Bureau of Loopholes

Bureau of Loopholes

Official Statement

Dear Mr. R. J. Lupin,

We regret to inform you that we have been unable to find a suitable clause, stipulation, discrepancy, or precedent which would allow you to justify your case in a court of law. While your request will remain on file, and you will be immediately alerted to any policy changes that might be relevant to your case, there is nothing that we can do at this time with any sense of legality.

If you wish to terminate your case, please contact our co-director, Mr. Peter K. Pettigrew, by owl.


Ms. Colleen R. Sheridan

Director of the Bureau of Loopholes

Remus examined the letter for a second time. His case . . . it meant everything to him. He had sworn to defend his people, and Peter had said that the Bureau of Loopholes could find anything you wanted to make a case. The firm's record was good: fifty thousand satisfied clients. How could this almost-mythical bureau have failed him?

As he put the paper back into the envelope, a second piece of parchment caught his eye – less official in appearance, it had the look of some stationary that Peter had bought for all of his friends before leaving Hogwarts. Remus pulled out the paper, curious as to its contents, though he suspected that they'd be a disappointment.

Hey, Rem,

I just reviewed your case: I see why the researchers couldn't find loopholes for you. Your case is too broad, and the Bureau won't meddle in broad matters like rights for all H.W.A.I.P.C. If you'd just focus on one case at a time, you might end up with rights for everyone eventually.

Good luck!


Take it one case at a time. Right. How could he take this one case at a time when there were thousands of cases to be addressed?