Chapter 2


… A hand grabs my arm and I turn back to Mac and she looks at me with pleading eyes that are begging me 'stay with me please! I need you.'

"Mac do you want me to stay?" I ask as I look at her.

All I get is a nod. I smile, because she looks so vulnerable. I pull the covers up and get in and I pull her to me.

I say "Sleep Mac, I'm here now okay. I won't leave you I promise."


I wake up a long while later with my head on Judson's chest and look into his sleepy eyes.

When I heard him say "Morning Mac, do you want to get up and look into that box?"

I look up at him and smile and then snuggle deep into his embrace and I say "Na uh, Judson, can't we lie in just a little bit longer please!"

Judson smiles at me that handsome smile of his and says "Sure Mac."

Just as he says that I realize our positions that I am lying on top of Judson and seriously I am I like the way we are but I don't know if he does.

As I try to roll off of him, but he wouldn't let me move, but instead he rolls on top of me.


I look at Mac as I roll on top of her and I say "ok Mac, but I want to ask you something because Gabe's death has made me realize, how much I wanna protect you and how much I love you and if you liked me? …"

It was all I could say before she kissed me and it answered my entire Questions You can, I love you too and I do. As I pull away I roll off of her and smile.

Mac looks at me and says "WOW, I love you too Judson, but I didn't think you felt the same way, but I'm glad you do."

She turns to me and lies her head on my chest and snuggles deeper into my embrace and I kiss the top of her head and feel he start to relax into my embrace and as she is about to fall asleep I hear her say,

"Judson I love you."

I smile and hug her closer to me and I say "love you too Mac, I'm here don't worry I'm never leaving your side again I promise!"

I feel can feel she's sleep and I smile and close my eyes hoping its not just a dream cause if it is, I will kill the person who wakes me up.


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