Title: Notorious

Author: Sara and Lizzie

Rating: T for mild language, violence and sex

Disclaimer: We own nothing related to L&O. We can merely write fictious stories and curse Dick Wolf for teasing us.

Summary: This is our new baby. Our fan fiction, SVU remake of the Hitchcock classic film, Notorious, starring Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman (highly recommended). Olivia is undercover, playing the girlfriend of a man who prostitutes girls via Internet. She has to hide her romance with Elliot and keep her cover.

Author's Note: Chapters will get longer, Check out "The Ties That Bind", "Streetlights And Skylines", "Just Another Gamble" and "La Dolce Vita". And, dear, beloved readers, we're egoistic, and always in need of validation and approval, so please review.

7:25 PM EST
Midtown, Manhattan

Her pulse was calming down, and her breathing was finally returning to normal. Any minute now, the feeling would return to her legs, and she could consider getting out of bed. She grinned over at the man next to her, and he smiled back.

This thing between them could still be considered new, if your standards were the point they actually began dating. Of course, if the standards were the when they fell for each other standards; their relationship was seven years old.

Elliot grabbed Olivia's hand under the sheet that covered them and pulled her to face him. He kissed her again, and she laughed. "I don't have much time. I have a date with my other boyfriend." She teased him, referring to her mark, Alex Wilson.

Elliot made a face. "How close are we to closing this case? We've got enough on Wilson to put him away for a few lifetimes."

"At this point, it's Wilson's chain of command that we're worrying about. We need enough on them to stop the operation, and therein lies the falter. They're like enigmas. I'm still trying to finish their profiles."

The phone that she had been given for the job rang, and she picked up. "Alex? Hi honey." She said. Next to her, Elliot rolled his eyes. "No, I'm just about to hop in the shower. Right. I'll be there soon. Okay."

Elliot thought his head was going to explode, and that was only from listening to her side of a conversation. It was nothing like seeing them together, or seeing him kiss her.

"El?" she said gently, "I gotta go." She kissed him gently and climbed out of his bed. She was going to a party at some club with the guy she was "dating". Dating as Victoria Reynolds, the fictional heiress created to seduce Alex Wilson.

She cast a glance at Elliot, her real life boyfriend, who looked especially uneasy. Olivia's real cell phone, her work phone rang, piercing the silence of Elliot's apartment.


"Liv, where are you?"

She paused, not knowing how to answer. She was fairly certain Cragen knew all about her relationship with Elliot, but she was wary to come out and announce it. "Are you at Elliot's?"


"Don't go anywhere until I give you the go ahead."

"What? Why?"

"You're being followed."