A Sue fell into Rivendell

And this is the tale of what then befell.

With Hobbits, and Men, and Elves galore,

The sickest Sue could want no more.

Generally Sue behaved like a fool,

And now over one terrified Elf she would drool

His perfect features and beautiful hair

She would follow this Elf of her dreams anywhere.

So when he and eight others went off to the Black Land,

She followed him off, clinging tight to his hand.

And when he was killing off Orcs left and right,

She stuck close to him throughout all the fight.

So truly remarkable it would have been

If her own head had not been lopped of as well when

He really was trying to kill and Orc but

She got in the way and he thru her neck cut.

For this is what happened. And to this very day

No one knows whether Sue just got in the way

Or if accidentally-on-purpose he did it.

But that is no matter. For she can never have fits

Of love for an innocent creature again.

So let's all rejoice until the time comes when

Another of these Mary-Sues will afflict us,

And dream of the day when they'll no longer lust

For their victims. And with that, my friend,

I conclude this tale of how on Sue met her end.