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Author's Note: A drabble and a third, hee! Provoked by "Something Wicked" and Dean's way with kids, it really has no point, but it demanded to be written. I hope you enjoy!


The scene that stood out the most for her, in those three precious days they spent together, came at the end, when she'd already lost him.

He stopped across the street.

She couldn't tell why, couldn't hear what he'd heard, realized later that she hadn't seen what he'd seen.

He stopped and he bent to tie a little boy's shoe.

A little boy they didn't know.

A little boy that was looking up at him with the unabashed curiosity and awe of a fatherless son.

A little boy with dark hair cut in a circle and dark eyes that swallowed up a pale face.

She could see he spoke softly and naturally to the boy, warmly and somehow sweetly. He made the boy smile.

He tied the shoe and stood, ruffled the boy's hair and ducked his head to whisper one more thing to the boy, eliciting another, wider smile.

And then he moved away, walked down the street, turned the corner, didn't look back... the little boy's wide eyes followed his every move.

And she realized suddenly-- she wasn't the only one, that she wouldn't be the only one... this was a man no one ever forgot.