Chapter 264: Man… That is one Fat Mermaid…

The escort has been taken by a group consisting of three pirates (one of which could not move) and a perverted cyborg.

"It's all clear!" said Sakura.

"All right!" said Franky, "I claim this ship in the name of Franky and his friends!"

"Hey! Right now we out number you!" yelled Sakura.

"Whatever…" muttered Franky.

"Do you think the others will get here soon?" asked chopper.

That was when they heard a yell of "Don't you dare die on me!"

And then Kokoro came out of the water shock both Chopper and Sakura.

"What!" both of them yelled out.

They were all brought to the deck, with Gaara the only one conscious, everyone else was laying there unconscious.

"It can only be called a miracle." Said Kokoro.

"Must have been a terrible shock…" muttered Franky, he looked at Gaara, "Why didn't you pass out?"

"It's complicated…" muttered Gaara.

"What would make them pass out?" asked Kokoro.

"Haven't you seen yourself in the mirror?" asked Sakura.

"Young lady, you're the one the pirate king came to rescue." Said Kokoro looking at Robin, "I remember meeting you at shift station."

"Put some clothes on!" yelled Franky.

That was when Naruto regained conscious.

"Yep… Naruto's the first to recover." Said Sakura with a sweat drop.

"The Kyubi is the reason for it." Said Gaara.

He stared at Kokoro.

"Dear sweet! PASS OUT AGAIN! I DON'T WANT TO LOOK AT THAT!" yelled Kyubi, "This is worse than the cross-dressing!"

Naruto sighed, "Will you be quiet… you'll give me a headache…" he muttered.

"If you close your eyes I will stop." Said Kyubi.

"I'll just look away." Said Naruto.

"NO DEAL!" yelled Kyubi.

Naruto sighed.

"Kyubi?" asked Gaara.

"Yeah…" said Naruto.

That was when the rest of the guys in the crew regained conciseness.

"How… how is that even possible?" asked Kiba.

"It was real!" yelled Sogeking.

"Please tell me that a bra." Said Sasuke.

"So it's true…" muttered Zoro, "That mermaids being manatees are true."

"She's not a mermaid! She hasn't said it yet! So she's not!" yelled Sanji.

"Actually I'm an Ice Fish Mermaid." Said Kokoro.

"Okay…" said Isaribi waking up.

Gaara stared at her.

"What?" she asked.

Why didn't you do anything?" asked Gaara.

I was panicking." Muttered Isaribi.

"Wow… Gaara was the first one to noticed." Said Sasuke.

"I didn't even notice that…" said Kiba.

That was also when Sanji noticed Robin. He went for a hug, however Nami woke up and was the one to hug her.

"Robin! I'm so happy you're alive!" said Nami.

"It's because of you! Thank you!" said Robin.

Hinata, Ino and Kalifa all began to wake up.

"I didn't know that Kokoro was a mermaid." Said Kalifa, "That was quite the shock."

Kokoro laughed, "Iceberg does know if you're wondering." Said Kokoro.

"By the way… Isaribi why didn't you help us…" said Ino.

"Look… I have to turn on my powers…" sad Isaribi, "I was panicking! Okay!"

"Then you could have turned them on in the water… right…" said Ino.

"Hey! Granny! I didn't know you were a mermaid!" said Chimney, "Though I did wonder why you had fins and scales…"

That line made everyone state at Chimney in an awkward silence.

"How can you not know your Grandma is a mermaid?" yelled Franky.

Now that everyone was conscious, Zoro, Sasuke, Naruto and Sogeking all walked up the sitars of the Bridge of hesitation.

"I can't believe that's what happening to the island." Said Naruto.

"Naruto don't…" said Zoro.

"What do you mean?" asked Naruto playing innocent.

"That pigeon guy is powerful." Said Zoro, "You look pretty beat up, you'll only get in his way."

"You know nothing." Said Naruto, "I'm already recovered."

"Look… we need as many people as we do here." Said Sasuke, "There's going to be more."

"But I have to look for him… even if he's still fighting." Said Naruto.

"Don't worry, I saw him fighting over there." Said Franky pointing to where Luffy was fighting.

Naruto sighed, "Fine I'll stay here to fight… but you owe me!" said Naruto.

"Admit it… you're wiped out kit…" said Kyubi.

Naruto sweat dropped.

"Hey Franky." Said Sanji, "Sorry about your buddies."

"It's fine, those guys have 9 lives." Said Franky.

On the boat Sakura was telling Nami about her fight with Kisame.

"I can't believe you beat him up that badly." Said Nami.

"I know." Said Sakura, "I guess its because I overwhelmed him."

Sakura sighed.

"What's wrong?" asked Nami.

"Hatchi also escaped, he claimed he went straight but..." Said Sakura.

"I'll belie it when I see it." Muttered Nami.

"Hey Sakura, we might need you up here!" said Naruto, "You too Gaara!"

"Fine!" said Sakura.

"My sand hasn't dried yet. Can you tell him that." Said Gaara who was doing something to his gourd.

"Okay…" sighed Sakura.

Kalifa looked at Gaara, then at Hinata.

"Why is it you who has a bounty and not him?" asked Kalifa.

"Oh well… my cousin is a marine." Said Hinata, "He wanted me to join and even showed me around the base a few times. But I never wanted to join, I had always intend to join this pirate crew."

"Wait… how…" said Kalifa.

"Before we moved to base, I lived in the same town as Naruto and Luffy. I made a promise to Naruto to join his brother's crew." Said Hinata, "There was nothing that was going to stop me… not even the marines."

"You got to do what you wanted to do even when your family told you otherwise…" said Kalifa, "I admit it… I'm a little jealous…"

"Okay!" said Nami, "We can launch at anytime! We just have to wait for Luffy."

As time went on, the crew heard an announcement about the other "pirates" that were spotted at the main gate.

"Oh it's Zambai's crew." Laughed Franky, "You can kill them but they won't die."

"There are no survivors." Came the announcement.

The announcements continued listing the various places that were destroyed.

"The last target is the bridge of hesitation…" continued the announcements.

"Franky…" said Sakura.

"They're all dead…" whispered Sanji.

"The three shipwrights." Muttered Sasuke.

"Oimo and Kashi." Said Sogeking.

"Yokozuna was probably with them…" sighed Kokoro.

"Sodom and Gomorrah…" cried Chopper.

In his cage Kyubi sighed… maybe it was best to not tell him now…

Besides he still had payback for earlier.

Kalifa trembled as she listened to a conversation that Robin and Nami were having.

"To kill without any mercy or emotion…" said Gaara to Kalifa, "I know what's that like."

"How did you move past it?" asked Kalifa.

"I found something to fight for." Said Gaara grabbing his gourd to join those at the bridge of hesitation.

"Hurry Straw Hat! Your friends are waiting for you!" called out Franky, "Don't you dare die!"

They continued to wait.

"I'm surprised that your captain is still alive." Said Kalifa.

"Luffy is very strong." Said Hinata.

"But Lucci is something else entirely…" said Kalifa.

"If Straw Hat didn't hold him off, some of us might have died." Said Franky.

As they watched the fight.

"He wont die, will he?" asked Sogeking.

"You're a stranger… so you don't know my brother." Said Naruto with a grin, "He won't die…"

"How can he still not see it?" asked Sakura.

"I don't know…" said Sanji.

That was when part of the Bridge of hesitation was destroyed…

Indeed the Buster Call was now headed there…

And unfortunately the part that destroyed was that part where Luffy was having his fight…

Next Time: The Marine Ships begin to close in, there is still as chance they might still lose Robin. But there is no way they're going down. What will happen? Find out next time!