"Holy shit." Mason swore.

Kahn remained quiet. What the fuck happened? Ordoghaz, once the mansion all vampires could call home, had been burned to the ground.

"What… what…" Kahn stuttered. I've gotta be dreaming, he thought, First Selene kills Viktor, runs off with a Lycan with the serious case of the blues… now Ordoghaz is gone!

As Kahn and Mason walked closer to the remains of Ordoghaz, the smell of burning flesh grew stronger. Kahn's nose twitched in disgust. As they entered the building – or what was left of it, the smell of soot mixed with the smell of burned flesh. Walking through the main hall, they spotted various bodies of vampires – all aristocrats, seeing as how all of the Death Dealers had gone to Lucian's fortress – all of their faces contorted in a look of pain, fear, and sadness.

Though Kahn had never liked any vampire in the higher class, he couldn't help but feel pity for his own kind.

"They don't look real." Mason commented.

"No, they don't."

They continued downstairs, towards where the Elders' crypts should be. They were shocked to find a huge hole in the ground, where Marcus's was.

How would he be… Kahn's thoughts were interrupted by the memory of Viktor striking the Lycan scientist – Singe? – and the blood flowing towards Marcus's crypt…

"He's awake." Kahn said to Mason.

"Who? Marcus?"

"Yeah. But I don't think he's dead."

"What makes you say that?"

Kahn, who had now become accustomed to the smell of burning flesh, could tell the familiar scents of the vampires that used to inhabit the mansion. Marcus's scent was not among them.

"I don't smell Marcus's flesh. I smell Marcus, but it's not a burned smell, you know?" Kahn replied.

"Yeah." Mason said quietly. "So, he's still, like, out there?"

"I think so."

Kahn and Mason walked back outside. Kahn was happy to be able to smell something besides rotting flesh and soot. Both of them sat down in the snow, which now blanketed the ground.

"What now?" Mason asked.

"I don't know." Kahn answered vaguely.

What do we do now? Go to the American Coven? Find Marcus? Nothing?

"Our options," Kahn said, "are, I believe, either going to the American Coven, finding Marcus, or sitting here and doing nothing."

Mason gave a slight chuckle. "The last one sounds best to me."

Kahn also chuckled. Yeah, but it's not proactive. It's just slacking off…

Mason looked up. "Where'd Selene head off to, anyway?"

"My guess is she headed to the nearest safe house. She can't come straight here, with the Lycan thing anyway. They'd shoot her the moment she – they – walked through the door." Then, Kahn added, "Although, it seems to be just us, now."

"Yeah." Mason said.

A sudden crunching in the snow caught their attention. Marcus is still here? Kahn wondered.

And then they saw the top of a blonde head. Oh, fuck, no!

"Guys! Don't shoot! It's me!"

"Hi…" Mason said, clearly not happy about who appeared to be the lone survivor.

"Hey, guys! You remember me, don't you? It's me, Erika!"


I know a lot of you don't like Erika, but I decided to write her in to lighten things up…

Just to warn you, Erika's going to be portrayed as a dumb blonde.