A death of a Friend made us realise …

Pairings : Mac and Judson

Contents: The crew of the Vast Explorer mourn the loss of a Friend.

Chapter 1


Why did he have to die? He was such a good friend; I'm going to miss him sniff. As I look around Gabe's cabin it looked just like it did before he came. EMPTY!

Flash back…

"Mac" asks Gabe

"Yeah, what Gabe?" asks Mac Questionately looking up from her book.

"Promise me, if something happens to me you will go under my bed and go find 'Shoe Box' Please! Begs Gabe.

"Sure, but Gabe Nothing is going to happen." Said Mac looking at him as if though he was going mad.

End of Flash Back …

That is why today I am crawling around under his bed looking for this damn 'Shoe box.' I find a door in the floor on it engraved 'The Shoe Box.'

"Huh found it I think?" I say shaking my head and laughing a bit.

I pull it open and find in side a box. I pull the box out and closed the trap door and crawl out and as I start to turn around I hear a voice call out too me.

"Mac, what are you doing?" asks Judson curiously.

"Uh Hi Judson, trying to find something that Gabe told me about a while ago." Say I with tears starting to form in my eyes as I set the box down on the bed and sit down.

Sniff "Judson why did he have to die? Why? I start to say with tears running down my face looking at him.


I sit down next to her and pull her into my arms, wrap my arms around her and on to my lap and let her cry on to my shoulder.

"Its … its getting harder and harder to remember him, his smile, his laugh and … and his voice. I … I miss him!" says Mac crying even harder.

"I know Mac, but he would kick our butts right now if he was here, he would tell us to carry on with our lives, but not to forget him, wouldn't he hey Mac … Mac …?" I ask as I realize she's fallen asleep in my arms and I smile.

I stand up with her in my arms and slowly walk to wards her cabin, where I lie her down pull the covers over her and kiss her cheek to say goodnight and start to walk out when a hand grabs my arm …

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