Chapter 241: Burn the Blue Prints

The crew continued to celebrate the drawbridge closing. However below them Baskerville (Who isn't a three headed man but rather three men, two with massively large arms and the middle with massively large legs) ordered a mortar to be dropped on the bridge stop it from opening.

"Someone's interfering!" yelled Luffy.

"Great…" muttered Naruto.

"I bet something stupid will happen in the next few minutes that will let you cross." Said Kyubi.

"What makes you say that?" thought Naruto.

"Because that always happens to you." Said Kyubi.

Spandam took this time to gloat, he grabbed Robin and then said his words.

"Such Silly Pirates. We have the assassination team CP9, Nico Robin the last survivor of a group of scholars that conspired to revive Pluton and Cutty Flam, the one who inhered said weapon. There's nothing that can stop the immense power I will have!"

"Urge to kill Rising…" said Kyubi.

Franky stood up and held out the blueprints that started this all.

They watched as they talked about the blueprints

"Is that the blueprints for the legendary weapon Pluton?" asked Spandam.

"It's the real thing, Kaku and Lucci should know." Said Franky.

He showed off the blue prints and of course the two reacted.

"Is it real? It's real! Hand over the blueprint of my dreams!" said Spandam.

"Urge to kill rising." Said Kyubi.

Franky told off Spandam while at the same time telling him the reason for the blueprints, if some idiot got it and went berserk with it, then another one would be needed to stop him…

Which was why he would never let the World Government get its hands on it.

"Quit your rambling! That belongs to me!" yelled Spandam.

Franky however held up the blue prints and set them on fire.

"Great…" said Kyubi.

"What?" asked Naruto.

"I can see where this will go…" said Kyubi.

"What do you mean?" asked Naruto.

"I'll tell in like a week when I'm proven right…" said Kyubi.

"Um… okay…" responded Naruto.

The three members of the CP9 watched as their 5 year mission burned before they're eyes.

Spandam became extremely angry.

"I'll kill you!" he yelled.

"This blueprint was supposed to be a counter force to protect the world. The blueprint was supposed to remain a secret but you government people found it… And when it becomes public it has to be destroyed…" said Franky.

"Why did it have to be him…" muttered Kyubi.

"What?" asked Naruto.

"Well now the power to counter the weapon has been destroyed… If Nico Robin fall into your hands we're doomed but if the Straw Hats get her back, then you lose everything. I'm betting on the Straw Hats." Said Franky.

That was when the Franky Family made themselves known, Franky was so touched that his family came to rescue him.

"Shut up now!" yelled Luffy.

This made the crew sweat drop.

"You should clam down a little." Said Naruto.

However Luffy was just yelling at the Franky Family to Lower the Draw Bridge.

"Straw Hat!" yelled Franky, "It seems like my men were following you… but their boss is back and I'm going to show my super militarily might!"

So what! I'm still angry at you for driving Usopp away!" yelled Luffy.

'But… he's right over there…" muttered Franky.

However Spandam pushed Franky into the waterfall hole…

At the same time, Kokoro called the Baby Snail Phone, telling them to jump as well.

Luffy grabbed his entire Crew and made them jump. As it turns out Rocket Man caught them…

Nearby Pain watched, he knew he had to prepare for whatever Spandam had planned and had to tell his group.

Of course the Sea Train crashed into the building called the Tower of Justice.

When it landed Luffy got out of the rubble like it was nothing.

"All right!" cheered Luffy.

Shortly afterwards Gaara surfaced.

"Why doesn't he have a mark?" asked Franky.

Shorty afterwards Naruto resurfaced.

"Wow! That was fun…" said Naruto.

"No it wasn't!" yelled Kyubi.

"Hey! Why haven't the rest of you got up yet, this was nothing!" yelled Luffy.

"This wasn't nothing!" yelled the rest of the crew resurfacing.

"None of you are normal…" muttered Franky, "You know that, right?"

"All right there was a set of stairs…" said Luffy running towards.

That was when they heard high-pitched laughing. They looked to see Fukuro holding himself on the wall.

"Nico Robin isn't in the next room." Said Fukuro, "Lucci has taken her to the gates of justice."

"What do you mean?" asked Luffy.

Fukuro began to explain the situation that Robin was tied up with Sea Stone Handcuffs and that there were keys to unlock them.

"Hand it over!" yelled Luffy trying to punch him.

Fukuro dodged easily.

"I never said this was the one." Said Fukuro.

He began to explain that there were five CP9 members wit h keys and any one of them could be the key.

"So basically we can go in groups and team up and steal the keys!" said Naruto.

"It's not that easy…" said Fukuro, "There are also decoys… through out this building there are 8 decoys. They're not part of the CP9 but their after you for some reason."

"So that's it… he's here…" said Kyubi.

"What?" thought Naruto.

"Nothing… never mind…" said Kyubi.

Gaara also got an unnerved feeling as well.

"They're useful I guess…" said Fukuro.

"Wait!" said Nami, "Why can we just go save Robin first then get the keys?" asked Nami.

"Then we'll just throw the keys into the sea…" said Fukuro.

Fukuro left, "We're giving you a sporting chance, well later!"

Fukuro fled, Luffy tried to run after him but Zoro stopped him.

"We need to plan this out!" said Hinata.

"Luffy should go after Lucci." Said Sanji.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" asked Sasuke, "Shouldn't Gaara go after him."

"No…" said Gaara, "Because the decoys are after me…"

"What?" asked Isaribi.

"Shukaku has been stirring for a while… I think he senses something." Said Gaara.

"Same with Kyubi." Said Naruto, "They're hiding something…"

"Are you sure it's a good idea to go after decoys?" asked Sasuke.

"All right." Said Sanji, "Not counting Luffy, there are 14 of us, 5 CP9 and 8 decoys. So there are still one more than them… whoever finds the CP9 members gets the key and whoever find a decoy flee as fast you can. Then we'll join Luffy."

"Remember if Robin gets to gate of justice then it all over." Said Sogeking.

"This is a fight against time." Said Sakura.

"Losing a fight equals losing time." Said Zoro.

"All right!" yelled Naruto, "Everyone win even if it kills you."

However Spandam just laughed, he had the upper hand, after all none of the crew knew the real way to the gates of justice.

Next Time: The crew learns who they're going to fight... Who are the decoys... Will Sanji be able to fight? Will Sogeking get over his fears? Will Sakura be able to even fight her opponent due to her past? Find out these and more next time!