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Chapter 226: Sea Train Chaise

The group was talking about what they should do, Iceberg sighed however.

"There's some things you need to know first about the Sea Train." He said.

"What?" asked Luffy.

"You see the train they should be on should leave at 11." He said, "It heads to Enies Lobby."

"Enies Lobby?" asked Luffy.

"It's an island controlled by the world government, only members of the government are allowed." Said Iceberg.

"So wait couldn't we catch the next train?" asked Kiba.

"It's the last train of the night, because of Aqua Laguna service will be stopped." He explained.

"Wait… what does that hake to with anything?" asked Luffy.

"We can't launch another ship, if you can't stop her that's it." Said Iceberg.

"What!" they all yelled.

"What time is it?" asked Nami.

"10:30." Said Iceberg.

"Couldn't you stop it?" asked Luffy.

"Even the conductor is a member of the World Government, they wouldn't listen to me." He explained.

"All right!" yelled Nami, "Sakura! Sasuke! Isaribi! Both of you are coming with me. I figure all three of you will be able to help me stop that train, plus none of you have bounties, it will be perfect!"

"So what about the rest of us?" asked Luffy.

"You figure something out in case we can't stop them." Said Nami.

"All right!" cheered Luffy.

"Hey!" yelled Paulie who was clearing things up with the other shipwrights, "I'll take you there."

"Really?" asked Nami.

Paulie nodded.

Meanwhile on the Sea Train, they had decided to depart early, which no one argued against.

However since Naruto and Sanji were staking it out, it didn't matter.

"So you left them a message?" asked Naruto.

"Sure did." Said Sanji.

"It's probably just for Nami." Said Kyubi.

"I have that feeling too." Sighed Naruto.

Meanwhile with the group that was sent to stop the train, they headed using bulls. That was when they heard the train's while.

"Great…" muttered Sasuke.

"But it's still early." Said Nami.

"You have to remember, it doesn't have originally passengers, they might have looked at the whether and decided to leave early." Said Paulie.

They got to the station. Paulie told them what entrance to go through and all of them went through the entrance but it was too late, the train was already speeding away. Two station attendants tries to stop them but both Isaribi hit them.

"WAIT!" yelled Nami, "Robin don't! Go! I heard the truth!"

However the train kept chugging away. Leaving all of them in shock.

"Damn it!" yelled Sasuke.

"Isaribi?" asked Sakura.

"Are you kidding me, do you know how dangerous is would be, even in this weather?" asked Isaribi.

"We're following that thing!" yelled Nami.

This shocked Paulie as well as two station attendants who were nearby.

"What?" asked Isaribi.

"You have a strong ship we can use right!" said Nami.

"Are you crazy? This is Aqua Laguna." Said Paulie, "There is no ship that can sail in these waters!"

"Oh come on!" yelled Nami.

That was when Paulie noticed something, he grabbed everyone and ran just as a huge wave came in.

All of them breathed a sigh of relief as it passed.

"Thank you." Said Sakura.

"Thank you so much." Said Nami.

Well not all of them Paulie was more concerned about something else…

The Schedule was ripped away by the tide.

"It was built into the pillar." Said Paulie, "That's never happened before."

Paulie was very concerned by the wave, considering that something like that had never happened before.

However some guy showed up.

"Hey! Is one of you Nami?" he asked.

"I'm her." said Nami.

"There's a message for you." Said the guy.

Nami looked at the other three who shrugged.

That was when they got to where the message was, all of them sweat dropped at what it was.

There was an arrow that pointed to something and a huge sign that was painted "For Nami" in large letters, while a smaller one reading "If your not Nami don't read it, idiot."

"Sanji wrote it." Muttered Sakura.

Yeah…" sighed Nami.

Nami read it, skimming through the first part which was an embarrassing love letter.

She got to the important part.

"I have met up with Naruto and we confirmed that Robin is on the train. Both of us are going to board it." Read Nami.

She continued reading, finding out about Usopp and Franky's capture as well as few other details…

"He also a Baby Snail Phone." Said Isaribi.

"All right!" said Nami, "We know where to go! Let's go meet up back with the crew right away!"

"Right!" said the other three.

Meanwhile on the seatrain, both Naruto and Sanji were on the end of the train, outside, Naruto was holding for dear life while Sanji tried to light a cigarette.

"It's too wet." Muttered Sanji.

"How are we going to break in?" asked Naruto, "With this storm I don't think I can hold on for much longer."

That was when a random guy from the Government came out.

That was when he got his ass kicked by Naruto and Sanji.

Both of them came into the car to find a lot of Government Agents.

"This is going to be fun!" said Naruto.

"Of course you would have to see it this way!" said Sanji.

That was when they saw a really tall man standing behind him.

"For once I agree with you." Laughed Kyubi.

"I'll take the big guy! You handle the rest." Said Naruto going into half demon form.

Sanji sighed, but knew he had to agree.

At Water 7 on a large staircase, the group that didn't go to the train station stared at the ocean.

Or where the ocean should be.

"What's going on?" asked Luffy.

"A huge wave is going to come soon." Said Hinata.

"You mean a Tsunami?" asked Ino.

"Yes." Said Hinata.

"But what about Nami and the others?" asked Luffy, "And Naruto! He's still out there!"

That was when they saw the other group running towards them.

"So is everything okay?" asked Luffy.

"She's on the train heading for Enies Lobby!" said Nami.

"Naruto and Sanji are on the Seat Train." Said Sakura.

Luffy breathed a sigh of relief after hearing his half brother was okay.

"Really?" asked Luffy, "We'll go there then!"

"How?" asked Paulie, "There's no way you can get there."

"Ice Guy told about something he'll let us use." Said Luffy giving off a big smile.

"Hey…" said Gaara.

"What?" asked Zoro.

Gaara pointed to the ocean, a huge wave was coming right them.

It hit the stairs which began to crumble, thanks to Luffy's abilities and Paulie's use of ropes they were able to get safely on land.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!" yelled Zoro.

"Aqua Laguna!" yelled Nami, "Haven't you been attention?"

"That was insane." Muttered Isaribi.

"Do you think you'd be able to swim in a sea like that." Said Kiba.

"Never tried and I don't' want to." She answered.

"Hey!" yelled Luffy to Paulie, "Do you know where the run away train Ice Guy told us about is?"

"What?" asked Paulie.

"So he told you about that." Said a voice.

They turned to see Kokoro.

"So he told you about that did he?" asked Kokoro with a laugh.

"Its you! What are you doing here?" asked Luffy.

"I live in the middle of the ocean, me and Chimney would have drowned." Said Kokoro.

"Hi Luffy!" said Chimney appearing with her grandmother.

"Don't worry I'll show all of you the way." Said Kokoro.

"So what's going on exactly?" asked Nami.

"When you left…" said Hinata.

(Cuts to Flashback)

After the group left, Iceberg looked at the remaining pirates.

"There's no ship on this island that will be able to get through Aqua Laguna." Said Iceberg, "Expect for one."

"Can we use it?" asked Luffy.

"Yes, you can." Said Iceberg, "But you have to know, it's a run away sea train. Once it gets going there's no stopping it."

"That sounds really dangerous." Said Ino.

"But what other choice do we have?" asked Hinata.

"All right! I'll do it!" said Luffy.

(End of Flashback)

"That was oddly easy." Muttered Sasuke.

"Yeah, it's almost anti-climatic." Said Isaribi.

Meanwhile on the Sea Train Sanji and Naruto had finished the caboose and headed to the next car, which was freight, of course they had to beat up the guards but it was easy.

"What are you two doing on the see train?" asked Usopp.

"Oh come on, you really think I would look for Robin?" asked Naruto, "And with Sanji's obsession with women…"

"Don't put it like that!" yelled Sanji.

That was when Naruto kicked Franky in the face.

"That was pretty low." Said Kyubi.

"He deserved it." Thought Naruto.

"Why did you do that?" asked Usopp.

"What? He beat you up!" yelled Naruto.

"That's all in the past." Said Usopp who looked like he was going to cry, "Things happened since then. He tried to save Merry… but…"

""Will one you untie us?" asked Franky.

Naruto could tell something happened between the two…

But before he could say anything Kyubi said "Please don't… I want you to make a condition."

"Is this about his lace of pants?" thought Naruto.

"If you let him go I will whine." Said Kyubi.

"You whine all the time." Thought Naruto.

"But I haven't whined." Said Kyubi he began to use a really whiney voice, "I NEVER WHINED LIKE THIS."

Naruto sweat dropped.

Naruto sighed, "I'll untie you if you put pants on."

"What?" asked Franky.

"Look, I have a voice in my head and he doesn't like scantly clad men." Said Naruto.

"You're insane." Muttered Franky.

"You didn't have to put it like that." Said Sanji.

"This is going to take a while, isn't it?" asked Usopp.

Back at Water 7, Kokoro and Chimney showed up the crew minus strangely Nami and Ino a large silver sea Train engine with a shark's head painted on.

"Behold, the Rocket Man, threes' now way we could let paying costumers, like Iceberg said, it's a run away Sea Train." She explained.

Luffy looked at the engine with the biggest smile he could. IT was the perfect thing to use to save Robin.

After all, with what Robin had waiting for her, they didn't have much time.

After all with what Enies Lobby really was, there was no way they would let her go there…

Next Time: Joined by the Franky Family and the remaining foremen of Galley-La an alliance is made. What will happen? Find out next time!