To those who offered constructive criticism:

I know some of you have added this story to their alert list, and I appreciate everyone who did so. However, due to the sheer amount of time this fiction has been left sitting [2006 it was published], I have since lost touch with this manga/anime series and lack the motivation to continue or rewrite this piece of fiction.

If someone wishes to rewrite/continue this fiction then they are welcome to.

Much love to you all! 3 [Bet it doesn't make the heart...xD]

However, to the creator of the lovely latest review, who did not sign their review so I can reply privately, hence this display of '[im]maturity' and need to explain myself:

If you cared to look at my profile or the date in which this story was published, then you would realise that, of course, a 'kid' did indeed write it. So, pardon my horrid writing skills of the past, but it was rude of you to take such a tone without gathering that perhaps the author was indeed, just a 'kid'; even so, such an attitude was harsh.

As for the choice in character pairing, when this story was written I had only seen the anime. I have since read the manga and know fine well that the author makes no secret of Jo and Meg's relationship. However, anime-wise [my original sourceā€¦], JoxKyo can, in my opinion, my extrapolated from its plot; to add another fiction to the already, well written and sourced pieces of JoxMeg existing was something I was not confident enough to do.

I attempted to write something that the author had not already done, which I believe, is one of fan fiction's purposes. I have already apologised for some poor soul having to drift through the drivel of an adolescent girl. However, I should not have to be ashamed for attempting to do something different.

I shall leave it there To those who followed this story and reviewed, I thank you greatly. This author's note is years overdue, I know, and I apologise for leaving a few of you with ideas that this story will return. This author's note was just to offer some clarity.

Many thanks and much love, BextheHat. 3 [...and again]