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Chapter 271: Nakey Franky

It was a day that no one who lived on Water 7 would ever forget… Franky was well known for his lack of pants but this was just ridiculous.

"Get away you pervert!" yelled a woman.

"I thought we agreed Franky! You cover up something!" yelled a man.

"Get the children inside!" yelled a woman.

"Yes! Finally my dream for a pants less Tuesday is coming true!" yelled another man.

But Franky didn't care. He just wanted his speedo back.

"You're under arrest for incident exposure!" yelled a police offered.

However it was all for naught.

Not only that but Franky caught to the Franky family and began to beat them up for his speedo. At the same time Luffy and Naruto came to check out what's going on.

"Here! Straw Hat, take them." Said a member of the Franky family who was currently holding them.

"What's that?" asked Naruto.

"SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP!" yelled Kyubi, "They stole his trunks!"

"Don't you mean Speedo?" thought Naruto.

"No, Speedo's just the brand name." said Kyubi, "And I refuse to call it a banana hammock."

Before Naruto could continue his mental conversation, Luffy points to an angry Franky and both started to run.

"Get back here!" yelled Franky.

As they ran away.

"Do you like the ship?" asked Franky.

"I've never seen such an awesome ship!" called out Luffy.

A woman threw stuff at Franky while shouting "Pervert!"

"Well of course! I added in all of your requests. Did you see the Solider Dock System yet?" asked Franky.

"Not yet!" yelled Naruto.

"That's the best part of the ship! I'm sure you guys will love it." called out Franky

"Awesome!" called out Naruto.

"Hey! Did you see the fish tank yet?" asked Franky.

"Yeah!" called out Luffy.

"You didn't see the room below it yet? Have you?" asked Franky, "It's like an aquarium. You should have a meal down there. Now you can have fresh fish whenever you want."

"That's great!" called out Naruto.

"To you guys and me that is a real ship of dreams." Said Franky.

"Are we really having that conversation." Said Kyubi, "I mean he's chasing us while he's pants less…"

"Now give me bask my speedo!" yelled Franky firing on them.

"Now that makes more sense." Said Kyubi.

"Naruto catch!" yelled Luffy tossing the speedo to Naruto.

"BURN THEM! BURN THEM!" yelled Kyubi.

"I can't do that." Thought Naruto.

"Why not." Said Kyubi.

"If he joins the crew then he'll be naked from the waist down." Thought Naruto.

Kyubi shuddered.

"Anyways I have a plan!" said Naruto.

That was when Naruto made about 10 Shadow Clones.

"Oh come on!" yelled Franky.

The clones split up and Franky deiced to chase one of the. He managed to get close one and punch it however it disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Oh man!" yelled Franky.

He saw another one and started chasing it.

"Come on!" yelled Franky.

The real Naruto sat on a rooftop waiting for Franky to find him.

"You know…" said Kyubi, "I wouldn't have done that for many reasons."

"Is it because he's still naked from the waist down?" thought Naruto.

"Well that's one of them." said Kyubi, "How angry do you think he's going to be when he's done fighting them?"

Naruto's eyes widened. He heard Franky yell out two more times.

"I think I'm going to run towards the ship." Thought Naruto.

"Good idea." Said Naruto.

Naruto got up and started running, he several more shouts from Franky. Then the scream started.

"Oh god! Why is he naked!"

"Think of the children! Won't somebody please think of the children!"

This of course made Naruto switch to Half Demon of so he could get a speed boost.

"GET BACK HERE FOX!" yelled Franky.

"Oh come on it was just a prank." Said Naruto.

That was when he noticed Sasuke running beside him.

"What can't handle it." Said Sasuke.

"Thanks for the idea!" said Naruto tossing it to him.

"What?" asked Sasuke.

Naruto ran towards Franky.

"Look! I don't have them any more!" yelled Naruto.

Frankly ended up launching Naruto several hundred feet into the air.

Sasuke saw this and ran towards where the ship was.

"I can't be this is the plan." Said Sakura running besides him.

"From what I heard it was the best they could came with at the last minute." Said Sasuke.

"I guess I should do my part." Said Sakura jumping down the street level.

"I wonder what her part will be?" asked Sasuke.

"Launching him towards the cannon." Said Chopper running besides him.

"What?" asked Sasuke.

"You don't want to know…" sighed Chopper, "Just give them to me!"

"Okay." Said Sasuke.

Sasuke tossed over the speedo to Chopper who ran towards the ship.

Sakura meanwhile ran over to Franky.

"Oh it's you… what do you want?" asked Franky.

"Don't look at it!" yelled Inner Sakura.

Sakura closed her eyes. She managed to up Franky by one of his legs and threw him several.

She looked in the direction she threw him.

"Good it wads the right way." She thought.

She then shuddered.

"I hope he agrees by the time he gets there." She muttered.

Franky landed on the hard cement.

"Man… how can that little girl have such power…" mumbled Franky.

That was when suddenly he was grabbed by Sanji and Zoro and forced into a cannon.

"What's going on!" yelled Franky.

"All right aim for Ship Wreck island!" yelled one of the Franky Family who was controlling the cannon.

"Right!" yelled another.

"What's going on!" yelled Franky.

That was when he shot out a cannon.

Naruto had gotten up after being launched into the air and saw Franky flying above him.

"This is hands down the weirdest day I have ever experienced while inside of you." Said Kyubi.

"Oh come on…" thought Naruto, "Days will probably get weirder."

"Good point." Sighed Kyubi.

"Hey! Naruto!" yelled Luffy.

Naruto jumped up with Luffy, Chopper was also there just staring at Franky.

"He passed his Speedo…" said Chopper.

"Don't worry, it will be fine." Said Luffy, "Let's go catch up!"

Luffy then used Gum Gum Rocket to launch himself, Chopper and Naruto to the new ship.

On Ship Wreck island (which where they built the new ship) spectators began to gather starting at lil' Franky… As regular Franky' head was buried into the debris that made the island.

"Why is that man still naked!" yelled a random towns person.

"Make him put on pants for once and it will all be over!" yelled another.

Franky managed to get his head unstuck and looked at the ship he built. Luffy, Naruto and Chopper were already there.

"Thanks for the ship!" called out Luffy, "It's the best ship ever and we'll take good care of it!"

"Yeah, I wish you well on your journey." Said Franky.

"If you want you speedo back you're going to have to join the crew!" yelled Luffy.

Yes… Luffy did just make that bargaining… and yet that was still the least humiliating thing that was going to happen to Franky that day…

Next Time: Franky's humiliation counties... how can it get worse after running through the streets with no pants? Let's just say it's very painful... in a very literal way.