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Jimmy gave a sly smile as he continued up the stairs as he thought "huh After she's done to me I finnaly got pay back. I wonder how she'll feel when all these years of tricking me she finnaly got her medicine oh how much I relish this moment. I wonder how she'll beg me in her last words ahh I love you and watch as she slowy dies by my own hands. How much I rue the day that when I had the chance to break her back but instead I shrunk back to normal only to be made fun of the next day by her.

And after we did that news show she kissed me in fun of carl, that's were I thought I had her. I thought she was truly enchanted by my genius charm and the next day when she threw me into the locker I thought she threw me in to make it seem we where still enemies but now as I look back threw the years I should have done with Betty when the chance came. Yet I passed it up for Cindy when that moment finally came and for the seven years the I've known her she flirted with but to no avail and now that I'm getting my revenge I'm finnaly letting all the frustration I've kept in all these years."

Mr. Vortex suddenly awoke to a strange sound and decided to check out what it was. He got out of bed and took a look down the stairs when he saw a bunch of weapons. His eyes sprang open wide as he ran to Cindy's room. Using srtengh that could only be obtained when savind a daughter broke down the door and yelled "Cindy get out!" "Why Dad." "Because- "Dad watch out! "huh" When an axe landed on Mr. Vortex's head killing him instantly.

Cindy cried out "why" as she wept like never in life when the figure apperead through the doorway. Cindy through her bloodshot eyes saw swirly brown hair and realized it was Jimmy. "Jimmy you mother fucker what the hell did you?" "Cindy well unless you're blind you can see your dear father lying there in a pool of his own blood. Cindy flinched as he said that, he had a coolness and sarcasm in his voice that he never had.

Cindy gulped and said with little courage in her voice "what are you doing here". "Well Cindy I took out an axe and killed your father and took a machine gun and blew your dearest mother brains out. Cindy unfortunenly had no comment to make so Jimmy continued anyway now I'm going to kill you." Cindy then said "but I lo-." "Save it Ms. Vortex. You're so fucking retarded it's unbelievable, you think if I murdered your parents I'm just suddenly going to stop after you said nice things about me. That's N-Men I'm eighteen now I understand you say that because you're no better than a fucking slut". "Now get ready to die" as he took out a silver pistol.