Dear Journal,

I'm deciding to keep a journal about the reformation and the aftermath of the events of the last few nights.

Selene and Michael have decided that I will be their first ally in restoring some semblance of balance in the immortal world. This war turned out for the better, but not without costs.

Mason is dead, as are the rest of the Death Dealers from this half of the Coven.

Viktor has also been slain, by the hands of Selene. She also slew Marcus. Amelia was also murdered by the hands of Lycans.

Kraven's treachery was unveiled and he paid for his deceit. So did many others.

Selene and Michael are hoping to unify the Lycans and Vampires. That, at least, was their FIRST hope, but they eventually realized it impossible. The two races have despised each other since the beginning of time – there's no fucking way they'd join together, even if both our leaders are gone, now.

At least when Lucian was alive, he was able to keep the Lycans in order. And Viktor, as cruel and unjust as he was, was able to keep order in the Coven. But now, with both gone, chaos will ensue, without the organization of war. It started with a vampire's love for a Lycan. And it ended with a vampire's love for a Lycan.

How ironic. How fucking ironic.

The sun has set, so we've gotta leave the safe house we stayed at all day. And the moment I leave this safe house, my new destiny will begin. The aftermath of the war will partially be in my hands. Am I ready? I don't know. But neither does Selene or Michael… And while I know darkness lies ahead – a whole shit-pit of it… I am ready to face it… because now I know I'm not alone…



Fucking hell! I was about to walk outside, but Selene and Michael are swapping spit outside like there's no tomorrow…

Okay, it's safe.


Once again, that you all for your reviews.

And also, once again, thank all of you from BLOODFEUD, inspiration for my fics came from you guys.

Also, (once again), I might do a sequel for this, but only if I get a couple of people willing to read it… that means actually TELLING me in words that you want a sequel...