Chapter 7

"Lily Evans and James Potter" called Professor McGonaglle.

It was 'graduation day' as the teachers called it. But it was really the day that the couples would be given their final grades for 'The Baby Project' and return their child.

Lily and James stepped up onto the small platform. "Your child, please" Instructed Professor McGonaglle.

"Just a second." James told her. Lily had a tear in her eye as she hugged the doll. "Good-bye, Jillie. I'll miss you." She said softly. James then took the doll and looked at it. "You did good, kid." He told it. He then handed it to Professor McGonaglle, who passed it Professor Flitwick, who threw tapped it with her wand making it a normal doll again and throwing it into a nearby bin.

"And now your grades." She pulled out a piece of parchment and read out loud, "Participation: O Love and Care: O Health and Physical Being: O and last… Safe Keeping: E Over all grade: O Congratulations." Lily and James beamed and sat down next to Remus and Kennedy who had just been graded just before them. They had been given an O overall as well.

"Sirius Black and Mandy Chissel" called McGonaglle.

Mandy and Sirius both looked at the doll which they had cared for for the past two months. Mandy waved slightly and passed it to Sirius. "Good-bye and good riddance." He said tossing it to McGonaglle. She handed it to Flitwick and pulled out a new piece of parchment.

"Participation: E Love and Care: A Health and Physical Being: E Safe Keeping: A" she read from it. "Over all grade:…" They all held their breaths "E" she finished. "Congratulations." The two beamed as they sat down across from Lily and James.

"Well done everyone." Lily said happily.

"Yeah. We all did great." James agreed.

"I even learned something." Sirius put in.

James fell out of his seat. Remus knocked into Kennedy and Lily choked on her piece of celebration cake Dumbledore had provided. After James had gotten up and helped Lily get the food out of her throat, Sirius said, "What?" he looked at all of them wide eyed.

"It's just, we never thought you would learn something." Lily said amazed.

"I've learned all sort of things at Hogwarts!" he argued.

"I meant something related to a lesson." She explained.

"Oh. Well I did."

"Well?" James pressed.

"Well what?"

"Oh for Christ's sake Sirius! What the bloody hell did you learn?" he exclaimed.

"Oh yeah. That. I learned that I'm never having kids. It's too much work and responsibility."

"It was hard." Lily agreed. "But I think children would be nice someday. But only one. Two maximum."

"I agree." Said Mandy. "But two? I mean a doll was hard enough! I know I'm not having kids for a long long time."

"Me too. But it's fun to think of names, isn't it?" Lily said.

"Harry." James said all of a sudden.

"What?" Lily said looking at him.

"I said Harry."


"I'm not sure. It just popped out of my mouth."

"Well it's a lovely name, I think." Lily told him.



"Do you think we'll ever have kids someday?"

"I'm not sure. If so, not anytime soon, I can promise you that."

"But if we do, can we name it Harry? If it's a boy, I mean."

"I guess so."

"Okay. And Lily?"

"Yeah, James?"

"I love you."

"I love you too." He leaned in and kissed her.

Sirius smiled at Mandy and then leaned over and kissed her as well. Remus looked at Kennedy. "Um, do you want to….?" He asked.

"Not really. I just like you as a friend." She told him easily. "I'm sorry if I-"

"No, no. I didn't really want to either." he said quickly. "Friends?" he offered his hand for her to shake.

"Friends." She agreed, shaking the offered hand.

Remus turned back to his friends who, by now, had stopped snogging.

"But really James, Alberta?" Lily said all of a sudden.

"Well what kind of a name is Harry?" questioned Sirius.

James smiled. He could tell this was going to be a LONG conversation.