Chapter 377: On to Marineford

The ship sailed on… heading to Marineford. The headquarters of the marines.

On the bright side they didn't have to do much at the currents would lead them there .

Also Ivankov was checking on. On Inazuma also explaining why he didn't use his healing techniques on him due to the fact that it takes years off their life.

Many people were still crying over what happened with Bon Clay.

Naruto was somewhat depressed by it as well…

He knew he had to get over it… but he couldn't help it.

However of course Buggy had to be a jerk about it.

"Come on you swabs! How long are you going to sulk. Yeah he was a nice guy. But he's dead now! Let's celebrate our escape!" said Buggy.

Naruto went over to attack him.

"You big nosed bastard!" he yelled out as he punched him in the nose

"What the hell did you call me!" yelled Buggy.

"A big nosed bastard! HE didn't have to do it! HE could have just asked me to it…" muttered Naruto, "No one had to sacrifice themselves! He is still alive but still! He didn't have to do it!"

"Naruto calm down." Said Luffy knowing his brother was still torn up about it.

Then he punched Buggy as well.

"STOP THIS!" yelled Buggy.

They began to fight but Naruto and Luffy beat him and up joined Jimbei at the wheel who was talking with Crocodile about what happened with the whale sharks.

"I must owe you my gratitude in allowing me to help with rescuing Ace." Said Jimbei.

"You don't need to thank us!" said Luffy.

"Yeah you're helping us save our brother!" said Naruto.

"You're really strong." Said Luffy.

However Jimbei just sighed knowing that he would also have to apologize to them about something he indirectly did to them.

After all he did have ties with Arlong.

"Just call me Jimbei." Said Jimbei, "I used to be one of the 7 War Lords of the Sea, but my title has probably been revoked. I'll create as much as havoc at Marine Headquarters! Let's fulfill Bon's final wish."

"WHAT"! yelled Luffy and Buggy=.

"You're one of the 7 War Lords of the Sea! No wonder why you're strong!" said Luffy.

"Uh… Luffy I think they told us that earlier." Said Naruto.

"Hold. On! We're going there!" yelled Buggy, "Whitebeard and the marines are about to have a war!"

"Wait… you didn't know that either." Said Naruto, "We kept bringing it up."

"He's right… you're not very sharp are you?" asked Crocodile, "Besides don't you even know how the current works? Once we pass the gates of justice we're on the governed private sea current. There's only two places we can go from there: Marineford and Enies Lobby. The whole purpose of the break out was to go fight in this war."

And of course the escaped prisoners began to freak out over this.

"Nobody told us that!" yelled the escapees.

"Stop this right now!" yelled Buggy trying to get Jimbei to stop.

"Get off if you want to." Said Luffy.

"We'll down!" yelled Buggy.

"I'm sure there's some spare boats somewhere." Said Naruto.

"In this current!" yelled Buggy.

That was when a snail phone rang.

"Hello this is Luffy!" said Luffy.

"Don't identify yourself as a pirate"! yelled almost everyone on board.

"The Impel Down security has s reported that a group of imitates have escaped. That there are three ringleaders. They are the pirates Captain Monkey D. Luffy, his crew member and younger half-brother Fox D. Naruto and Bugg the Clown." Said the person on the other end.

"What?" asked Buggy.

"What seriously? They see Captain Buggy as a bigger threat than Jimbei." Said one of the escapees.

"Oh boy! I can take a guess why…" said Kyubi, "It has to do with him being a who he cabin boy-ed with…"

And Kyubi was right the very reason that he sailed with Gold Roger and was "Blood brothers" with Shanks who was currently one of the four emperors.

Naruto started to laugh at this. After all this was a big deal and even he could see Buggy was an idiot.

"We were surprised that a man of your caliber hadn't caused much trouble. But after learning this we won't under estimate you again!" said the marine of n the other side of the line, "We found no connections with fire fist! But considering you're working with the brothers we know you're trying not save him."

Naruto only laughed even harder.

"Man this so much fun!" laughed Kyubi.

"We know that Crocodile, Jimbei, Ivankov and 200 escaped convicts are with you… Just letting you know unless we open the gates of justice you'll have no hope of getting to Marineford. Much less escape the current." Said the marine on the other side, "You'll have nowhere to run and you won't survive. That is all!"

"Hey! Marine wait! We're going to save ace!" yelled Luffy.

"And there's nothing none of you can do about it!" yelled Naruto.

"Just you watch it will be easy as pantoates." Said Luffy.

"Easy as potatoes…" said Minato, "Is Luffy… okay…"

"No… no he isn't… and if you haven't figured it out by now I don't think you're okay either." Said Kyubi.

However the rest of the ship was surprised by the relations of Buggy;.

"Oh yeah… the first mate said something about it." Said Luffy.

"First mate?" asked Buggy.

"Yean old guy named Rayleigh… you know him right?" asked Luffy.

"Yep!" said Naruto, "We hung out with the guy before so much went wrong…"

"You guys met Rayleigh? How was he?" asked Buggy genuinely happy to hear this, "That brings back memories. Where is that sea dog now?"

However that was the escapes they helped escape were all heaping praise on him.

However as he took in the praise he realized something… he could use this.

He could use the chance to kill Whitebeard and use that become one of the four emperors and then become pirate king.

However all of the escapees were planning to take the ship form the group.

But Buggy rallied them all to go to the war.

"Those poor fools." Said Kyubi.

"Yeah… they don't know what he's really like…" thought Naruto with a sweat drop.

"Well that's all settled." Said Luffy.

"He does have a gift of leadership…" said Jimbei.

"Tell them… "Yeah but they're all lemmings."" Said Kyubi.

"It's probably not a good idea to say that out loud." Said Minato.

"Yeah…" Naruto sighed out loud.

And so they sailed on, and as they did Ace was brought to the place where the execution would take place as it got closer and closer…

And soon the war would begin…

Next Time: Things are starting to get messy as things are just getting started in thar marine ford! What will happen? Find out next time!