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Chapter 267: Luffy's Grandpa?

The Straw Hats had returned to Water 7, thankfully they were no longer considered wanted men. So everything was nice and calm. A few days had passed though.

At the hose that the Straw Hats were staying at, Ino stared at Luffy as she presented him with food.

"I can't believe he did that." Muttered Ino.

"SO he's awake." Said Kokoro walking in.

"No he's not." Said Sanji.

"He's sleep eating." Sighed Ino.

Kiba came into the room.

"Are you two going to break that habit?" asked Kiba.

"I don't want opt get bit by him." Muttered Ino.

Outside, Nami was extremely depressed, Sakura and Isaribi tried to cheer her up.

"Come on it's not that bad, we can always get Gaara to give him some of the gold he's storing." Said Isaribi.

"It's not just that!" said Nami, "All of our stuff is gone… including my trees. All washed away in Aqua Laguna!"

Kokoro came outside.

"What's worn"" asked Kokoro.

"Nami's dressed because all of our stuff is gone." Said Sakura.

"Though it could still be at the inn…" said Isaribi.

"Maybe that's what your guests want." Said Kokoro.

"Guests?" asked Nami.

Turns out they were the Inn Keepers, they had confiscated their stuff when it seems like they were the ones whop tired to kill Iceberg but since they weren't they gave them back their stuff.

However Nami was just hugging one of her beloved trees.

That was when Chopper, Gaara and Robin came into the room after shopping.

"So Naruto and Hinata are still out?" asked Sakura.

"They wanted some alone time after all that happened." Said Robin

"Oh do you think one of them will finally confess?" asked Ino.

"I hope so, whoever it seems like they're going to confess, something always interrupt them. Said Sakura.

That was when Franky along with the Square Sisters busted into the room.

"Hey you guys feeling' super?" asked Franky doing a weird dance.

"Please stop dancing like that…" said Ino.

Franky however ignored Ino.

"Wait a minute, not all of you are here! Oh well! I need to talk to you." Said Franky.

Franky calmed down and sat on the floor.

"Far Away there was a war torn island." Franky began.

"What with you all of a sudden, if this is just some stupid story…" muttered Sanji.

"JUST HERE IT!" yelled Franky.

He continued on with the story.

The story was on a distant war torn island. There was a tree. A tree that no matter how much damage the island sustained the tree would still stand. IT is called the Jewel Tree Adam. Every once in a long while it's lumber is abatable on the Black Market and costs close to 200 Million berries.

And that's what he bought with the money he stole.

"Don't tell us what you bought with our money!" yelled Sanji.

"Listen to me." Said Franky.

Franky sighed.

Long time ago I swore to myself that I would never build a ship again." explained Franky, "But I wanted to follow in the foot steps of my role model. And I found myself drawing the blue print before I knew it."

Kokoro listened intently, after all she knew Franky since he was young.

"My dream is to use that wood to build a ship of dreams! A ship that can over come any ocean!" proclaimed Franky, "I finally got that wood and now the blue prints are finished. That's why once I finish it can you please sail it?"

"So you're going to give us your greatest ship." Said Sanji.

"Yes, nothing would make me happier than seeing people I like sailing my ship." Said Franky, "Bedsides the money came from you guys anyways…"

"Well I guess we got kind of lucky that the money was stolen." Said Kiba.

"The fact that money got stolen made your brother leave the crew." Pointed out Isaribi.

Kiba only sweat dropped as a response.

"The one ship that ever sailed around the world was the Oro Jackson, it was also made with this wood. I'm going to make your ship just as good." Explained Franky.

The entire crew celebrated their new ship as Kokoro looked at Franky with pride. The two did exchange words.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Hinata were shopping together.

"That was the toughest fight we had yet." Said Naruto.

"I know." sad Hinata.

Naruto stopped.

"Hinata there's something I want to tell you, just in case we get into a worse fight anytime soon." Said Naruto.

"Yes?" asked Hinata.

"Hinata…" said Naruto.

But before he could say anything else one of the towns people approached them.

"Bad news!" yelled the town's person, "A Vice Admiral has showed up!"

"What vice admiral?" asked Naruto.

"Garp!" yelled the towns person.

Naruto froze, "No…" mumbled Naruto.

Hinata shook a little.

"Of all Marines that had to show up." Said Hinata.

"We have to go back before he gets at Luffy!" said Naruto.

"Right!" said Hinata.

"You know… I can't help but to wonder what would his reaction be if he knew he was cock blocking you…" said Kyubi.

"Now's not the time." Thought Naruto.

Naruto turned to his full demon form scaring the poor sap, Hinata jumped on his back.

The full demon Naruto ran to the Galley-La building that was currently housing the crew. Right when the vice admiral arrived.

He was an older man with a dog hat that covered most of his face.

"Well isn't the brat." Said Garp looking at Naruto.

"I won't let you near Luffy…" growled Naruto.

Hinata got off his back and he shifted to half demon form.

"Tell them…" said Naruto.

Hinata nodded and went inside.

"Oh I was hoping that girl would be a Marine." Complained Garp.

"She never wanted to be one!" yelled Naruto.

"So… have you two become an item yet?" asked Garp.

"That's none of your business!" yelled Naruto blushing bright red.

Naruto used his tails to form the Rasengan.

"You bastard will pay!" yelled Naruto.

Right began he could hit Garp with the Rasengan, Garp grabbed Naruto's free arm and then flung him through the window.

Inside Hinata didn't get a chance to tell them when Naruto came crashing in.

"Naruto." Said Hinata.

"That bastard!" yelled Naruto.

"You're about 20 years too early to try something like that brat!" yelled Garp from outside.

Garp walked over the building and punched a hole through the wall. None of the crew was prepared for him walking towards the still sleeping Luffy.

He punched Luffy so hard that not only did Luffy feel it but he also woke up and started crying.

"You re a bastard you know that!" yelled Naruto.

"Will you shut up brat! And stop calling me a bastard!" yelled Garp.

"No way! Do you know what's like for a four year old to constantly have to save someone!" said Naruto.

"What ever…" muttered Garp.

Garp decided to just ignore Naruto from that point on.

"Well Luffy you've been causing trouble." Said Garp taking off his god hat.

"Grandpa!" yelled Luffy freezing up.

"Grandpa!" yelled most of the crew.

"Well Luffy don't you think you owe me an apology?" asked Garp.

Luffy was crying.

"Luffy doesn't owe you anything bastard!" yelled Naruto.

"Oh come on brat…" said Garp, "I let you live with Luffy when I left him with my friend."

"You're still a bastard, do you know how many time I had to rescue Luffy because of you?" asked Naruto.

"That made you a strong warrior and I'm sure it helped you with endurance for making clones!" said Garp.

"I was four!" yelled Naruto.

"What they talking about?" asked Sakura.

"Grandpa almost killed me many times when I was a little kid." said Luffy.

"Don't say those things, you'll give them the wrong impression,." Said Garp, "I threw you into that unfathomable ravine, I threw you into that jungle over night and I tied you to that balloon and watching you float off into the distance was so that you can become strong."

"I think I found out the cause of Luffy's endless endurance." Muttered Sanji.

"Now all of that was so you could become Strong Marines!" yelled Garp.

"Luffy was never going to be a Marine!" yelled Naruto, "Not with all you had to put him through."

Garp muttered, "Now we might not be blood related, but I was hoping you wouldn't become a pirate… But not you had to become one…"

Naruto gritted his teeth.

"Well brat are you close to becoming a Kage?" asked Garp.

"Why should I tell you?" asked Naruto.

"Oh come on I was the one who told you all about Kages." Said Garp.

"I was little and I didn't know any better!" yelled Naruto.

"You better still want to be a Kage…" said Garp.

"Of I do, but I'm not telling how close I am to being Kage!" yelled Naruto.

"That's good." Said Garp with a big grin, "I might not have ever gotten along with your father but I know he would want you to be a Kage."

Garp turned to his real grandson, "You on the other hand I wanted to be a Marine, but no the minute I turn away from you and Ace you end up becoming a pirate."

"I always wanted to be a pirate!" yelled Luffy getting over his fear to join in the arguing with Garp.

"This is because of that red-haired idiot!" yelled Garp, "Filling your head with moronic ideas!"

"Shanks saved our lives!" yelled Luffy, "Don't talk trash about him!"

"How dare you talk lie that to me!" yelled Garp grabbing Luffy by the shirt.

"I'm so sorry!" yelled Luffy.

"This isn't good." Said Sanji.

"He has Luffy!" cried Chopper.,

"Don't worry it's fine." Sighed Naruto.

"What do you mean?" asked Sakura.

Turns out both Garp and Luffy fell asleep.

"What am I supposed to do here!" yelled Franky, "I've never dealt with anything like this!"

"Poor Franky… he'll get used to it soon." Said Kyubi.

"What?" thought Naruto.

Garp managed to wake up then pounded Luffy until he woke back up.

"Tell me do you have any idea what kind of trouble your red haired friend is?" asked Garp.

"Is doing fine?" asked Luffy.

"We haven't heard much of him for 10 years." Said Naruto.

"Yeah, he fine…" grumbled Garp.

"There's a but coming." Said Kyubi.

"Among the countless pirate there are four in particular. The strongest pirates in the second half of the Grand Line." Explained Garp, "They are called the Four Emperors, and not only is White Beard among them but so is Shanks."

Garp began to explains how the Marines and the War Lords were allies in a fight absent them but Luffy and Naruto didn't pay attention.

"Well that's good." Said Luffy looking at his hat.

"I know right." Said Naruto touching his headband.

That was when they heard a ruckus going on outside.

"Well looks like Zoro and Sasuke are here." Said Kyubi.

"Yeah…" thought Naruto.

"It's pirate hunter Zoro and a boy. Sir." Said one of the marines.

"Oh must be two people in Luffy's crew. You two deal with them!" said Garp.

"Right!" said two marines.

One of them was a man with long blond hair wearing weird sunglasses wielding a pair of large knives.

The other was a pink haired boy.

Outside Zoro and Sasuke were fighting through a crowd of Marines. Both of them had heard the word of Garp's arrival but didn't know about the whole family situation.

The blond marine went into attack Zoro.

"Wait you don't have to attack them!" yelled Luffy.

However that was when the pink haired marine tired to attack him.

Both fights were rather one sided.

In fact the pink haired Marine quickly yelled.

"You're just as strong as I remember." Said the pink haired marine, "Luffy, Naruto, Zoro, Sasuke. It's been a long time."

"Do I know you?" asked Luffy.

"It's me Koby." Said the pink haired Marine.

Indeed it was Koby. He much taller, and thinner and even much more muscular.

"I have friend named Koby… but he's shorter." Said Luffy not figuring it out.

"I am that Koby, the useless crybaby is no more." Said Koby.

"Wait if he's under the bastard…" said Kyubi.

Naruto's eyes winded.

"Damn! I might hate the bastard but that training really done it's work." Said Naruto.

"Yeah." Laughed Koby.

Luffy on the other hand, his jaw had dropped.

"So what are you doing here in the Grand line." Said Sasuke.

"I'm not a commissioned officer just yet. But I was in the area and I had to see you guys." Said Koby.

Koby saluted them.

"We wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for you." Said Koby.

"I wouldn't go that far." Said the blonde Marine.

"What are you doing with him by the way." Said Sasuke pointing at the blonde Marine.

"I'll have you know that after you left, Koby and I became friends." Said the blond marine.

"Sasuke you know him?" asked Naruto.

"Is it like how you met Guy?" asked Zoro.

"What?" asked the blonde marine.

"I think they forgot about you." Said Sasuke.

"What you have to be kidding! How could they forget me! I mean I tied up your partner and almost killed him." Said the blonde Marine who started crying.

"Since then they faced two of the Warlords, a guy who claimed to be a god and the strongest government assassins among other things." Said Sasuke, "What you did to Zoro is nothing compared to them…"

The blonde marine started crying a lot.

"Also their idioms, if that's anything." Said Sasuke.

"Oh it's that guy." Said Luffy, Naruto and Zoro at the same time.

"Why do I feel that that hose two cane be considered bros now…" said Kyubi.

Garp looked at his men.

"Now then men." Said Garp.

"Yes sir!" said the marines.

"Fix this wall." Said Garp.

Of course his men chewed him out for it, as making a really cool entrance was no excuse so he had to fix the wall.

As Garp helped fix the wall he decided to start up a conversation with Luffy.

"By the way I heard you finally met your father." Said Garp.

"My dad?" asked Luffy, "I have a dad?"

"I always thought Luffy's dad died in the Kyubi attack." Said Naruto.

"I just said your dad did, I never said anything about Luffy's." said Garp, "He didn't tell you? He said he saw you off back in Rouge Town."

"Rouge Town?" asked Hinata.

"You dad was there?" asked Kiba.

"Who's my dad?" asked Luffy.

"Monkey D. Dragon, the revolutionary." Said Garp.

Everyone but Naruto and Luffy were freaking out.

"What's wrong" asked Luffy.

"You don't know Dragon is?" asked Sanji.

"Your father is a dangerous man." Said Nami.

"Robin do you know anything?" asked Luffy.

"I don't know where to start…" said Robin.

Robin explained about the revolution army, which had so far took down many nations.

And Dragon was the leader of this army.

"He is known as the word's worst criminal. The World Government searches for him but to no avail. He is a man of mystery and no one know anything about him…" explained Robin, "Yet…"

"Yet?" asked Luffy.

Everyone stared at Garp.

"Oh… whoops…" said Garp, "Maybe I shouldn't have said that..."

Of course this just made everyone freak out.

Luffy was indeed the grandson of the legendry Garp, a marine who had cornered Gold Roger many times… and the son of the head of the Revolutionary Dragon…

His family was extremely messed up.

Next Time: Luffy learns more about Koby's training with his grandfather. meanwhile, Hinata deiced to ask Garp why he never pushed Naruto to become a marine. Also it's time to celebrate them getting Robin back! Also what about Usopp and Kalifa? Find out next time!