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Happy Birthday

Words: 183


"Happy birthday."

Kaoru grinned at the wrapped present Kenshin pushed into her hands.

"How old are you again?" he asked, eyes twinkling. "Four? Six?"

"Twelve, moron. Don't pretend that you don't remember," she replied, rolling her eyes dramatically.

He only smiled at her and motioned for her to open the package. She did so quickly, ripping the decorative paper to shreds.

She stared at the box for a moment, before lifting her gaze to his. "A camera?"

"You always seem to be staring off into space, fascinated by whatever you see. With this camera, you can capture what you seem to like so much, and look at as much as you want."

She chewed her bottom lip. "How does it work?"

"You've used a camera before."

"Well, I know. But…my parents always just handed it to me, fully loaded. How does it work, uh, technically speaking?"

They both stared at the box quizzically.

Kenshin gave her a blank look.

"Help me?" she asked.

With a teasing sigh, he took the camera from her and opened the box to pull out the instruction pamphlet.