They pulled up to a rickety old mansion on Spike's bike and started for the door. Spike looked up as lightening flashed, but there was no smell of rain; it was a perfect night. It was comforting knowing he was going to die on so perfect a night. Lets face it; he was meeting his girlfriend's parents. The people who'd raised the woman who had tried to cut his head off in his sleep just to see how far she could get before he woke up. There was no way he was leaving here undead.

"Listen luv, are y'sure this is a good idea? Most folks don't welcome the bloke who's shaggin' their daughter with open arms." He told her uneasily. Wednesday turned to look at him with those emotionless eyes of hers.

"Spike, you're a century and a half-year old soulless vampire who lives on the blood of the innocent. They'll love you."

She knocked on the door, and it opened to reveal that looked to Spike to be Frankenstein's uglier brother.

"Lurch, this is Spike." She told him Lurch nodded, moving to the side.

"Ello, mate." Spike greeted him. Lurch just stared blankly at him, not answering.

Wednesday led Spike down the cobweb-infested halls until they reached a parlor. There they found an older mustachioed man and a woman who reminded him quite a bit of Dru both stood, delight in their eyes.

"Wednesday, darling! You've finally brought your beau home to meet us." The woman greeted them. She moved closer to Spike and cupped his face.

"Well, he is a handsome one." She purred. The man came up and stuck out his hand.

"Gomez Adams. This is my wife Morticia. So nice to finally meet the man who chopped our daughter off her feet!" He said enthusiastically.

"Pleasure, mate. Name's Spike."

"Oh, we know all about you, William. Why else would we approve of this relationship? We're very picky about who our children socialize with." Morticia told him.

"It's true." Wednesday put in. "The last boy I dated was too human, He told me to add more color to my wardrobe." She told him with obvious distaste. Spike raised an eyebrow.

"Y'didn't listen, did you, pet?" he asked. She slowly turned her head.

"Who do you think you're having for dinner?"

He took everything he had thought back. He could be quite happy here, indeed.