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Chapter 260: Kyubi's Pain

The Kyubi Possessed Naruto glared at Pain. Pain didn't know how to react mainly because he wasn't expecting it.

"The Kyubi no Yoko." Said Pain.

"That's right." Said the Kyubi Possessed Naruto.

"How?" asked Pain.

The Kyubi Possessed Naruto laugh, "It was the sea stone. Yes it does weaken this body… in a way that's just right for me to take over."

Pain's eyes winded.

"He agreed to this by the way, he knew he that I should be the one to take you on… after all you do want to control me… right?"

Pain glared at Kyubi.

"Thank you for proving my point." Said Kyubi.

Meanwhile with Zoro, Kaku was still in his half giraffe form.

It was a very strange battle, Zoro had to use moves to get to Kaku's head.

And even if he was able to get to up there, Kaku blocked with his nose…

To say this was strange might have been an understatement…

Back with Pain and the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

"So it does weaken your body." Said Pain.

"Yeah, it does." Said the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

The Sea Stone balls flew in the air towards the Kyubi Possessed Naruto, however he dodged easily.

"I know how to handle this body much better than Kit…" said the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

"Hey!" yelled Naruto.

"It's true kit…" thought Kyubi.

Pain realized he had to switch tactics and fast.

That was when the Kyubi possessed Naruto created a Rasengan and slammed it into Pain.

"You're facing a dangerous opponent… let's see how long you last…" said the Kyubi Possessed Naruto.

Pain managed to get up and glare at the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

Meanwhile with Zoro, Kaku folded himself into a cube…

While it was very silly… okay extremely silly. This was very dangerous.

"What are you doing?" asked Zoro.

"Have you forgotten I have four legs." Said Kaku.

Kaku began to use Rankyaku with all four legs.

All of them hit Zoro, and then it was followed by a Shigan… but using his nose instead…

Zoro was sent flying but did mange to get up.

"You're still alive?" asked Kaku, "I'm impressed."

"Of course I am." Said Zoro, "It will take more than a horse to keep me down."

"I'm a giraffe." Said Kaku.

"You look like a horsey to me." Said Zoro.

"Of course I'm not a horse..." muttered Kaku.

It's funnier when one remember Sherry…

Back with the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

"I'm getting tried of this." Said the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

"What are you going to finish me off or give up?" asked Pain.

"I was referring opt kit's human body.." said Kyubi.

Pain watched as Kyubi turned to his full demon form.

"Much better." Said the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

The Kyubi possessed Naruto jumped towards Pain so fast that Pain couldn't reaction. Pain was pinned to the ground and the Kyubi possessed Naruto grinned evilly.

"Tell me why you want me?" asked the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

"Why should I answer that?" asked Pain.

"Because if I don't like the answer I'll maker you suffer even more." Growled the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

"What?" asked Naruto.

"If I kill him he'll just come back," said Kyubi.

"Death doesn't work that way!" yelled Naruto.

"You have no idea kit…" said Kyubi.

That was when the Kyubi possessed Naruto aimed one of it's tails at Pain's face.

"I noticed." Said Kyubi.

Pain's eyes widened.

The Kyubi possessed Naruto used one of its' tails to rip out of his piercings.

"You're just a puppet aren't' you?" asked the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

"I prefer not to use that term…" muttered Pain.

"Oh I guess you're right a remote control man is a much better term..." Said the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

Pain was silent.

"Tell me how many bodies did you bring with you?" asked the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

Pain referred to answer.

"Oh I get it… this is the one only one… you didn't' think Naruto or Gaara would figure it out." Said the Kyubi Possessed Naruto.

Pain managed to fling away the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

"Let see what happens when I take out all of your punky piercings Pain." Said the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

"Really?" asked Naruto.

"IT was better than any one liners you come up with." Muttered Kyubi.

Back with Zoro fight was now evenly matched, however Kaku deiced it was time for the real power of a giraffe.

"Obverse the giraffes power!" yelled Kaku.

Kaku began top retracted his neck back into his body.

"Real giraffes don't do that!" yelled Zoro.

Despite looking incredibly silly. The attack "Giraffe Cannon" was very powerful and very unpredictable.

Back with the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

"Tell me why do you want to take all of us?" asked the Kyubi possessed Naruto, "Is it to use us against pirates or the government… Or are you trying to revive him?"

"I won't say." Said Pain, "It's not important for you to know…"

"Sure it's not…" muttered the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

Naruto on the other hand was thinking about what Kyubi said.

"Him…" thought Naruto, "What is he talking about?"

The Kyubi possessed Naruto lunged at Pain with his tails extended. Pain tried to dodge however he was having a hard time moving.

Kyubi managed to rip out several of the piercing but not all of them.

Pain could now barely move.

"Why you…" muttered Pain.

The Kyubi possessed Naruto sifted back to human form.

"You're helpless now…" said the Kyubi possessed Naruto, "Or do you want me to rip out all of them?"

Pain gritted his teeth.

"Next time will be different." He muttered.

"We'll just have to see." Said Kyubi.

That was when Gaara appeared. He noticed Kyubi was in control.

"You're too late. Already beat him" said the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

"He had to use you…" said Gaara.

"Yeah. Though it was pure luck. The idiot didn't know the real effect." Sighed the Kyubi possessed Naruto, "Anyways I should tag out."

The Kyubi possessed Naruto sighed and looked at Pain.

"But before I do… tell Madara, I know he's the true mastermind." Said the Kyubi possessed Naruto.

"Madara?" thought both Gaara and Naruto.

Pain began to sweat.

That was when Kyubi switched out with Naruto.

"Hey!" yelled Naruto, "Who Madara?"

"None of your business." Muttered Kyubi.

"Why you…" muttered Naruto.

"Hey… we need to go… I have to explain a few things." Said Gaara.

"Fine…" muttered Naruto.

Pain watched as the two ran away.

"Looks like now wasn't a good time after all." Thought Pain.

Back with Zoro…

Zoro was having a hard time with Giraffe Cannon. Kaku decided to use again… that was when as he retracted his neck too far inside of him his legs extended.

"Oh no I retracted my neck too far in my legs grew." said Kaku.

Zoro stared at the site.

"Just how does your body work?" asked Zoro incredulously.

"Well… it's like a pasta Machine, you put the dough in and the noodles come out."

There was a short silence…

"Pasta Machine!" shouted Kaku.

"This is no time to be naming your attacks!" yelled Zoro.

Zoro's fight was still a very serious matter…

However at the same time it was also very, very silly…

It was a paradox… One very seriously silly paradox…

And it was something he had to end soon if he wanted to save Robin.

Next Time: As they get closer to Robin, Kalifa thinks about what she do... she should leave them or continue helping. Not only that but she reflects on her life... after all she had been trained her whole to an assassin...