Chapter 269: Meetings of the Highest Level

In the new world… Two pirate ships met. One was the Moby Dick, the ship of White Beard, the other was the Red Force, the ship of Shanks.

Shanks ended up boarding the Moby Dick knocking out newer members of the crew with his mere presence.

"You'll have to excuse me." Said Shanks, "I have trouble keeping my calm when I board an enemy ship." Said Shanks.

"When I look at you, the scars he gave me ache." Said white Beard.

"Don't worry I'm not here to fight, just talk. I even brought medical water." Said Shanks.

"Then you should be reining your Haki." Said White Beard.

On the red Force, the higher members of Shanks' crew were nervous.

"Do you think something will happen?" asked Yasopp.

"I doubt it…" said Jiraiya.

That was when they heard the screech from a Kage Bird who landed on Jiraiya's head.

"Looks like you got another request." Said Lucky Roo.

"Or a threat." Mumbled Jiraiya.

He took the letter and read it.

"Do you know what I have to deal with thanks to you?" he read.

"From Tsunade?" asked Yasopp.

"Of course…" said Jiraiya, "I wonder what she means."

Half way across the world, in what is now known as the Sakura kingdom, Tsunade's eye twitched In front of her were several inconsiderate houseguests.

"Why are you meeting here!" yelled Tsunade.

"How are we supposed to have an all Kage meeting if you refuse to leave this island?" asked Anko.

Indeed all of the Kages were there… Kakashi, Anko, Yugito, as well as Kurenai, Asuma. Not only that but the Yukikage, Mizukage and Tsuchikage were there as well.

The Yukikage was a young rather effeminate looking boy named Haku who was in his late teens (and the most recent Kage addition).

The Mizukage was woman with long red hair in her 30s, she was Turumi Mei and she was the current Mizukage.

And the last was a small old man with a beard. He was Onoki the current Tsuchikage.

Also Shino was there with his pet South bird.

"Keep the castle he says… I don't need he says…" muttered Tsunade, "I should have listened to him."

Indeed they were in Tsunade's old tree house.

Half way across the world back on the Moby Dick, the two captains talked and had a drink. White Beard drank some of the stuff Shanks brought.

"What is this wine from the West Blue?" asked White Beard, "You brought this to our meeting?

"I've sailed all though out the world and that wine is always the best." Said Shanks, "It's from my home town."

"Roger… Garp… Sengoku… there's not that many who knew what the seas were like back in the day." Said White Beard.

"It's been 22 years, of course things changed." Said Shanks.

"You sure made the leap though, back then you were nothing but an apprentice." Said White Beard, "We locked swords so many times I began to remember faces. By the way whatever happened to that funny red nosed kid that was always with you? Di he get killed."

"You mean Buggy? That brings back memories. We parted ways on the day Roger was executed and we haven't met since." Said shanks, "From what I heard he's still a pirate."

Well considering what has happened since then, it's probably best that they haven't met, after all Buggy hit quite the downward spiral.

"It all happened in a blink of an eye to me." Said White Beard, "There aren't many who speak of the legend any more. Your duel with Hawkeye is still fresh in my mine. It was quite the shock to everyone when you came back from the East Blue missing an arm. What enemy took your arm by the way."

"Oh this." Said Shanks.

He smiled remembering Naruto and Luffy.

"I gave it up for the new era." He said with a smile.

"If you have no regrets that fine." Said White Beard.

"White Beard, I have fought countless battles and have countless scars. But the only one that still aches is this one." He said pointing to the three over his eye.

Back in the Sakura Kingdom.

"Okay what is this meeting about anyways?" asked Tsunade.

"The lack of candidates." Said Kakashi.

"I'm not far enough in my training." Said Shino.

"And it's too soon for Naruto to become a Kage." Said Yugito.

"We already talked about that part." Said Tsunade.

"You all need to get princes." Said Kurenai.

"Oh come on I can't an apprentice." Said Anko.

"Why not." Said Onoki.

"Because none of you will let me." Said Anko.

There was an awkward silence… they had forgotten about the ban.

"I should take on another apprentice again." Said Mei.

"I'll check with my brother if he'll let one of us take Konohamaru as an apprentice…" said Asuma, "It might be too early though…"

"But will that elevate the problem?" asked Tsunade.

"Yes…" sighed Onoki, "I sweat all of you don't want apprentices, in the last five years only Mei and Kurenai have has true apprentices, and that's only because Haku's apprenticeship ended less than five years ago…"

"Okay then we all agree except for Anko, Kurenai and maybe Haku to try to take apprentices." Said Tsunade, "Good now can you get out of my house…"

"That's not the only thing that needs to be discussed." Said Yugito, "They started mobilizing…"

Tsunade froze when she said as did most of the other Kages.

"You don't mean…" said Kurenai.

"The Akatsuki are mobilizing…" said Yugito.

Back on the Moby Dick…

Shanks sighed and deiced to explain about his scars.

""I didn't get these scars from my fight with Mihawk or from some adventure, I got them fight is Marshal D. Teach… AKA Blackbeard."

White Beard stared at Shanks.

"And I didn't get these scars because I was careless." Said Shanks, "Do you understand what I'm saying? He laid low, waiting for his chance. He didn't rise up or even make a name for himself. He hid himself in the shadow of a giant. And once he had enough power he made his move. A man like that will never be satisfied until he reaches the top and soon he will be gunning for your seat."

"Get to the point, what do you want from me?" asked White Beard.

"I want you to call off Ace." Said Shanks.

Back in the Sakura Kingdom…

"How do you know the Akatsuki are mobilizing?" asked Tsunade.

"I heard from some of B's sources in the Marines, Word was that they had help during the recent Enies Lobby incident…" said Yugito.

"B?" asked Haku.

"The holder of the Hachibi." Explained Yugito.

"Why did they get involved in Enies Lobby?" asked Mei.

"You know nothing about the Straw Hat pirates do you?" sighed Tsunade.

"Naruto and Gaara are both members of the crew." Said Yugito.

"You mean the psychopath?" asked Mei remembering stories about Gaara.

"He's actually doing a lot better." Said Kakashi.

"That crew is a really good influence on him." Said Anko.

"That's good for him." Said Tsunade with a smile.

"But wait if the Akatsuki had a role in the Enies Lobby incident." Said Kurenai.

"Word is they all lived, so we can be happy about something." Said Tsunade.

"Oh didn't your pet Reindeer join them?" asked Asuma.

"He wasn't a pet." Muttered Tsunade.

"I know that B, Naruto, Gaara and myself is still alive." Said Yugito.

"I've heard from Roshi recently." Said Onoki, "So there's that."

Roshi was the Jinchuriki of the Yonbi.

"So we can count the Yonbi is safe for now…" said Kakashi.

"Also the Sanbi had an incident last week so it's still causing chaos." Said Asuma.

"Also I heard some rather interesting things about the two had has Rokubi and Gobi." Said Anko, "Both of them are guys with bounties higher than Luffy's."

"What about the one who holds the Nanabi?" asked Kurenai.

"Last I heard she ran away from home…" said Yugito.

"We have to established permanent contact with all them…" said Kakashi, "As well as find Nanabi's Jinchuriki."

The other Kages nodded.

Back on the Moby Dick, Shanks gave his reasons.

"He's young and I know he's strong enough to become a Division Leader. But his fame and his trust issues… it's just not the right time for them to fighter each other." Explained Shanks, "Don't go after Blackbeard! That's my only request!"

White began to laugh.

"You snot nosed pink realized what you're asking for?" asked White Beard.

White Beard then began deathly serious as did Shanks.

"Teach committed an unforgivable crime. Pirates may not kill their fellow crewmates. When I let a pirates on this ship, no matter how stupid they are, they become like a son to like a son to me." Said White Beard.

HE then glared at Shanks.

"The souls of my sons… my crew are calling out for vengeance! It's my responsibility to show that idiot Teach that you can't live in this world without a code of conduct!"

White Beard took another swig of the wine.

"Well has it gotten though to your thick skull? You'll 100 years too young to tell me what to do." Said White Beard.

Both Shanks and White Beard finished their drinks, then got up.

"No one will be able to stop this new era from spiraling into chaos!" said Shanks unsheathing his sword.

"Do you think that frightens me? I'm White Beard!" yelled White Beard taking out his spear.

When the two attacked each other, the attack split the clouds above…

And in a sense they split the heavens themselves…

Back at the Sakura Kingdom.

"So are we done talking?" asked Tsunade.

"I think so…" said Asuma.

"Good…" said Tsunade, she then punched the table so hard it split in two.

"Now leave…" said Tsunade.

Onoki, Mei, Haku, Kurenai, Shino (and his bride) and Asuma all left…

"Bitch…" muttered Onoki.

"I heard that!" yelled Tsunade.

Tsunade sighed.

"Man… next time we should plan ahead." Said Tsunade.

"Um… Tsunade…" said Shizune pointing to Yugito, Anko and Kakashi who had yet to leave.

Tsunade sighed know what they wanted to talk about.

"So they're okay?" asked Tsunade.

"They should… but I'm more worried about Robin." Said Kakashi.

"Robin." Said Yugito her winded, "Wait… you sound like you know her…"

"We traveled together in the last few months of my apprenticeship." Said Kakashi, "I wonder if we would be having this problem if she travel with me or Minato…"

"Naruto still doesn't know… does he?" asked Tsunade.

"Last I checked… no…" said Kakashi.

"When was that last time you saw him by the way?" asked Tsunade.

"A few weeks ago… we went up to the sky on an adventure with them." Said Anko.

"And she's telling the truth, we went to sky island with them." Said Kakashi.

Tsunade, Shizune and Yugito all had exasperated looks on their faces.

"Of all the crews Chopper had to join." Said Tsunade.

Meanwhile on another island in the Grand Line, Black Beard's crew were discussing what happened at Enies Lobby, they were interested in capturing the Straw Hats…

"Hold on Teach, I've been looking for you." Said Ace who was on a nearby building.

The fight between them would change the world… and would prove Shanks right, he wasn't ready to face Black Beard…

Next Time: The ship is ready! Not only that but there's new bounties for all of the crew... as well as Franky. However everyone wants Frankly to join... especially the Franky Family. Will Franky join the crew? Or will there be a chaise involving a lack of pants? Wait... what?