Chapter 262: Robin's Freedom…

Sakura protected Chopper. After all the fight gong on was intense. And with the Buster Call coming.

"Was it a good idea to move him…" she thought.

She looked at his unconscious form… "I'm so sorry…" she said.

"It's okay you did what you had to do." Said Chopper regaining consciousness.

"Oh Chopper!" said Sakura hugging him.

"Too tight!" Chopper managed to say.

"Sorry." Said Sakura.

"It's fine." Said Chopper, "What's going on?"

They looked to see Franky and Luffy fight with Lucci.

"Are you sure it was a good idea to move me?" asked Chopper.

Sakura didn't respond.

Thankfully during the fight, Luffy went into Gear 2 and he made an opening for Franky and Sakura to run through.

"Are we almost there?" asked Chopper.

"We are! We're going to save Robin." Said Sakura.

They ran towards the bridge of hesitation.

"Wait…" said Chopper, "I smell gun powder."

"What?" asked Sakura stopping, "Where?"

That was when suddenly there was an explosion, and Franky was caught up in it.

"I'm fine!" they heard him say as he flew away.

"If you're flying away, then you're not fine!" yelled Sakura.

The two breathed a sigh of relief, as they barely missed the explosion.

"We could have been in that…" said Sakura.

They ran up the stairs and saw that all of the marines were on fire.

"How did that happen?" asked Chopper.

They heard signing and turned to see Sogeking singing his song.

"Oh wow Sogeking!" said Chopper.

"Why is he singing?" asked Sakura.

"I don't know but it's cool." Said Chopper.

Marines were about to shoot Robin but Franky went in front and blocked the shots.

"Robin!" said Sakura and Chopper at the same time.

"You came." Said Robin.

"Just luck we were made it." Said Sakura then she made a rather evil face, "Luck and getting someone I knew a long time ago as my decoy…"

Chopper sweat dropped, "What happened…" he mumbled.

That was when Franky's snail phone began to ring.

"Where has he been keeping that thing?" thought Sakura.

It was Sogeking explaining nearby there should be a red clothe. Inside were the keys.

Franky grabbed them and managed to unlock the handcuffs.

"WHAT!" yelled Spandam.

That was when there was a large explosion of sand at the tower of Justice. Sogeking almost jumped and the sand revealed to the group.

"Well that was interesting…" said Kalifa.

"Let's not do that again." Said Kiba.

"Agreed." Said Ino.

"We're not there yet." Said Gaara.

That was when Kalifa noticed the Baby Snail Phone that Sogeking was holding.

"Who are you talking to." Said Kalifa.

"Why should I tell you!" yelled Sogeking.

"Because she's on our side and she wants to quit…" said Kiba, "Which I'm sure you know all about."

Sogeking glared at Kiba.

"What was that about?" asked Kalifa.

"Don't ask." Said Sasuke.

Kalifa grabbed the Snail phone from Sogeking.

"Hey! I want to talk to Spandam, put him on." Said Kalifa.

"Why?" responded Franky on the other end.

"Look… I need to tell him something just put him on." Said Kalifa.

On the other side Franky sighed and tossed the Baby Snail phone to Spandam.

"Who wants to talk to me?" asked Spandam.

"You'll see…" said Franky.

"Who is thus?" asked Spandam.

"It's me." Said Kalifa.

"Ah… so I guess you're going to stop them for taking your key?"

"I quit! Yelled Kalifa.

"What!" yelled Spandam however a small part of him was thinking, "Funny… I always through Kaku would be the one to quit like this…"

"You are such an idiot I can't take it any more." Said Kalifa.

"How dare you say that about ne?" asked Spandam.

"I knew longer than anyone else! I know you only got to the be the boss because of your daddy." Said Kalifa.

Spandam gritted his teeth.

"Not only that but you make mistake, after mistake. You assume that the government is stronger than anyone else no matter what." Said Kalifa.

"They are the strongest!" said Spandam.

"Then why did they defeat the others?" asked Kalifa, "Why did the tower fall? How else did they get the other keys?"

"That proves nothing!" yelled Spandam.

"You're an idiot and you shouldn't even be charge of the CP9 let alone be any where near it." Said Kalifa.

"You traitorous bitch!" yelled Spandam, "I'll have your head for this!"

"What are you going to do? Fight me yourself?" asked Kalifa.

Spandam was gritting his teeth in ager.

"Sir!" yelled a Marine.

"WHAT!" yelled Spandam.

The marine pointed to Franky, Robin and Sakura (who was carrying Chopper) running away.

"Are you sure you should be running?" asked Sakura.

"I'll be fine for now." Said Robin.

"Get here!" yelled Spandam.

Robin turned around, as she was free she was able to use her powers. She grabbed his limbs to clutch him.

"Let move!" said Sakura.

They all continued to run.

"Hey, Robin, can I ask you something?" asked Sakura.

"What?" responded Robin.

"Can you be the one to carry Chopper?" she asked.

Robin nodded.

Franky looked at Sakura.

"Are you up for another fight?" he asked.

"Oh yeah!" said Sakura.

Several marines decided to charge her since she looked weak.

Sakura grabbed a rather large one by the leg and swung him at the rest.

They all stared at Sakura in shock.

"Do you want to see more?" asked Sakura.

The marines began to shake.

However suddenly there was a loud explosion, they saw that something knocked down the remainder of the tower of law.

Zoro and Sanji were below it and stared in shocked.

"Oh no…" said Zoro.

However suddenly a giant ball of sand came from the sky and landed.

"Okay… did you really have to do that?" asked Ino.

"Would you have preferred to die?" asked Gaara.

Ino sweat dropped. "No…" she managed to say.

"We have to continue on our way." Said Gaara.

"Maybe I can continue my quitting speech." Joked Kalifa.

"Please don't…" said Isaribi.

"It's a shame that her bosses desk was just destroyed, I would have subjected that she give her letter of resignation." Said Kyubi, "One that used brown ink."

"What?" asked Naruto.

"You don't get it… really?" responded Kyubi.

"Naruto we have to go…" said Hinata.

"Oh right…" said Naruto.

They headed down to the stirs with Zoro and Sanji.

Unfortunately for them, a wall ruptured and soon sea water would be filling.

On the bridge of hesitation there were more explosion, Robin began to tremble.

"Oh no…" said Sakura.

"It cant' be…" said Chopper.

Large battle ships began to approach the island, all of them had large cannons.

The Buster Call had began…

Next Time: The Buster Call begins but to due Aokiji the Bridge of Hesitation will be remained untouched. Will Robin and her rescue group be able to escape in time? Meanwhile there's a flooded tunnel. However Kokoro reveals a mind blowing secret about herself... with emphasis on the mind blowing part... What will happen? Find out next time!