When Destinies Collide: Acceptance

By Ash Kaiba

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Recap from When Destinies Collide: Preparation:

Seto Kaiba, the Chosen One of Ra, faced dangerous obstacles (his fatigue, the ghoul at Halloween, and more). Ash Black, the descendant and reincarnation of Kanika (the Paladin of the Blue-Eyes), became equipped with Excalibur and her best friend, Kathryn Takemura, to cheer her on. As the number of servants increase, the dragon yin-yang is completed and Heishin wants both parts. He sends Leichter to capture Kaiba and Kathryn, in which he succeeds. Gozaburo is revived and intends on reinforcing his teachings to his stepson.

WARNING! THIS IS THE SECOND SEGMENT OF THE WHEN DESTINIES COLLIDE SAGA! IT PICKS UP WHERE When Destinies Collide: Preparation DROPS OFF. (Think of it as the Lord of the Rings.)

Chapter 1: Fight of the Paladin- Part 3: An Assistant's Fury

Italics- thoughts

Bold- Yami talking to Yugi

Italics- Yugi talking to Yami

Bold- Horus

His hard stone eyes watched them. He was actually pleased that Seto Kaiba "attacked" the girl. But, then, she hugged him. The fighting body held on, unwilling to let go. The eyes narrowed. Seto…What did I teach you for the two years I had you? You are not to grow weak. You don't need her. Yet, you cling to her as if your life is about to end. I have had enough, boy. If another lesson is what you want, a lesson you will get. This one will leave you speechless.

Gozaburo peeked into the ruined observation room. Some of his favorite torture implements waited for him. Chains of steel called out to him. The grin forced itself to become dominant on his face. The cold fingers met the frozen links. He curled his hand around the links, wrapping them into a loop. He paraded back out, only pausing for a second.

His stepson still clung onto her.

Fury overcame his common sense. The furious stepfather approached them. He could see Seto tense as his steps came closer. The dilated eyes frantically darted around, trying to register the direction of Gozaburo's approach. His chest struggled to inhale precious oxygen. Trouble breathing, Seto? He taunted, as the girl was unaware. He knew that she was there and her name was Kathryn. Thank you, son.

The elder Kaiba reached out. A small gasp reached his ears…when it was too late. His free hand gripped cloth and a coarse scream pierced the air. He pulled, ignoring the prey. His stepson clawed at him like a menace. Occasional bites accompanied them.

"Let him go! Leave him alone!" The girl called out to him.

"Silence!" He yelled, turning to glare at her.

She resembles Mokuba… he noted, shaking his head and returning his attention to his "pet." Gozaburo shoved him in front. Kaiba struggled to get back to the girl. His arms couldn't grip the floor. His legs barely worked at all. Gozaburo smirked. Another episode, Seto? If I were compassionate, I would have finished the damage that car gave you…So you can live the rest of your life in a wheelchair! Your real parents were foolish. A true parent would have finished the job or found a way to fix the problem.

A rough gasp crawled into his ears. Seto attempted to curl into a ball, trying to protect his organs. Gozaburo lashed the links at him again. The boy gagged. The corners of his mouth bled from his stepfather shoving links into his mouth and holding them as if he was a horse. He continued, despite the girl's efforts to defend Seto.

Out in Domino…Ash

The lungs quickly exchanged carbon dioxide for fresh oxygen. The place she woke in was now a good block away. Ash Black glanced up and turned left. Wherever you are, hang on, sir. I'm coming. I just need a faster way to transport myself.

She looked up again. Her body leaned right as she ran into the apartment complex. The occupants were all fast asleep, unaware that their neighbor was awake. She worked her way to Building 17. Her body shifted into quieter motion. Like a stalker, Ash crept to her bike. Her right hand snatched the helmet from the handlebars. Her left hand dug for the keys in her pocket. Ash straddled the seat as she inserted the key. With a turn, the engine ignited. Lights flickered on, particularly her place. Her father rushed out to the rail. His drowsy eyes searched for the source. She guided the bike back, her reverse light on. The captain yelled at angry neighbors.

"Hey, Captain. That's your daughter's bike," one pointed out.

Ash ignored him. She twisted the throttle and sped into the night. The full moon lit her path. Her eyes spotted an ally. She jerked the handlebars right and turned. The engine hummed a tune to itself while the Lord of the Rings 'good guy theme' played in her head. (A/N: If you have the soundtracks or seen the movies, the tune that they play for the Fellowship of the Ring.) Her boss was in need.

Out in Domino…Yami Yugi

Yugi, is this a good idea?

Don't know. I wish Noah was here.

That…thing…said he was Noah.

Yeah…but Noah would tell us if something was different about him. He's our friend.

Yami shifted his eyes to the black creature. Valon had called it a demon. He wondered why the Australian did. The creature was cover entirely by black fur. Two ears stood erect on top of its head. A golden earring danged from its left ear…like Noah. Yet, it was covered in black armor. Occasionally, it would crouch and sniff the ground, curious if the prey had landed. Then, it stood back up and checked the air.

"This way," it howled.

An hour and half later- Room X30…

Seto gasped for air. He held his ruined shirt close to his chest. The dilated eyes made him appear lifeless. In fact, he was half-conscious. The boy knew his stepfather was nearby. Fear had a tight rein on him. The ends of the black shirt was torn and battered.

He couldn't help, but smirk. He knew what Seto was hiding. The battle scars of his lesson spotted his skin blue and purple. Gozaburo grunted in pleasure. His stepson let out a faint hiss. The man had no business here, so he turned to leave.

Seto listened to the fading footsteps. Yet, relief did not come to him. The room appeared fuzzy and out of focus. His body pushed more sweat out, even though he wasn't doing anything.


A blurry figure was above him. Kaiba let his body tense up.

"Seto, it's okay."

It touched him. He let out a hiss as he tried to tell it to stay away. His left hand held onto the tattered shirt. His right slashed at the air. But, the figure kept coming. It wasn't doing what he wanted.

Old Kaiba Corp. warehouse- Yami Yugi…

Necra, the black creature, led them inside.

"Isn't this trespassing," Téa asked, uncertain.

"No. This building is still owned by the Kaiba family. As long there is one, it's all right."

"Shame that they don't recognize you, eh Necra?"

"Shut it, Horus."

Necra and Horus fell silent. Yami Yugi touched the Millennium Puzzle. Kaiba…

I hope he and Kathryn are okay. Yugi replied.

I do as well. Yet, Yugi, I have a bad feeling about this place.

Kaiba's strong. They'll be all right.

And what would happen if Kaiba breaks?

Yugi fell silent as his body moved automatically. He pondered his other half's question, trying to find the answer. I don't know.

Kaiba would probably see that his life is over.

He wouldn't. He still has Mokuba! Kaiba wouldn't kill himself. Yami could sense Yugi's panic.

Yugi, there is more to him that we don't even know. For example, how he became the way he is. We can only imagine what happened. But, since he knows the truth, if it were to happen again, we can lose him.

You're right. If something has happened, what will we do? The high school student asked the Pharaoh.

I don't know…

"What are you doing here!"

Yami snapped back to reality. His kingly eyes gazed upon a man in red. The man's eyes were stone.

No way! He's dead. Noah killed him!

"Gozaburo Kaiba…" Yami gasped. Then, the noble expression returned to his face. "WHERE'S KAIBA?"

"Why do you care? He needs no one!"

"He needs a friend."

"Friends are for the weak."

Necra bared his teeth and clutched the Kaiba. "Where is he?"

Gozaburo smirked. Then, he tensed as an air vent crashed.

In the air vents- Ash…

She tried hard not to cough, but the dust made her. Her body crawled out and forced itself to stand. She dusted herself off. The ice-blue eyes looked around and froze.

Her boss swung a bloody wrist in the air at Kathryn. Ash knew her friend was trying to calm him, but for some reason, he wasn't letting her near him. Her eyes shifted again, falling upon a chain. It only took a second. She knew what happened here and that person was going to pay…dearly.

A metallic sound reached her eyes, followed by a hiss from her boss. A man stood in the doorway. Then, he charged at her. Ash growled as she headed to meet him. She didn't care about his nice red suit. Only that he paid for what he did.


She froze for a second upon hearing Yugi's voice. A black monster charged in.

"He's mine!" She yelled at it.

She noticed her friends approaching Kathryn. Her boss started to act more of a mad man than anything. Their talk did nothing. It only told him to continue. The swipes were slowing down, his own strength failing him. The dilated eyes fluttered, struggling to stay awake. She grew relieved when his eyes closed and soft snores echoed.


Gozaburo Kaiba! She gasped. Ash only met the man once…at the hospital after the Halloween attack. She knew Mokuba didn't like him but she hadn't bothered to ask why. Her right hand gripped Excalibur's hilt. With a yank, it came to her aid.

"How dare you…How dare you do what you just did!" (A/N: How she knows will be explained later. But for now, she is avoiding abuse because her friends don't know the truth of his past.)

Two swords were against him. Gozaburo grinned. "Let's see if you can win next time, girl."

Then, he was gone. Ash turned towards them. Her boss slept in Kathryn's arms, still clutching the shirt shut with his left. I'm surprised Bakura hasn't gone crazy with jealousy yet.

"We should get him to the hospital," said platinum blonde replied.

Yugi only nodded. He tried to open the shirt, but even in his dreams, Kaiba's grip tightened. Joey picked him up bridal style as Téa phoned the hospital. She followed Joey out. Her eyes watched her employer. Why didn't you tell me? Why, Mr. Kaiba? Why do you intend on keeping your past a secret from everyone, even your brother? Why? Are you afraid of getting hurt? Or of people knowing the truth? Which one is it, Mr. Kaiba?

To be continued…

Next chapter in the When Destinies Collide Saga: Chapter 2: An Assistant's Concern

Ash and Kathryn stay all night with Kaiba in the hospital. There they meet Kira Keiko (a maid) and Dr. Shagiska Tomoya (Kaiba's previous physician). Alone, Ash tells them that she knows, but is shocked that her boss will not be returning home. Someone is going to foster the famous Seto Kaiba.

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