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Chapter 274: The Thousand Sunny

The crew was celebrating. They danced around happily. And yes, some of the crew knew it was weird they were just crying moments ago.

AS they did they put were also folding the sails.

"IS this normal? "asked Franky looking at them celebrate.

"Yeah." Answered Sakura.

"All right!" called out Franky, "We need to name the ship!"

"What can't we handle that later?" asked Luffy.

"No… a ship…" said Franky that was when he realized something, the cannon balls were coming anymore, "What's going on?"

"This an important moment so I'm making sure that canon balls don't come." Said Gaara.

Franky began to sweat drop, a large cloud of sand was stopping the cannon balls from hitting them.

"I don't know how long I can hold them…" admitted Gaara, "But it should be a while."

Franky stared at this, then shook it off deciding to get back at the topic at hand.

"Anyways without a name the madden voyage would be meaningless." Said Franky.

"Okay! So something lion." Said Luffy, "I got it! Bear! Polar Bear! Lion!"

They all stared at Luffy.

"That's a stupid name." said Sakura.

"Then how about Tiger! Wolf! Lion!" said Luffy.

"No way!" yelled Naruto, "It should be Monkey! Fox! Lion!"

"That's perfect!" said Naruto.

"Those are terrible names!" yelled Usopp, "They sound like curses!"

"Although Naruto's does make a little sense." Said Isaribi.

"Don't encourage them." said Ino.

"Oh I thought of a new one! Squid! Octopus! Chimpanzee!" said Luffy.

"What happened to lion!" yelled Usopp.

"Actually I already have a good name for it." Said Franky.


While working on the new ship Franky had finished the figure head… which they all mistook for a sunflower.

"It's a lion!" yelled Franky.

"Oh my it's only natural you wouldn't recognize it." Said Iceberg, "But this will be the ship of the future king of the pirates. That's what you had in mind, isn't it Franky?"

"Yogh, the ocean filled with beasts and what would top them but the king of the beasts." Said Franky.

"It's a nice sun!" said Iceberg.

"I saw it was a lion!" yelled Franky.

"Sailing through the thousand seas… shinning like the sun." said Iceberg.

"I said it was a lion you idiot!" yelled Franky.

"I have the perfect name." said Iceberg.

(End of Flashback)

"The Thousand Sunny." Said Franky.

"Oh wow!" said Naruto.

"That sounds really cool!" said Chopper.

"It's perfect." Said Hinata.

"It's much better than my Dumpling! Gorilla! Lion!" said Luffy.

"Luffy should never be in charge of naming things." Said Ino.

"If he ever has kids I hope the mother would be in charge of naming…" muttered Nami.

"It's better than my name Boss Lionel." Said Zoro.

"Darkness Pill." Said Robin.

"Monsieur Sunflower." Said Sanji.

"Kimba the Sun Lion." Said Hinata.

"Seriously!" yelled Usopp.

"A ship to sail the Thousand Seas and the sunny part is great too." Said Robin.

"Wait that's just Iceberg's suggestion, I have a better name in mind." said Franky, "Battle Franky Lion Gang!"

However they all ignored Franky.

"Okay! Let's go with Ice Guy's suggestion!" said Luffy.

"Thousand Sunny it is." Said Naruto.

"Agreed!" said most of the crew.

Franky was just booing however.

"Look new guy stop booing and help us." Said Isaribi.

"New guy?" asked Franky.

"Yeah, new guy." Said Isaribi.

"Why is she treating Franky that way?" asked Ino.

"I have no idea…" said Sakura with a sweat drop.

"Hurry up and use that secret weapon you telling us about." said Sanji.

"They're gaining on us and I don't think I can hold the cannon balks at them any more. "said Gaara.

"Why haven't you shot them back yet?" asked Naruto.

"I guess I should." Said Gaara.

He began to shoot the Cannon Balls back at them.

"You done yet?" asked Franky.

"I am." Said Gaara.

"All right everyone I want you to take a beautiful look at Water 7 because soon we won't be able to see it." Said Franky.

Luffy knew it was time opt say good by to Koby and his grandfather.

"Koby! Grandpa! It's good seeing you again!" yelled Luffy.

"What about me!" yelled Helmeppo.

"What is Luffy! I still have some cannonballs left!" called out Garp.

He threw another cannon ball.

"Are you sure you don't want to tell him off too?" asked Kyubi.

"I'm not related to the guy, why should I?" thought Naruto.

Thanks to Luffy saying that they were getting serous about running away, it pissed off Garp enough to grab a giant iron ball that bigger than the ship.

"How it he able to threw that thing!" yelled Ino.

"What I want to know is where he was keeping it." Said Sakura.

After Luffy yelled his final good byes to the people of Water 7 (which couldn't be heard because he was too far away).

However Franky's weapon, a giant air cannon blasted them high into the air, avoiding the gigantic iron ball.

"Oh wow!" said Naruto.

"This is so awesome!" yelled Luffy.

"It uses up three barrels of cola, but it goes up to one kilometer." Said Franky.

"How is Cola able to used a power source?" asked Sakura.

"Let's not question, the reason is probably stupid." Said Sasuke.

"If your merry could fly through the air, this ship can too. Merry had a brave soul and this ship will carry on her spirit. IF anything break I'll be able to fix it!" said Franky, "Starting today the Thousand Sunny is your ship!"

Everyone cheered as they flew through the air.

"Oh my god!" yelled Kyubi.

"What?" asked Naruto.

"He kind of looks like Luffy's drawing about what he wanted in a shipwright!" said Kyubi.

Naruto's eye twitched.

"No way!" he thought.

"What's wrong?" asked Hinata.

"Nothing…" sad Naruto, "Nothing that would blow your mind…"

"Kyubi said something, didn't he?" asked Hinata.

Meanwhile at an island on the Grand Line, Tashigi and Neji got the new wanted posters for the Straw Hats.

"You have got to be kidding me!" said Neji looking at Hinata's new poster.

"I can't believe that she has over 100 million." sad Tashigi looking away from Neji.

"I'm over here!" yelled Neji.

She turned back at him.

Neji groaned, "Either the World Government think she's that much a threat or they doing it to spite her never joining."

"You don't' really think about it?" asked Tashigi.

"Who knows." sad Neji, "Owlet's go talk to Smoker."

They went to Smoker who was grumbling about the events that happened.

Smoker ended up making a vow to follow the Straw Hats to the new world.

Meanwhile Alabasta. The King and his top guards were looking at the wanted poster.

It wasn't that they had bounties… no it was the fact that Robin was a member of the crew now.

They knew they had to tell Vivi.

However as Vivi was giving Carue a bath, this was her response.

"Oh I already knew about it." Said Vivi, "It's nothing."

Needless to say they were shocked.

"Shouldn't you be more worried about Ino?" asked Shikamaru.

Inoichi who had Ino's wanted poster on him looked at it.

"IT doesn't say her family name." he said, "SO they don't' know…"

"22 million's not bad." Said Choji.

"If only Gaara had 5 million more." Said Kankuro, "I guess because it was a first time bounty they held back…"

Vivi laughed at her group of guards.

"How can this not be a big deal?" asked Cobra.

"If your not close to Luffy then you can't tell what he's thinking." Said Vivi, "I'm he had a good reason for that."

At Rouge town at a certain house Hiashi was reading the paper when Hanabi (his younger daughter) came home, looking pretty beaten up.

"What happened?" asked Hiashi.

"I beat up a bunch of kids." Said Hanabi , "They said I was going to be an evil pirate just like my older sister…"

"I see." Said Hiashi, "You still care for her, don't you?"

"I do!" said Hanabi.

"I just wish I could have been easier on her myself." Said Hiashi.

He looked at where Hinata's new wanted poster was up wishing that he wasn't that bad on her the entire time.

At the Baratie, Zeff was reading the paper about what happened. He showed the chefs Ino and Sanji's wanted poster but of course they burst out laughing when it came to Sanji's.

In Fuchsia Village the pub celebrated.

"Luffy and Naruto have such a bounties! Let's celebrate!" yelled one patron.

"Hinata's with them too!" yelled another.

"Man… in a couple years she's going to be a bombshell." Said another.

Makino and Ayame were laughing at their antics however the mayor just yelled at them.

"Will you shut up! They're criminals!" yelled the mayor.

"I don't know, they look so happy." Said Makino, "They have cute pets and good friends."

"Not to mention Hinata kept her promise." Said Ayame, "I hope she and Naruto got together."

"Our village produced three criminals… even if one of them hasn't lived here in years! I've heard of pirates who tried to pick a fight with the world Government."

"True…" sighed Ayame.

"What is Garp doing… if he hadn't left Luffy alone none of this would happened." Muttered the mayor.

"What about Naruto and Hinata?" asked Ayame.

The mayor sighed, "Naruto would follow Luffy anywhere…" said the mayor, "It doesn't matter what he is, as long as he's with his brother and can become a Kage it doesn't matter. And Hinata's feelings are another matter…"

The Mayor sighed, "I wonder if Dadan knows about this…"

Meanwhile in Syrup Village…

The former Usopp pirates were pointing at "Sogeking's" poster while Kaya looked her own copy.

"You're right, there's no mistake, it has to be Usopp." Said Kaya.

"No one's believing us that it's Usopp." Said Onion.

"Even if Kiba and Akamaru he their own." Soda Konohamaru.

"You'd think they'd believe it?" asked Carrot.

"Don't worry I believe you." Said Kaya.

"We have to make that mask out of clay!" said Pepper.

They noticed Kaya was leaving.

"Where are you going?" asked Konohamaru.

"I have to go and continue my medical studies." Said Kaya, "After all I want to heal him if he comes back injured."

Kaya left to just that.

"Lucky captain." Said Konohamaru.

"We'll have to beat him up if her ever makes her cry." Said Carrot.

At the dojo where Zoro and Sasuke grew up.

"So it true! Uchiha Sasuke is your son!" said one of his students.

"And Roronoa Zoro trained here!" said another.

"It's true." Said Sasuke's father.

"Come on teach us to be pirates!" said one of the students.

"I'm not proud of Zoro or Sasuke." Said Sasuke's father.

"What how can you not be proud of your son?" asked one of the students.

"He's your son…" said another.

"You're lying." Said another of his students.

Sasuke's father sighed, "Sasuke… Zoro I know your doing well. Though I can't help but to feel that there's a great shadow over Sasuke… but I'm sure Zoro make sure nothing happened to him… I know Zoro hasn't yet strayed from his path…"

At Cocoyashi Nojiko went to visit Genzo with Sakura's grandfather.

"What are you doing here?" asked Genzo.

"I just came here with some tangerines." Said Nojiko.

"Oh come on why would I need those?" asked Genzo, "I'll just buy my own."

"You're like mine and Nami's father…" sad Nojiko, "That's why I let you have some for free."

"Who decided that?" demanded Genzo.

He turned looked at the town's doctor.

"Just making sure you still weren't being creepy about your daughter's wanted poster." Said Sakura's grandfather.

"I'm not being creepy about it." Said Genzo, "If anything I'm trying to get it changed… but they won't answer their Snail Phone."

He groaned, "After all the picture is too obeisance… she'll get people chasing her for marriage than marines…"

Turns out he had a large version of the wanted poster on his wall,

"If that's the case, why did you blow it up." Said Nojiko.

"This is why I'm acting as his minder…" said Sakura's grandfather.

"AT least they're keeping their promise." Laughed Nojiko.

"I'm glad Sakura's doing well too." Said Sakura's grandfather, "I just hope she's no longer madly in love with that boy Sasuke… he's probably a bade influence on her."

"Seriously?" asked Nojiko with a sweat drop.

"That boy Sasuke looks like a mopey but he seems nice." Sid Genzo.

The two began to bicker about Sasuke and Nami's wanted poster, making Nojiko sweat drop.

In the Cherry Blossom Kingdom (former known as Drum Island), Tsunade and Shizune came to the town where the king lived to talk to him.

"So what did you want to talk about?" asked Tsunade.

"I wanted to show you something." Said Dalton who was the new king.

"I seriously don't get why you don't live in the cattle… I mean I don't live there any more." Said Tsunade.

"Doesn't she not live there any more is because of her debt collectors." Said one of the town's people.

"Yeah, I heard that rumor too," said another.

"I prefer to being here in the village with my fellow people." Said Dalton, "We still need to figure out what to do with the castle."

He handed Tsunade the wanted posters, Tsunade laughed at some of them, then they got to Chopper's.

"50? Is that for real?" asked Shizune.

"They probably think he's just their pet." Said Tsunade, "I can't blame them."

She smiled at his poster which showed him eating cotton candy.

"He looks very happy… that's good." Said Tsunade.

Back on the newly christened Thousand Sunny the Straw Hats cheered and all said.

"Next Stop Fishman Island!"

Expect for Kyubi "No… no it won't…"

And as it turned out Kyubi was right… for that wouldn't be their next stop…

Next Time: They're headed to Fishman Island, however they come across a ghost ship... however it's what on the ghost ship that strange... what is it? Find out next time!