The Baby Project

By Lauren Thomas

Chapter One

"Ladies and gentlemen." said Professor McGonaglle, "Please listen up. I have an important announcement to make. That means you Black!" She added. Sirius Black's head snapped up.

"Sorry mum. Me and Jamsie were conversing." He said sweetly.

"For the last time Black! Stop calling me that! Now pay attention and be quiet for five minutes!"

"Anything for you mum." He turned around and grinned at her. Professor McGonaglle shook her head and sighed.

"As I was saying before" she continued, "There is a new project that all seventh year students will be participating in. It is called 'The Baby Project' and this is how it will be run; all seventh year students will be paired up into couples. Each couple will be given a doll that has been enchanted to act and look a real human child. It will cry, need feeding, need attention, and need love. The project will last two months. You will not be able to perform any charms or spells on the baby to silence it or make it stop working. Some couples may be in the same house, some maybe in different houses. Either way, you must make sure that one of you has the baby at all times. You will have to alternate whose dorm in which it will sleep. Every Friday in Transfiguration, we will discuss how each of the couples are doing. Any questions?" she looked around the room.

Lily Evans raised her hand. "What about when we're in class?" she asked. "You will bring your baby with you. Your teachers are aware of this project and will allow your baby's in their class."

James Potter raised his hand next.

"Potter? Your question?"

"Do we get to pick our own partners?" he said eyeing Lily.

"No. You will be placed under the old school sorting hat and it will choose for you. One last question. Miss Davis." She said pointing to a girl in the back row.

"Um what if both people are busy at the same time?" she asked quietly. "Well you have two choices. You can take your child with you or you can hire a babysitter. Like any other adult, though, you must make sure they are responsible and pay them. And our time is up. I'll see you all tomorrow morning where the sorting will take place."

As the class gathered up their books, and Sirius started to complain, James held back and grabbed Lily's arm. "Hey." He said softly. "I hope we get paired together." Lily smiled and kissed him.

"Me too."

"Oh come on! Get a room!" Sirius called from the door-way. James and Lily both shook their heads and followed.