going now again?" Harry asked as they got upstairs.

"To Lady Bones. They have a girl at Hogwarts, she's a Hufflepuff." Harry nodded slowly.

"Amanda or something she's called." James said holding up a dark red robe, he shook his head and threw it onto the bed.

"Amelia?" Harry asked, picking up a dark green robe with a dragon on, from James's bed and holding it in front of himself. It looked good.

"Yeah, that's it! She's pretty nice I guess. I haven't pranked her, mum would have a fit if I did. They're pretty rich, Mr Bones Lady Bones's son is an Auror, he knows dad." Harry nodded and pulled the green robe over his head.

"Hey! That's mine! Oh, it kind of looks good on you, I guess you can wear it." James offered, pulling on a light blue robe with stars on.

"Boys!" Mr Potter called from down stairs. James made his hair messy and they walked down.

"Oh look at the state of your hair!" Mrs Potter exclaimed pulling out a comb and brushed James's hair out neat with the help of some gel. She then turned to Harry but soon gave up, after her comb broke in half.

"Well, I guess it'll have to do." She muttered glancing at the comb.

"Are we ready?" They all nodded at her, Mr Potter looked eager to be on his way.

"Now James you have to be on your best behaviour." Mrs Potter said as they made it out through the gates.

"What about Harry? Doesn't he have to behave?" James whined.

"Harry has proven that he can behave." Mrs Potter snapped and grabbed a hold of his shoulder before apparating herself and James away. Mr Potter gave Harry a wink and apparated himself and Harry of.

"Come along then dears. Remember to smile and say thank you." She told them before leading them in through the open door.

"I thought it was a quick tea?" Harry whispered to James who was messing his hair up, grumbling about the gel.

"Compared to a normal tea at the Bones this is very short visit, believe me." James whispered back, making Harry smile.

"Ah Primrose dear! Thank you ever so much for inviting us. How are your beloved dogs doing?" Harry eyed the woman who presumably was their host and thought her name fitted her perfectly. She looked very prim indeed.

"Ah Edna dear, I am most delighted you could come. Rufus and Albert are in good health thank you." She motioned at the two white poodles sitting behind her. They growled at the attention and Harry moved a little further back.

"And Harold and little James too, good to see you both." She looked a little confused at Harry as if not sure where to place his face.

"This is Harold's nephew Harry he's living with us after his parents early demise, Harry this is Lady Primrose Bones." Harry felt the need to give her a small bow.

"Nice to meet you Lady Bones." He said straightening his back.

"What a polite young man you are! You must be introduced to my granddaughter Amelia." She insisted, nodding to herself.

"I would be honoured." Harry found himself saying, not sure where it all came from. Lady Bones looked very happy though and nodded once again.

"Why don't you boys go and have fun in the blue room. I'm sure you remember the way James?" James nodded and after giving Lady Bones another bow Harry followed him.

"Good manners, rare to find these days you know Edna. He will go far I tell you." Harry blushed. What had he gotten himself into now, he wondered.

"Sirius!" James brightened up considerably at the sight of the black haired boy.

"James! Great I thought I was stuck here with these pricks." The other boys in the room glared at him.

"Harry noticed Malfoy standing in a corner, but the blond boy ignored him thankfully.

"Hello my name is Alistair Montgomery, pleased to make your acquaintance." A tall dark haired boy had approached Harry.

"Harry Potter, likewise." The boy looked between Harry and James.

"James and I are cousins." Harry explained, making the other boy nod.

"Are you at Hogwarts then? I myself attend Beauxbatons." Harry nodded.

"Do you live in France or here in England?" Harry asked making the boy smile at him.

"Ah so you have heard of my school then, you wouldn't believe how ignorant people can be. I live in Bath with my parents and my younger sister. And you?" Harry smiled back at Alistair thinking of just how ignorant he had been in his fourth year.

"I live with James and his Parents." Harry answered, noticing that the other boy seemed to realise something.

"Ah, yes. I think I heard of that dreadful attack in Surrey was it? I apologise for bringing it up." Harry shrugged.

"What year are you in?" Harry asked politely.

"I'm in my second year, and you?" Alistair responded, eyeing James and Sirius who were having a very animated discussion.

"First." Harry said.

"Harry, did you really pet a snake today?" Sirius suddenly demanded to know.

"Yes, why?" Harry asked, wondering if there was a wide spread fear of snakes in the wizardry world.

"I didn't know you liked snakes." Sirius said surprised.

"There's nothing wrong with them." Harry answered, shrugging his shoulders. Maybe it was because he understood them, he wondered.

"I have a snake, you know. It's a mamba." Another boy said eyeing Harry. Harry smiled.

"That's nice." He said.

"I have it here in my pocket, do you want to see it?" Harry nodded politely. Weren't mambas very poisonous, he wondered. The boy pulled out a sleek black snake. It was hissing something awful. Many of the boys in the room backed away thinking it would bite them.

"That'ss right run or I'll bite you. Filthy little humanss. And you I loathe you." Harry eyed the snake worriedly, it looked as if it was going to strike the boy holding it.

"Don't worry. Dad pulled out its fangs. It's harmless." The other boys did look relieved but Harry swallowed in disgust. That was awful, too pull out its teeth. The boy handed the snake over to Harry without asking obviously thinking that Harry would chicken out.

"He's beautiful." Harry said stroking it. The snake hissed again and tried to strike its owner making the boy back away quickly.

"Come here again and I'll bite you!" It hissed. Harry scratched it under its yaws and it nearly purred.

"Ah, that's right just there." The snake leaned forwards and closed its eyes. The owner of the snake looked at Harry in awe.

"Wow, he's never done that with me!" He exclaimed moving forward.

"Don't touch me you inssolent boy!" The boy jumped back as the snake shoot out ready to bite him. Harry gently brought him back and continued to scratch it under the head.

"He seems to like you." The boy said, eyeing it.

"Do you think you could put him back in is cage?" The boy pulled out a small glass terrarium that he enlarged.

Harry gently let the snake into its container and the boy quickly put the cage back into his pocket.

"Sorry, he's a bit grumpy sometimes." Harry shrugged, what was he supposed to say.

"Boy's the tea is ready." A man said poking his head in through the door.

"Ah, Harry this is my father Angus. Dad this is Harry Potter, he lived with the Potter's." Alistair introduced.

"Ah, yes, the already famous Harry Potter. You have made quite an impression on Dear Primrose I'd say." Harry blushed nodding his head slightly. Soon he was in front of Lady Bones again.

"Harry dear, meet my granddaughter Amelia." Harry had to stifle a groan as they walked into the dining room it seemed as if she was making plans.

"Nice to meet you Amelia." Harry said politely, watching as she blushed a dark shade of pink.

"I hope that you're having a good holiday so far?" Harry asked, he noticed that Lady Bones once again was nodding at him.

"See I told you Amelia. Harry is a very nice boy. Why don't you sit next to each other!" She ordered. Amelia blushed even harder, but led Harry towards a seat. Alistair quickly took the seat on his other side, smirking slightly at James's glare.

"I'm sorry, what year are you in at Hogwarts?" Harry asked once they were seated.

"I'm a second year Hufflepuff." She said, glaring slightly at her grandmother.

"Sorry about her, she's insisting to find me a suitable match before I graduate." Harry smiled at her which made her relax.

"She really likes you. And that's quite an honour I'll tell you." Harry gave her a small mock bow with his head.

"Here to please my dear." He purred, making her laugh. Alistair on his other side snorted.

"She's a dragon." He whispered making Amelia nod.

"Well then its good I'm not scared of reptiles." Harry said jokingly.

"So Harry. Your uncle tells me you already play Quidditch for your school house at Hogwarts. Mighty good for a first year. Are you any good at it then?" A man Harry had yet to be introduced to asked.

"Dad!" Amelia gushed, glaring at him.

"Well I guess I'm good enough, sir. But I'm sure there is much more to learn." Harry answered, not wanting to sound too proud of himself.

"I hope it doesn't affect your school grades?" the man continued.

"Not at all. The teachers are actually commending him for his good work, he's in the top with the Ravenclaw's." Mr Potter said happily, Harry blushed, happy that it was his good sides they were talking about.

"James is on the same level in Transfiguration though. My favourite subject at school. Minerva is quite happy to have them both in her house." James blushed and tried to keep the smile of his face at his fathers praise.

"It must be hard with your father gone so abruptly." Harry turned and faced the blond man talking.

"Yes sir, but I feel supported and loved which brings comfort." Harry said, smiling at the Potters. The man smiled icily at him and turned away to speak to a man on his other side.

Mrs Potter gave Harry a brilliant smile, her eyes suspiciously wet. The dinner went surprisingly well after that. Harry discovered that he quite liked Alistair. The boy was mature for his age and had a subtle sarcasm Harry found himself liking.

They promised to owl each other once the holiday was over. Lady Bones held them back until everyone else had left gushing over how sweet and polite Harry was. Harry caught James rolling his eyes at one point and making gagging motions behind her back. Unfortunately his mother saw it too and he immediately straightened up and came to stand next to his father, who was speaking to Mr Bones.

"Thank you Lady Bones, it was a pleasure." Harry said bending over her hand and giving it a peck. He was amazed to see her blush and she gave him a pat on the head giggling.

"Do come back soon again, Harry dear." She said as they left, he gave her a wave.

He felt completely burnt out once they walked in through the doors at home.

"My, what a charmer we have in the family. Never thought I'd see the day Primmy would blush." Mr Potter laughed.

"Harold! You boys made me proud. Both behaving so well." Mrs Potter said giving them both hugs.

"Can we open our present now?" James asked as soon as she let them out of her embrace. She gave a snort and nodded. James was under the Christmas tree in an instant pulling out presents.

"Here dad." He slung a package towards Mr Potter who barely caught it.

"James take it easy. There might be something fragile in there." His mum berated, putting a tray with goodies on the table.

"Who would send a present without making sure it won't brake?" James asked rolling his eyes.

"One for me." He ripped the paper open and whopped.

"Ha! I got a…eh…what is it?" He asked turning it around. Harry leaned forward and grabbed it.

"It's from Lily!" James gushed in happiness after opening the card attached.

"It's a video tape." Harry said, eyeing James's confused face.

"You watch it on the telly." Harry explained, James still eyed him confused.

"What's a telly?" He asked. Harry sighed.

"It's a box with moving pictures and sounds. It's a muggle thing." James nodded.

"Can we get a telly, mum?" He asked holding his video tape as if it was made of gold.

"Bedknobs and Broomsticks ? I thought you said it was a muggle thing." James asked.

"It is. That's a muggle film. They've made it up." James eyed him strangely.

"How come you know so much about muggles?" He asked, Mr Potter suddenly whopped pulling his wife up from the sofa and dancing her around the room.

"Harold!" She exclaimed after he gave her a good old smooch.

"Ugh…I'm here you know! Right next to you in the room!" James complained, making Mrs Potter send him a soft glare.

"I got it. I got the house in France!" Mr Potter said happily. Mrs Potter smiled too and gave him a peck on the mouth.

"Ugh!" James groaned, slumping down on the floor making gagging sounds. Harry laughed at his drama.

"Here's another one James, from me and daddy." James immediately perked up at the prospect of another gift. He eyed the tiny present in disappointment.

"Sometimes the smallest gift is the best one." Mr Potter said winking at James who slowly opened the present.

"Oh! Oh, thank you! Thank you!" James was jumping up and down holding a very small broomstick in his hand.

"James give it here before you brake it." Mrs Potter said, she enlarged it and handed it over to a teary eyed James.

"This is the best Christmas ever!" He exclaimed, sniffing as tears of joy poured out of his eyes.

"James it's only a broom." His mum said pulling him in for a hug.

Harry grabbed a hold of a small package with his name on. It was from Lily.

"What is that?" Mr Potter asked eyeing the object in Harry's hand in interest.

"It's a dream catcher." Harry said smiling. His first present from his mum, he bit his lip to stop the tears threatening to come.

"So that's what they look like." James piped up from next to Harry.

"Is it really strong enough to catch bad dreams?" He asked eyeing it dubiously. Harry shrugged.

"Does it matter?" He asked, to which James shook his head.

"More! There are more presents!" James giggled in childish excitement pulling all of the presents out around him.

"Really James." His mum laughed as she reached over for a present.

At the end of it Harry could honestly say it had been the best Christmas ever. Even with James opening all of the decorative mini packages in the Christmas tree so violently that it tipped over him.

"Sweet dreams Harry dear." Harry smiled as Mrs Potter dimmed his lights. Yes it had definitely been the best day ever.