Chapter 265: Not Out of the Woods Yet

With the explosion, the other ship began to sail in. All of them had large cannons. This was going to be a tough fight.

The ships made the announcements about the crew and who were there.

How where Luffy was fighting part of the wall was destroyed. And they saw him… they saw Luffy.

"Hey! Luffy!" yelled Naruto.

Luffy turned towards the yelling.

"We beat everyone! And we rescued Robin! You don't have to worry about us!" yelled Naruto, "You're the only one left!"

"Beat him!" yelled the others with him.

"Then we can leave this place!" yelled Naruto.

Luffy looked at them and smiled, knowing that everyone was all right meant that he didn't have to worry…

And so Luffy's fight continued.

However the Marine Ships drew in closer.

"Junior Officers and Enlisted men stay on board. Only Captains and Lieutenant engage in battle." Said an announcement "Our elite 200 will wipe them out in no time."

"The Martine's Fighting brass!" yelled Sogeking in shock.

"Great just what we need…" muttered Naruto.

"All of them are the same rank as Smoker." Said Sakura, 'We all have to be careful…"

"Just proves how scared they are." Said Zoro.

"I'm scared Granny…" cried Chimney.

That was when the group on the bridge noticed Sanji was missing.

"That idiot cook…" muttered Zoro.

"Oh great! Just when we need him!" muttered Sakura.

"It will be fine…" said Gaara.

The boat…

"All right! We have to take the battle of this ship." Said Nami.

"Right!" said Hinata.

"According to sources, Kalifa has betrayed the CP9. Use extreme caution came another announcement…" came an announcement.

"Looks like I have to fight too." Muttered Kalifa.

"Good luck." Said Kokoro.

Kalifa sweat dropped.

On the bridge Franky punched one of the Marines however he suddenly turned into a bunch of balls.

"All right!" said Naruto.

He created a bunch of clones, which jumped many of the marines.

Sakura managed to pick up another of the marines and use him as a club.

"You've been relying on that way to too much…" muttered Franky.

"Shut up!" yelled Sakura.

Zoro on the other hand was fighting a marine with a veil on his face, that was when the marine grabbed Zoro's sword Yubashiri. When he did the sword rusted in dust…

"What the!" yelled Zoro.

Thankfully said marine was tossed aside a giant arm made of sand.

"You okay?" asked Gaara.

Zoro looked at his sword.

That was when a Marines sword was tossed at him from Sasuke.

Zoro nodded picked it up and went back to fighting.

Sasuke began to charge his swords with his Lightening Chi and used that to cut though a few swords.

Sogeking on the other hand was having trouble hitting the marines.

"I can't hit those Marines!" yelled Sogeking.

"That's a real shame!" said Kiba.

Akamaru turned into his clone.

"Fang over Fang!" called out Kiba as he and his dog used the attack.

Sogeking stared at the attack.

"He came up with that?" thought Sogeking.

"Sogeking pay attention!" yelled Naruto.

"Right!" said Sogeking.

With Ino she called out "Soul Soul Destruction!"

The Marines that were going to fight her started attacking each other.

"Hinata!" called out Ino.

"Right!" said Hinata knowing that Ino was open for attack right then.

Hinata used the gentle fist to attack any marines that might attack Ino.

Robin attacked many of the Marines using her arms.

"Help us! We've been kidnaped!" yelled Kokoro.

"We're weak." Said Chimney.

Isaribi rolled her eyes knowing it would be for the best if she didn't anything. She turned into her monster form and began using water gun on the marines.

It was super effective!

Nami used one of her new lightening attack and hit a couple marines.

Kalifa grabbed one of the marines and began to wash off his power.

"What are you doing!" yelled the Marine.

Said Marine fell to the ground.

As the fighting continued, Sogeking couldn't help but to stare at Luffy's fight, which went so badly Luffy just laid on the ground, it seemed he had lost.

"Hey! Watch out!" yelled Zoro.

However Sogeking removed his mask…

Reminder: Sogeking is Usopp.

"Oh my god! Sogeking is Usopp!" yelled Naruto who saw this.

"You idiom!" yelled Sakura hitting him in the head.

However this turned out to be a clone.

"Oh my god! Sogeking is Usopp!" yelled Naruto.

""Sometimes… your stupidity is just astounding…" muttered Kyubi.

Back with Usopp he continued to get Luffy's attention.

"Luffy! Get up!" yelled Usopp.

"Usopp? You came?" asked Luffy.

"Don't get me wrong!" yelled Usopp, "I came here to rescue Robin. I didn't come to see your face!"

Kiba punched away one of the marines.

"What is he doing?" asked Kiba.

"Hey you! CP9 Boss Cat! I'll fight you!" yelled Usopp.

"What do you think you're doing!" yelled Luffy.

However Lucci turned his attention to Usopp.

"What are you doing! Get back here!" yelled Luffy.

"I' already beat you." Said Lucci, "I'm going to kill everyone anyway…"

"Come on you big pussy cat! I know a few ways to skin you!" yelled Usopp.

"Stop it Usopp! He'll kill you!" yelled Luffy.

"Shut up! You're half dead! What can you do!" yelled Usopp.

Both Naruto and Kiba looked at Usopp.

Kiba sighed.

"He's the only who can do this right now…" said Kyubi.

"I know…" responded Naruto.

Back with Luffy.

"I'm going to beat him!" yelled Luffy.

"Then stand up!" yelled Usopp, "Stop lying there like a dying man! This isn't you! There's a lot of smoke but you can still see the sky and the sea."

Luffy began to get up.

"This isn't the after life! So stop acting like it's the end!" yelled Usopp, "Stop making me worry!"

Luffy got back up, "This isn't' the afterlife, got it!"

"Win this battle Luffy! We're all going back together!" yelled Usopp.

"Hey!" said Kiba.

Usopp turned around and looked at his younger brother.

"I haven't completely forgiven you…" said Kiba, "But you're not a coward… well all the time."

"Thanks… I think…" said Usopp.

The battle continued and so did Luffy fight. It didn't' look good at first but Luffy pulled through. Eventually beating Lucci.

"No way…" said Kalifa, "He defeated Lucci…"

Luffy did fall to the floor but he gave a might yell, "Let's all go back together!" yelled Luffy.

Robin started crying as all the marines were in disbelief…

Rob Lucci was defeated…

Next Time: While Luffy wins all looks hopeless... well for a brief moment. An old friend returns to save them one last time... With a tragic emphasis on "last"...