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Chapter 378: The War Begins…

All over the world just about everyone was worried what might happen in Marineford.

People prayed, talked, got into bar fights… after all this was a big deal. There was a good chance an all-out war might break out.

Marineford was the location of Marine Headquarters… And it was clear that was a going to happen…

Though many were unsure if it would go down they had to be prepared. The higher ups knew he was going to show thought.

It was also being broadcasted to the Sabaody Archipelago … which considering recent events did make some sense… after all the truth needed to spread far and wide…

The truth about Ace. A horrible truth that few knew.

The Marines were prepared, after all they had almost high ranking marine that could make it… And there were over 10,000 of them.

Five of the 7 War Lords were there… which was to be expected as they were unaware of what Blackbeard was doing and Jimbei had already betrayed them…

The three Admirals sat at the base of the execution platform, after all they were the strongest, it would make sense that all three of them were there.

But the point was things were very tense and serious at Marineford for sure.

On the stolen Marine ship…

Naruto was mentally talking to Kyubi .

"There's a chance that they might want to kill Ace due to his parentage…" said Kyubi.

Naruto sighed he should have known that might be one of the reasons.

"What's wrong?" asked Luffy.

"The demon in my head thinks it's not just because Ace is a pirate that their executing him." Said Naruto.

Luffy nodded knowing what his younger brother meant.

"IT will be fine! Don't worry!" said Luffy.

"Yeah…" agreed Naruto.

That was when they noticed the other set of the Gates of Justice.

"Wow we got here fast." Said Luffy.

"Actually it was slower because the wind was assignat us." Said Jimbei.

"He sure know how to street a ship, I wonder if there's anyone better than him." Said Kyubi.

"Why are you talking like that?" thought Naruto with a sweat drop.

"Trust me it will all make sense one day." said Kyubi.

"Okay…" thought Naruto with a sweat drop.

He then noticed Buggy riling up the former prisoners.

"Should we be worried about that?" asked Naruto .

"I really hope not…." Replied Kyubi.

Meanwhile back in Marineford…

Sengoku looked at Garp and told him "I'm going to tell them…"

Garp nodded at this as he headed to his spot in everything.

Sengoku held onto a nail phone and stood next to Ace.

"I have something to say to you all." Said Sengoku, "The execution of this man Portgas D. Ace is a matter of great importance."

Everyone was confused, expected for Garp who just laughed.

"This is your fault you know…" muttered another Vice Admiral by the name of Tsuru.

"Ace what is your father's name?" asked Sengoku.

Ace glared at the man next to him.

He took a breath and muttered "My father's name is Whitebeard."

"NOT TRUE"! yelled Sengoku.

"It is true! My father is Whitebeard! There's nobody else!" yelled Ace.

"We were looking everywhere once Cipher Pol got word about the possibility. That one of his children might be on a certain island. We examined many mothers and children. But we couldn't find it. But it was only natural that your mother found a trick that would save your life at the cost of her own. We were foiled, the whole world was fooled. Your mother lived on island of Batrilla in the South Blue, her name was Portgas D. Rouge. She did something that was thought to be impossible, she hid her child in her womb for 20 months. She brought your life at the cost of her own,. Your father was executed one year and three months before your birth. The blood of the most terrible wanted fiend runs through your veins. Don't pretend you don't know." Said Sengoku then he yelled out time most shocking thing of all, "YOUR FATHER WAS GOLD ROGER! THE PIRATE KING!"

Everyone who heard this was shocked, even those in Sabaody.

Though Garp couldn't help but to think about how he came to raise Ace as a request from his birth father.

"Two years ago, you took your mother's name and became a pirate and began working at amazing speed as the captain of the Space Pirates. That was when it was discovered that the bloodline of Gold Rodger had not been extinguished." Said Sengoku, "But we weren't the only ones! Who knew the truth! Whitebeard found out and took you the son of his former rival so that he could raise the next Pirate King!"

"THAT'S NOT TRUE!" yelled Ace, "I join him so I can help him to become King of Pirates!"

"You're the only one who believes that!" scolded Sengoku, "Don't you know why we couldn't touch you before? Because Whitebeard was protecting you!"

Ace was shocked at this.

"You had to be stopped before your existence caused a whole new generation of pirates to start a reign of terror." Said Sengoku, "Even if it means an all outward with Whitebeard!"

However that was when a Martine showed up.

"Fleet Admiral! I have bad news!" yelled the marine, "The gates of Justice are opening on their own!"

"WHAT!" yelled Sengoku.

On the stolen Marine Ship… they saw the Gates of Justice Opening.

"It's opening!" yelled Luffy in surprise.

"What's this?" asked Jimbei.

"Didn't they say it wouldn't opening no matter?" asked Luffy.

"Tell them there's a chance that there was a spy who did it, it would make a lot of sense." Said Kyubi.

But before Naruto could say it, everyone noticed what Buggy was doing.

He stood at the bow of the ship with a wooden staff as if he was the Messiah which a few of the escaped prisoners were clearly believing.

"Okay… I think we should be worried about him…"said Kyubi .

"Yeah…" agreed Naruto.

"But unfortunately we have other things to worry about more than people thinking Buggy's is the messiah." Said Kyubi,

There was a short bout of awkward silence in Naruto's head.

"I can't believe you just said that." Said Naruto.

"I know…" sighed Kyubi, '"There are just weird to say…"

Back at Marineford they all saw many ships had gathered for a fight. They were all ships from the New World… but none of Whitebeard's ships.

However suddenly the main ships of Whitebeard's crew suddenly surfaced in the bay, including his own ship the whale shaped ship called the Moby Dick.

Whitebeard a massive man though admittingly he was oxygen stood on the bow of his ship.

"My beloved son better be all right" said Whitebeard.

"Pops!" yelled Ace.

And with that the war had begun…

Next Time: The war beings! Now that Ace's secret is out what will happen? Find out next time!